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Three Android Games You Might Want To Download

Every day there are more games on the Android market and it can be hard to keep up with all of them.  A lot of games are still junk, but we are starting to see more quality titles since paid applications were released.  Quite a few games are priced as low as a dollar and I like that price point.  I’m willing to start paying more as the quality increases.  It took awhile for the triple A titles to make their way to iPhone, but we are seeing those same developers port their games to Android.  Hopefully as we get closer to 2012 that will change.

Scary game

Can you escape the room?

Mystique. Chapter 1: Foetus

Developer: Bendroid
Price: Free for a limited time

Download it for: Innovating control and 3d graphics.  Only first person game I have seen.

Looking forward to: Once you beat the game, there is no replay value.  Bendroid should create a time trial mode so you can compete against your best time.  The tone of the game was spooky, but it could be improved with scripted vibrations.  I can’t wait for Chapter 2 and I hope they keep the series going.  I see a lot of potential in Bendroid.

Look at me spell

Look at me spell


Price: $1.99

Download it for: Fun word game that keeps improving.  The developer has released several updates that all included new features.  I like games that get updated.

Looking forward to: I want different game modes from the one available.  Release notes say mutilplayer and high scores are coming soon.  I would also like to see sound effects added.  You could do some really awesome two player modes using a single phone.  I’d like to see a version where the blocks change as well.  Time challenge mode along with high scores will really increase the replay value.

Really wish it was 3d

Really wish it was 3d

Tower Bloxx

Developer: Digital Chocolate
Price: $5.99 or Free Demo

Download it for: Unique twitch gameplay with added sim options.  Lots of replay value with increasing difficulty.  Fun building your own city.

Looking forward to: Improved Graphics.  I’ve seen videos of the iPhone version and it looks ten times better.  If my G1 can run Quake at 30fps I expect to see more.  Price is a little steep as well.  One of the most expensive games after Guitar Hero.

Has anyone else found any sleeper hits in the Android market?

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  • Luis Barbosa

    Try Colorix game for android,
    a lot of work was done to make this game. it is not a port :

  • vincent
  • http://Website Stanton

    Just got addicted to FarmFrenzy. You can download the Lite version to try it out first. I also like Jewels, Labyrinth Lite, Frozen Bubble (reminds me of Snood), and Gensoid (Sega Genesis Emulator). They need more games, though.

  • Droid Fan

    Nice Selection!

  • Droid Fan

    Nice Selection!!!

  • http://Website Chicko

    I found a new game for the brainers out there.
    It’s called BrainGoal.

    Currently only on Android market.
    A sure promiss.

    The Pro version is totally unsolvable though.

    • oleg_kod

      To Chicko:
      I have download it (BrainGoal) so. Finally some game which really tickle my brain!
      It very simple at beginner levels, but REALLY interest at the next…

  • Jonas

    Also check out “AirTraffic” for Android, a pretty nice little time waster!

  • http://Website guenole

    Apeupres is a trivia quiz,
    The goal is to answer questions by numbers. The correct answer must be approximated. For once, you do not necessarily find the right answer, just do not be too far. The time to respond is limited, so think fast and try your luck.
    Do you know approximate value?
    Do you have a good idea of orders of magnitude?
    Want to test your general knowledge?

    Then try Apeuprès, available on the Android Market, it’s free.

  • skeletor84

    TowerBloxx is a great game, but if you like these type of games, i would suggest you to try Abduction 2. I played it on and got totally addicted. :)


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