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Fujitsu – The Possibilities Are Infinite With Android

Fujitsu might not be a well known brand name to American consumers, but their technology is behind many of the retail stores we shop every day.  With the recent announcement of “Service Built For Android”, it appears they are placing their full support behind the Android platform.  Fujitsu has also joined the Open Embedded Software Foundation which will bring Android to a host of new embedded devices.

Service Built For Android

Fujitsu will bring Android to many new devices.

Fujitsu will bring Android to many new devices.

The recent announcement by Fujitsu was brief but gave a good idea of what we can expect from Japan’s largest computer company.  Not only will they be making devices, but they will also provide their full expertise to other companies interested in Android.  These services include:

  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Enginerring
  • Embedded Middleware

We can expect to see Fujitsu use Android in numerous product lines including:

  • Set Top boxes
  • GPS Units
  • Kiosks
  • Self-Checkout
  • Phones
  • Personal Computers
  • Medical Equipment

Self Checkout

All ur cashiers r belong to Android.

All ur cashiers r belong to Android.

One of the most recognizable Fujitsu products in North America would be the U-Scan self-checkout lanes found in many national grocers like Kroger.  By moving to the Android open source platform, Fujitsu could offer a lower price point to retailers by removing the licensing cost of Windows.  This would also open the door to new levels of interaction between a retailer and their customers.  Micro payments could be transmitted between an Android based phone and the store’s point of sale equipment.

Mobile Marketing

Early this year, Fujitsu announced a partnership with InMotion Digital Media to bring new marketing prospects to retailers.  Imagine the endless marketing campaigns that would be possible with Android.  A retailer could send promotions and coupons to your phone when you enter the store.  You could then use your phone to locate the products in the store using RFID.  When it comes time to checkout, all your coupons and payments would be processed on your phone.

Fujitsu F-01A

NTT Docomo(why does Japan have such awesome phones?) recently released several Fujitsu phones that are waterproof.  The phone can survive for up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of water.  This is the first Fujitsu phone I have ever seen and it’s an interesting idea of what a future Android device might look like.  The following video details the unique design of the F-01A handset.

Here is another interesting video I found advertising the new F-01A phone.


You might not be able to purchase any Fujitsu Android devices for some time, but expect them to start showing up behind retail store counters.  Some of the largest American retailers rely on Fujitsu such as Staples, Chevron, Kroger, Payless, T.J. Maxx, and many more.  Hopefully, an American MVNO will reach an agreement with Fujitsu to bring their phones to the states.  A smaller carrier like Cricket could make a big splash by offering an Android phone before the big guns like AT&T and Verizon ever get with it.

Visit NTT Docomo's site for many other cool phones you can't buy in the US.

Visit NTT Docomo's site for many other cool phones you can't buy in the US.

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