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Windshield Car Mount Holder For Android G1: Video Review.

When TeleNav GPS was released for Android I quickly realized I would need to purchase a window mount for my G1.  I searched around the web and was about to buy one for $30 until I found this awesome deal.  Amazon has a windshield car mount holder from Bargaincell for just under $7.  I went ahead and ordered the product and received it in a few days.

When I opened the product I was thrilled to find the large suction cup with release switch.  The switch makes it easier to get a firm suction so the mount does not fall off.  I’ve had problems with my TomTom mount coming loose, but this one sticks in place.

The build quality is what you would expect for $7.  It is made from all plastic, but there are foam inserts on the inside.  The foam helps to grip the phone so it does not slide out.  There are also little feet at the bottom which prevent the phone from falling out.

Two adjustments are available for to position the arm at any angle.  The base also swivels to turn the mount upside down in order to mount it to your dash.  My shipment also came with an extra mount that clips into an air conditioner vent.  Note that sometimes these resellers on Amazon ship slightly different variations of the product so the AC clip may not be included.

You WISH the G1 was included

You WISH the G1 was included

Have you made up your mind yet?  Even if you don’t use GPS on your Android device, it is still nice to have a mount while driving.  There are many other useful apps for Android which can display information while in a moving vehicle. Purchase your car mount from Amazon today. You won’t find a cheaper car mount on the web.

Here is video we uploaded with a hands on demonstration of the product.

[visit YouTube to see this video in HD]

This is the first video product review of many.  We hope to keep uploading these to our YouTube channel.  If you would like to request a certain product review please contact us.

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  • Vito

    Just what I’ve been looking for, this will make using the GPS software a lot easier.

  • TXHoudini

    Actually I did find a cheaper one and it is awesome:

    I have no relationship with the site, just a good product that arrived from England super fast and for cheap

    • Dan

      How is 7 pounds cheaper than 7 USD? 7 GPB is nearly 10 USD. You know that right?

      • TXHoudini

        You got me… I skimmed and misread the price in the story as $17. Still a good product and a worthy option to all the G1 owners out there.

  • William Furr

    I didn’t get an AC vent clip with mine. :( Their customer service has given me the runaround on it, too.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      My roommate ordered one and his was also slightly different. He had a much larger suction cup than the one that was included with mine. I think Bargain Cell has been changing the way parts are listed or changed part numbers on certain items.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Also, if you really want a clip I can send you mine. I am not using it.

  • http://none cazyman

    I ordered this and came today. Disappointed in the cheap design and the difference in the way it looks compared to the video. Itholds the phone fine but the suction cup doesn’t work for nothing! There’s no suction at all. I think I would’ve been better off with a swap meet version. Totally misleading and not worth it if it doesn’t work, now i gotta think about drilling holes into my dash or buying some velcro from the hardware store.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’m sorry to hear that. We ordered a couple of them and did receive different versions but the suction cups worked well on all of them.

      If you are having problems, try cleaning your window with some rubbing alcohol. Make sure you dry off the window and suction cup before remounting it.

      Both of the suction cups I have are so strong that I can lift my dining room table off the floor without any issue.

      • cazyman

        Yeah its not even a suction cup… its almost flat.. it won’t stick to anything. Anyone have any ideas?