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How To Customize Your Android G1 With Sweeter Home

With every update, Sweeter Home is increasing the level of control you have over your Android home screen.  Each time I see these videos from one of our readers, Puny Weakling (aka Lemon), I am amazed at the level of deep customization.  Lemon has been very active with promoting Sweeter Home and even launched his own site to release skins.

Lemon played an important role in adding Springboards

Lemon played an important role in adding Springboards

When creating your own skin, Lemon offers the following tips:

  • Always edit and rename EVERY new Action Tray you add to a layout, title and trayName.
  • The “Title” of your target Action tray is what will show under your springboard icon, name it well and capitalize!
  • Copy/Paste is your friend. When editing an object in layout mode you can copy/paste almost any configuration – iconStyle, shape, gradient and frame are your most common edits.
Scan to Download.

Scan to Download.

I encourage you to download Sweeter Home and play around with creating your own skin.  Be sure to visit the Sweeter Home forums to give your suggestions and ask questions.  If you have any request for Lemon, drop a comment and I’m sure he will be happy to respond.

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  • http://www.androidiani.com Andrea

    Hello there, unfortunately here in italy we cannot download that application .. Could please someone forward me the apk ? Since it is free i think there is not problem to give me the apk.

    Thanks Andrea.

  • Nick

    Sweeter Home is amazing. It’s more for advanced users, it takes a lot longer to set it up than the other Home replacements, but it’s so much more powerful. You can customize everything. And I love Springboards.
    I wish there was a way to customize how the difference desktops are set up (unless there is and I just missed it), I don’t like how you can only get to the top and bottom one from the middle desktop, and switching desktops doesn’t seem to be as smooth as the other Home apps. It’s obviously very beta, but it has so much potential and is a lot of fun to play with. Can’t wait to see a full version.

  • Gammax

    wait for 1.5

  • v

    hiya i cant download la cb

  • http://Website ed

    i was wondering… is sweeter home and dxtop and other home replacement also compatible with the behold 2? because i had open home on my samsung behold 2 but unfortunately it crashed in which case i think it was because i downloaded darkstar theme which i did some research is kinda only compatibile with the g1 because of its use of gde software