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Aevum Obscurum: Indulge Your Quest for World Conquest

Were you a fan of the board game Risk? Did you ever have a secret fantasy that you could take over the world? Would you like to do both at the same time and do it all via the touch screen interface of your T-Mobile G1?

If you do, Aevum Obscurum is the game for you.

At $4.99 in the Android Market, it is one of the pricier games. Noble Master Games offers a limited version to try before you buy. In fact, they recommend playing the game for a bit before shelling out $4.99. They realize that Aevum Obscurum isn’t for everyone. However, for fans of turn based strategy games, this is the Holy Grail of Android games.

Not Quite World Domination, But Close


Build your army and conquer the world.

Aevum Obscurum is loosely historically accurate. You can take over the known world of the 13th century. That means Europe, North Africa and parts of the Middle East. In the full version, you can choose the number of other empires you must compete against. On its lowest level, there are three other kingdoms. It is quite easy to win on this level, and as a result it is a great level for training. Games on the highest level, with 32 other kings to defeat, can stretch out for days, depending on how much you play.

Good Realism

For a cell phone strategy game, there are some good elements of strategic realism. Choosing England as a base shows the difficulty of water based invasions. Fortified states are much more difficult to invade, and building a tower increases how far you can see and what information about surrounding provinces is available.


Track your progress to domination.

A Good Implementation of the Computer Version

Aevum Obscurum is based on the computer game of the same name. One thing that may disappoint players of the computer game is that multi-player games aren’t available on Android. This may or may not be available in the future, but playing the game against computer opponents is quite challenging.


If you are a fan of historical turn based strategy games, Aevum Obscurum is a danger to your free time. It is infectious. Games can last for days, and it can become difficult to keep track of two battle fronts while having other kingdoms invading your flank. It is great fun, and simply one of the best games available for Android.

Aevum Obscurum

Aevum Obscurum brings turn based strategy to Android.

Aevum Obscurum for Android
Version: 1.0.2
Developed By: Noble Master Games
Price: $4.99
Filesize: 1.93MB