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aHome: Extreme Phone Customization

One of the most fun things to do with your T-Mobile G1 with Google is to customize the overall appearance and functionality of the home screen. aHome is currently the most popular home replacement in the Android Market.

If customization is your passion, aHome is your home replacement. It even includes a Cupcake like soft keyboard.

aHome: Extreme Customization

aHome: Extreme Customization

There are a number of home replacements for the G1 available in the Android Market. Of all them, aHome has been rated the highest and downloaded the most. aHome is a highly customizable home replacement that supports an incredible number of features. There are an incredible number of free themes that can be downloaded and stored on the SD card. There are also a good number of paid themes available. Paid themes are stored in the phone’s memory.

aHome comes with a couple of additional widgets. The first is a customizable weather widget that shows forecasted highs and lows and wind speed for a particular location. The other widget is a horizontal digital clock, which can be used in place of the default analog clock. aHome supports third party widgets. A number are available in the Android Market, including several fun battery monitors.

Extreme Customization
Customizing aHome is particularly easy via the aHome console. The console connects to aHome servers and the Android Market to make downloading customizations quick and easy. The console offers access to free themes, font packs, and widgets.

On the off-chance that you don’t want your wallpaper to scroll, aHome allows you to turn off that feature. It also supports auto-rotation of the home screen. Simply tilt your phone and the wallpaper rotates. A really handy feature of aHome is Auto Clear Item. It clears the icons from deleted apps from the home screens, saving you a step when you remove an app.

Custom Screen Names
aHome supports up to 10 screens and allows for modification of the screen indicator. By default, the screen number is indicated by the number of dots between the screen and the dock bar. Screens can be given custom names, or can be labled with Arabic (1, 2, 3, etc) or Roman numerals. An interesting feature is its support of Chinese numerals and Chinese celestial stems. It also supports naming of screens with sequential upper or lower case numbers. Any of the screens can be set as the main home screen.

Soft Keyboard

Soft Keyboard

Another interesting feature is the app drawer to the left of the screen and the widget drawer to the right. The app drawer works like the app drawer in the native home screen app. It contains all of your applications listed alphabetically. The widget drawer contains all available widgets. It is also sorted alphabetically. The contents of the widget drawer can be replaced with icons for the most recently used applications. The widget drawer can also be disabled.

Dock Bar
The most unusual and unique feature of aHome is the dock bar. The dock bar keeps track of your most recently used apps and displays them across the bottom of all screens. A combination of the doc bar and the ability to customize the widget drawer to show recently used apps make getting to your most frequently used apps a breeze.

For people who like extreme customization, aHome is a great home replacement. All of this functionality does come at a price, though. aHome and its associated themes, fonts, and widgets are big. The developers seem to be aware of this and are allowing more and more custom features to be stored on the phone’s SD card.

aHome for Android
Version: 1.6.0
Developed By: mAPPn
Price: $4.99
Filesize: 513KB
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  • Nick

    I prefer Open Home over aHome. It has pretty much all the features (weather widget, soft keyboard, battery monitor, multiple/named screens, auto-rotate) and keeps adding more, plus it supports aHome’s themes too. The only downfall is that it doesn’t support third party widgets.
    However, if you really want extreme customization, Sweeter Home is the way to go. Though I probably won’t be switching to that for a while.

  • Ricky

    I honestly like Open Home better.
    And yes I’ve tried aHome i’m not just saying that.
    Idk, it’s just that aHome feels more laggy and stuff.

    Btw, I LOVE Abduction! that’s the only game I play on my G1. :3

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Yes, Abduction is a fun game.

      Check out the beta of Cestos from Chicken Brick Studios.

  • holly

    Hi,there! Here are all the lastest desktop theme new release for aHome :http://www.mappn.com/ozray/forum/index.php?topic=42.0

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  • Yoon

    Dxtop is better.

    Because it switches to the home screen instantly compared to aHome which takes a while to load. but the winning feature that won me was:

    a dock that shows presently running applications, application background services, and recently used applications.

    which is really useful to know which applications are on presently on your memory like a task manager.

  • Andrew J.

    I own Dxtop, aHome, Sweeter Home, and Open Home – after trying them all I think Open Home opens the most customization while maintaining wonderful performance speeds.

    Also, I believe the vast majority of themes for aHome are subpar quality AND not free. Whereas themes for Open Home are all free and very well made. The Open Home devs are constantly patching and bringing new material on the market.

    While I consider the competition wonderful, Open Home gets my vote hands down.

  • takken

    i have tried all the home app. Reli I came to the conclusion that… Personally… i would chose sweeter home… BUT… it still have so many bugs…. and it talks a long time to set eveything up… so at the moment I am using Open home… until sweeter home get better

  • Drip

    Actually the majority of all themes for all Home Alternatives are free. Also Better Android (the makers of Open Home for those who don’t know) do not make themes, they take rooted themes from XDA forums that users have submitted and simply mod them a bit to work with Open Home which is why they can’t charge for the themes they release otherwise I’m sure they would.

    Currently I own aHome and DxTop. I love both for different reasons and although I agree there is a decent amount of subpar themes out there for ALL home replacement apps there are a few people who make some top notch ones both free and paid.

    All three are constantly updated as well at almost the same rate. I am however keeping an eye on sweeter home, it looks promising.

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  • http://Website Aaron

    ok, what the hell. I love this site, and i think its great that you guys put the aHome barcode on there to help find it, but i think my phone is broken. I have searched everywhere for aHome and i can NOT find it. I even scanned the barcode provided and nothing came up. Am i doing something wrong? or am I just stupid?

  • http://Website Ricki

    this may seem stupid, but im new to android OS. How do i even start? Like, how do i get the aHome app on my phone?