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Upload Videos To YouTube Coming To Android 1.5 “Cupcake”

Google announced today that a new preview version of the Android software development kit was available for download.  The official list of new features planned for the 1.5 release has been updated as well.  Most of the changes fall into four groups:

  1. User Interface Refinements
  2. Performance Improvements
  3. New Features
  4. New APIs and Developer Tools

There are many exciting new features included like faster GPS aquisitions, official widgets, a predictive text engine, and more.  Read the full list for more details.  The following features are the ones I am looking forward to the most.

Text Prediction Engine

Since day one of owning my T-Mobile G1, I have longed for a soft T9 keyboard.  I had hoped that chompSMS would have supported this input method, but I believe they were waiting for Android 1.5.  Finally, I will be able to easily send text messages with my thumb.  Even users of the physical keyboard can benefit from the use of predictive text.  Custom IMEs (input method engines) will be available to download for use with our favorite applications.

Upload Videos to Youtube

Soon you can upload videos from your phone.

Soon you can upload videos from your phone.

Now that video recording and playback will be supported, it only makes sense to support YouTube uploads.  A new media sharing intent has been created so you could also share your videos with Twitter or other social networks.  The camera has received performance enhancements, but I’m not quite sure of the video quality we can expect from the G1.  I expect developers to create some exciting new applications with the new video recording APIs.

Browser UI Changes

The browser is set to receive some much needed updates like tabbed bookmarks, history, and a most-visited screen.  The current bookmark support is very limited and I’m glad to see it get some attention.  The history and most viewed detail is also a welcome addition.  Also included are the latest versions of the Webkit and Squirrelfish Javascript engines.

What features from the official Android 1.5 list are you looking forward to the most?

The wait is almost over for Android 1.5

The wait is almost over for Android 1.5

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  • nEx.Software

    Looks to have some exciting new features. Sadly, no apparent improvements to inter-device communications… Maybe I missed something.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      What do you mean “inter-device” communications? Are you talking about ad-hoc connections between two Android devices? They did announce new bluetooth pairing options, but I have no clue what features will be supported.

  • http://www.twitter.com/rescue7 Ricky

    That’s cool. But I already knew some of these features were coming. If you get the icon pack from the Android SDK, there’s an icon I had never seen before that was titled, “Youtube Upload.” there’s even an icon for Picasa which looks different than the one the current app uses. And there are even icons for whenever an Android device has Flash.

  • nEx.Software

    Yes, connection between two Android devices. Ad-hoc WiFi and/or Bluetooth. Neither of which appear to be included in this update.The new Bluetooth features appear to focus on Stereo support and better pairing for devices such as headsets, automobile integration, etc… But not necessarily between android devices for things like data transfer.

  • Roy

    It actually says on the list that youtube uploading will be a feature so that’s sort of solved.

    I am still curious wether or not you can get updates on subscribed youtube feeds…

    The feature I am looking forward the most is the live folders. Those will extend the functionalities of android a lot!

  • MarcusMaximus

    Yep, using cupcake now and can confirm that it has youtube uploader and picasa uploader for photos. Also the max video resolution I’ve been able to get with the google camera app is 320×240 and with the htc camcorder app 352×288.

  • Andrew J.

    Thank jeebus, I can’t wait for the update. I’m excited to see how the video recording pans out. You think Jesus Freak will submit a Beta 1.5 release?

    • MarcusMaximus

      Not sure if JF will but Haykuro already has released 2 separate build of it. One is the google version and the other has all the htc apps and exchange support

  • nEx.Software

    Marcus, how worth it is it at this point to switch? Would it be best to wait for the official release? And subsequent JF version if you already have JF with apps/data to SD?

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  • Josh

    I’m just patiently waiting for Stereo Bluetooth.

  • craig

    the quality when uploaded to youtube is terrible.

    “hq” recording – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXh7IAltRWQ

    regualr – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkKpDlNGEi4