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Auriga3D Brings Quake 3 To Android

We know our beloved G1 can run 3D games, but only a few developers like Bendroid have released games to the market.  Currently, we are attempting to port the original Quake engine to Android through our Bounty promotion.  By porting the Quake engine, we hope that developers will use it to create new 3D games for Android.

Thank you to the 15 people who donated to help us raise $215.  Several developers have expressed interest in the project, but no one has stepped up to start the port.  If you would like to help encourage the development of 3D games on Android, please visit our Quake Bounty page and place a donation.

Tonight I received word that EGR Software had their Auriga3D engine running on Android.  Auriga3D is a Quake 3 class rendering engine built with the Typhon framework.  Mike Leahy from ERG Software will be demonstrating the Typhon framework at this weekends CodeCon 2009 in San Francisco.  The presentation will take place at 4:45 PM PST and a live stream is also available.

About Auriga3D:

Auriga3D is a modern open source real time 3D game engine based on EGR Software’s Typhon framework and is entirely written in Java supporting  JOGL / LWJGL OpenGL bindings and Android OpenGL ES for hardware accelerated features. Typhon provides a centralized component framework based on OSGi oriented towards real time applications. Auriga3D is a plugin component to Typhon. Currently, Auriga3D works with Quake3 maps using the standard Quake3 lightmap rendering system. Auriga3D features support for the Scream interactive audio engine developed by EGR Software.

The following is a short video demonstration of a Quake 3 map running on the G1.

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  • http://www.techtola.com Quakeboy

    One of the worst quality videos.. A Better camera will make this video a lot more famous.. and clear !!!

  • http://qdevarena.blogspot.com Android developer

    This is great news.. but still not catching upto iphone version of quake3.. I think

    • http://www.egrsoftware.com/ MichaelEGR

      Correct… This video was taken right after I got the level renderer working for the first time. My ultimate goal with Auriga3D is _not_ to simply port Quake 3, but to provide a generic renderer for new / different games. IE I wrote the original desktop version of Auriga3D in ’04 before Q3 sources were released and I’ve not taken a look at Q3 sources yet or plan to. I also wrote the base renderer/level loader to test Typhon and Ambisonic 3D surround spatial audio. Q3 was chosen back then due to the simplicity and availability of level design tools and existing level content. I’ve no interest or anything to gain by completing a full port of Q3. Unfortunately, I can’t release the source at this time to Typhon or Auriga3D for others to use it as a starting point to port Q3. While I’m not so concerned about Auriga3D Typhon fits into my long term plans for commercially releasing new spatial audio hardware; still roughly 2 years out at the earliest.

  • http://www.egrsoftware.com/ MichaelEGR

    I totally agree on the video quality. I tried to get the web cam and my digital hand held to focus better (or at all!), but neither worked adequately. I made the video right after I got things working and wanted to get something out in conjunction with the CodeCon presentation. So, consider it a dev preview with more coming soon.

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  • http://xamox.net xamox

    Awesome dude. People like you are going to help the andriod platform crush the iphone.

  • http://www.egrsoftware.com/ MichaelEGR

    FYI. After doing a little more testing it is indeed curved surfaces / bezier patches that are killing frame rate currently and this makes sense. By turning off curved surfaces frame rate is a steady 20-45 FPS; dropping to 15 at points. Switching to VBO and perhaps even fixed point will help. Reducing patch size at long distances will help (no LOD currently) amongst other things… Q3 class engine should work well for FPS on the G1 with sparse usage of curved surfaces.. :)

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      “Q3 class engine should work well for FPS on the G1″

      Those are the words i’ve been waiting to hear. I can’t wait till we see some games released.

    • MarcusMaximus

      Hmm I know this might be frowned upon but thought I’d give it a shot: have you tried this at all with a G1 clocked to 528MHz? Some of us with rooted phones run at that rate regularly and it’d be interesting to see how the increased clock rate effects this thing’s framerate..

      • http://www.egrsoftware.com/ MichaelEGR

        There are plenty of other optimizations to do before bumping clock rate a tad. Honestly I was rather surprised to get as high of a frame rate using a desktop originated floating point engine. practically everything cross compiles with the use of Typhon and there are only 4 core classes changed for rendering with Android for some minor OpenGL to OpenGL ES changes; IE no display lists, change glDrawRangeElements to glDrawElements, indexing to GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT instead of GL_UNSIGNED_INT. So, amazingly this is still pretty much is a non-optimized engine as far as Android goes. The BSP / culling system does it’s job adequately to get the current frame rate.

  • Andrew J.

    This is great news, good luck on your advancements.

  • Gammax

    another Great app I am going to get when I get my g1

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  • http://www.androidandme.con john katana


  • http://www.flashmadblog.com flashmadblog

    Hi i have tried it in my Galaxy 3 and it works perfect. I think i need a bluetooth controller for better movemens.

  • Guardian

    Hi there I have one problem with the installation, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 and created the folders as specified I coppied the files over and installed the kwaak3 file but now when I try to run the game,it gives me the START GAME and visit website screen but when I want to start the game my phone gives me an error “Unable to locate /sdcard/quake3.” is there any way to fix this??