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Winners Announced for Yahoo NCAA Pick’em Contest

Last night we saw North Carolina cruise to an easy victory of Michigan St.  I’m not a huge college backetball fan, but I thought we would run a contest since Yahoo had announced they were running a mobile site for the NCAA tournament.  Before we move on, let’s get to our winners.

  1. Mugg – sunamiebob
  2. Clarklab – clojita
  3. Taylor’s Bracket – androidandme
  4. zack yayhooray – Zack S

Since I ran the contest and I’m the one buying the prizes, 3rd place will go to Zack S because I voided myself out.  Emails are going out to all the winners and your prizes will ship once I confirm your mailing address.  Thanks to all 15 people who participated.  This was our first fantasy sports contest and we will be doing more of these for the sports that target mobile users.  With the recent release of NBA Game Time, we might soon be doing a NBA contest.  Stay tuned for details.

For those that took part in this contest, what did you think of Yahoo’s mobile site?  It worked for me, but I found it very underwhelming.  Yahoo is the king of fantasy sports and I think they would benefit greatly from a dedicated Android application.  I know they make quite a bit of money from the live fantasy stats tracking they offer for the NFL and this would be a perfect match for Android.

Instead of having my laptop next to the couch on Sunday, I could keep track of all my players directly on my phone.  During the week I could manage my roster and accept trades all in the palm of my hand.  If you a huge fantasy nut, you can see the value in making this mobile.  Someone is going to profit big from mobile fantasy sports.  Will it be Yahoo?

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