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Samsung i7500 Coming To America Via…

We reported early this week that Germany would be the first to receive Samsung’s first Android phone, the i7500.  Following the official press release from Samsung yesterday, we can now say with certainty confidence that this phone will make its way to America.  The specs revealed that this quad-band phone supports the 1700MHz mode.  When you consider that T-Mobile operates the only major HSDPA 1700 band 3G network, chances are high we will see the phone this year.

So we know that the Samsung i7500 will be available for o2 Germany in June, but what about an American release date?  Samsung said they were coming to T-Mobile, but I did not expect it to happen this soon.  I think the only thing holding up an announcement from T-Mobile is the launch of the HTC Magic.  Once they can get the 2nd HTC phone out the door, there should be room to release the Samsung i7500 later this summer(July-August?).

How long do we have to wait T-Mobile?

How long do we have to wait T-Mobile?

I really see no reason for T-Mobile not to release this phone.  They have put their full force behind Android and it makes sense to give customers more choice.  Samsung’s i7500 is not drastically different from the HTC Magic, but it does have some advantages.  The main plus is the display which uses an active-matrix organic light-emitting diode which promises to improve the battery performance.

Other advantages of the i7500 over the G1 include:

  • Larger storage space:  8GB vs 192MB
  • More megapixel camera:  5MP vs 3MP
  • Higher capacity battery: 1500 mAh vs 1150 mAh

Check out the following YouTube video for a close up look of the I7500.

For more hands on photos, visit this Vietnamese website (translated to English).

Would anyone else like to see this Samsung phone come to T-Mobile?  Half of the phones I have purchased over the years were Samsung and I would gladly give up my physical keyboard to give this phone a spin.  Even if T-Mobile passes up this phone, it will most likely be available on Amazon like other Samsung phones.

Update:  I found the phone available for preorder on celuloco.com for $798.88 USD.  They have a release date of June 17th, 2009.

p.s. hey t-mobile and samsung, if you guys lost my mailing address just contact me and i’ll send it over.

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  • http://www.google.com/profiles/michaelhaydel Michael

    I’d absolutely love to see this phone come to T-mobile, preferably by July or sooner.

    I’m currently with Sprint, and since the rest of my family abandoned me for the iPhone, and the girlfriend is with T-mobile, I’m definitely switching to T-mobile and going Android.

    I don’t care for the HTC Magic, and I was all ready to get the G1 come July when my contract w/ Sprint is up, but this phone seriously tempts me, especially with the larger storage capacity, and better MP.

    The biggest drawback to me though is the lack of a QWERTY keyboard. I just think I really want the option of using a touchscreen OR a keyboard, and not being forced to tap out my emails, texts, what have you.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Maybe by the time your contract is up, Sprint will announce their plans.

      I think in the future that most phones will lack a physical keyboard and instead offer an attachable keypad. I have seen this option on several phones overseas and I think it appeals to both sides.

      You can detach the keyboard when you want a slim phone, but always keep it around if you need to use it. I found a video on YouTube that demonstrated this and I will go find the link.

      • http://www.google.com/profiles/michaelhaydel Michael

        Hmm, that’s an interesting concept.

        Do you have a G1 Taylor? Or, does your current phone have a full keyboard? If it does, do you find yourself using it more than then touch keyboard?

        I suppose it was Gina Trapani’s post (http://smarterware.org/184/why-i-switched-to-android-from-the-iphone) about why she likes Android over the iPhone that convinced me about wanting Android, and I can’t remember where she said it, but also about preferring a QWERTY keyboard over a touch screen at times.

        I dunno, I think I’ve kinda already gotten over Sprint, mostly because since fewer members of my family are with Sprint, I don’t have as much incentive to stay with them.

        Part of me hopes that Sprint *doesn’t* have Android phones in July, because that’ll make it harder to choose who to go with!

    • Rob

      I think you will see this on Sprint. Why would anyone move from Sprint to T-Mobile?

  • http://yellowrex.com William Furr

    Is it too much to ask for an OLED display with good battery life, a physical keyboard, a headphone jack, a trackball (instead of a d-pad), a decent camera, AND a good battery life?

    There’s phones that have each of these, but none that has all of them, afaik.

  • McPace

    Hey phone companies! Is anyone reading this stuff we want Android! I’m buying the next android phone that hits america! Hopefully it’s the Samsung i7500, just get us another Android phone! First one to market wins my 2 year contract.

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  • http://gynecologistcobra.tumblr.com Demi Adejuyigbe

    I’m pretty sure its’ gonna be T-Mobile or Sprint. The first two HTC Android phones are on T-Mobile, so it only makes sense for Samsung to jump on the bandwagon. On the other hand, Sprint did say they’d be getting some Android phones soon, so this could be it.

  • Gammax

    Im a hugh fan of the hardware keyboard. So if it doesnt have one, forget it.

  • webslinger

    The Samsung i7500 really sounds great … except … no physical keyboard. So thanks, but no thanks. I’ll stick with my trusty G1.

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