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Did T-Mobile Draft The NBA To Their Android Team?

Standing in line at the bank today, I discovered that NBA Digital had released NBA Game Time.  This is the first official sports application to hit the Android Market from any of the national sports leagues.  Very simply, Game Time is the most polished sports application I have seen for Android.

I’m a huge sports nerd who keeps up with the NFL, UFC, and NBA.  To date, I have not found any compelling sports applications for Android.  I tried Google Scoreboard and the Plusmo apps, but they were either clunky or didn’t give me the information I needed.  We had high hopes for Yahoo Sports, but their mobile site for the NCAA Final Four was lacking.  When developers choose to target the platform instead of doing a mobile site, you will see a huge improvement with an installed app.

I can only wonder what role T-Mobile played in this release.  They have long term relationships with Turner Broadcasting and the NBA which would encourage them to support Android.  Once all the major sports organisations sign onto Android, there will be an increased level of respect for the platform and increased customer demand.

T-Mobile seems to have placed a huge bet that Android will spread with the recent news they will release devices for your home.  Once T-Mobile installs an Android gadget where you live, all your home devices will begin to have web access and then be controlled from your phone.  Many players have been competing for the smart home, but T-Mobile might have made Android the early winner.

What other sports would you like to see release applications for Android?  I’m seriously considering making an app for UFC.  Do you have any problems with the thought of T-Mobile monitoring your home?  Download NBA Game Time and share your thoughts.

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  • Ricky

    I don’t even like sports but that’s a very well done app.
    It looks cool.

  • sandy.tech

    Really really nice article! Thanks for it.

  • http://twitter.com/txhoudini txhoudini

    The one thing I want that’s on the iPhone and not Android is the MLB At Bat App. The NBA app looks incredible for basketball fans and I am definitely going to check it out. Hopefully other sports will realize that there are other markets. Way to go NBA!

  • Danny

    T-mobile need to draft NFL !!!!!!!!!!

  • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

    Once I installed it I had a few times where it gave me the error ‘Cannot refresh games’ but once that quit I was very impressed. This is a killer app, just in time for the playoffs!

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