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#AskAndy All Your Android Related Questions

Have you ever had a question about your Android phone, but didn’t know where to turn?  Normally, I go to the forums but it is hard to find a reliable answer.  Today, we are launching a new Twitter project we are calling Ask Andy.

How does Ask Andy work?  Simply post your question on Twitter with the hash tag #askandy.  If you would like your question highlighted and answered by an Android expert, send your submission to @androidandme.  Once a week, we will feature select questions with in depth answers on our site.

Example questions submitted via Twitter.

Example questions submitted via Twitter.

Anyone can participate by asking and answering questions, but we are inviting some of our friends from the Android community to help contribute.  We will have game developers, app developers, programmers, Android webmasters, and more answering your questions.  If you see a question that you think deserves more than a 140 character response, you can send it to us and we will give credit by linking to your site.

New to Twitter on Android?  I suggest Twidroid and Christopher recently reviewed 5 Twitter applications for Android.

The following are two videos that cover the first Twitter user to reach 1 million followers:  Ashton Kutcher(@aplusk).  I’m no fan of Oprah, but they give a good overview of what Twitter is and how it is changing the way we consume, create, and control media.

Let Andy answer all your Android questions. #askandy on Twitter.

Let Andy answer all your Android questions. #askandy on Twitter.

p.s. We are building an Android Army.  Stay tuned for mission objectives.

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