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Android Arcade – MAME Emulator for Android on G1

MAME is an emulator designed to recreate classic arcade systems.  The goal like many emulators is to keep gaming history alive by preserving old games.  The desktop version for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator supports over 4000 games, but the current Android Arcade only supports select Capcom, Cave, and Neo Geo games.

The Punisher on Android Arcade

The Punisher on Android Arcade

Our friend shinobiwan23 has posted another video demonstration of this emulator for Android.  The game is not available in the Android Market, but can be downloaded from the web and installed with an app like AppsInstaller.  Please visit the code site to download the latest apk file for installation:  http://g-arcade.appspot.com/

Check out the video for instructions on setting up the controls and loading the roms.  A short preview of Final Fight and Metal Slug is included.  Please visit shinobiwan23′s YouTube channel if you would like more videos of Android games.

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  • http://gynecologistcobra.tumblr.com Demi Adejuyigbe

    Fantastic emulator. it crashes occasionally, but it supports Street Fighter, and that’s good enough for me. Too bad it doesn’t support the Simpsons Game or Sunset Riders.

  • Gammax

    cant wait to try this one out….

  • Ronnie

    Can anyone plz send me some roms so I can play these games

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  • Sta87

    how cum its not free

    • Promisedplanet

      “how cum its not free”

      MAME? What makes you think it’s not?

  • joe

    I can t get it workin I used zipped and unzipped roms but no luck can anyone help?

  • http://Website paul

    Bad on Milestone ; no sound and without sound, frame rate is crazy, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Maybe with more work will be decent.

  • http://Website JJ

    Wish it worked with HTC evo.. all games loaded fine..just cant play any of them..

  • http://Website nigga

    Ik ben een neger

    • mime


  • http://Website J Red

    Tested on Motorolad Droid FRD22 rooted- The game 1944 works brilliantly. Very well done. Wish it had some more flexibility, but this is a very strong start.

  • http://Website pavlos

    is working with android 1.6 ???if yes , how?…(x10 mini pro)

  • http://Website Stuffit
  • http://Website chris

    Can’t believe people asking where to get roms. You know what google is ? Are you paralysed from the neck down ?

    • http://www.freeroms.com Frankie

      So you criticize ppl bc they ask where to download roms instead of just answering their question… Grow up – Anyway to the ppl who don’t know you can go to http://WWW.freeroms.com there they have a list of emulators + roms to download

  • http://n.d. Mario

    This app is not downloadable neither from web market or official web site!!! Where i can get the apk????

  • http://www.champo.net David

    Just get Tiger Arcade, it’s better and is available in the market. You still need to load the roms the same way described in the video.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Tiger Arcade doesn’t seem to work on my Samsung Galaxy. Is it because I’ve got Android 2.3.3?

  • http://Website Mobius999

    I wish people would STOP using MAME to describe these emulators. They run CPS1, CPS2 and Neo Geo, NOT MAME.

    Capcom and Neo Geo are old consoles. MAME is an emulator standard for pcb-based standup arcade cabinets from the 1970s on.

    Too totally different things, and unfortunately a true MAME emulator doesn’t exist yet. Just lots of variants of this type, with idiots that keep listing it incorrectly.

    Multiple ARCADE Machine Emulator.

    Notice the word arcade, not home console system.

    • http://Website mobius999

      I should clarify before I am flamed that yes, I am aware both Capcom and Neo Geo cabinets existed in arcades, but they are an extremely small % of arcade games overall. They were both cartridge-based, more of a console than the true pcb cabinets MAME is made to preserve. Hell, the Neo cabinets actually had the exact home system inside the cabinet.

  • nparede

    Hello, i have a Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010, i need to make work the game “Nighmare in the dark” (NEO GEO exclusive), I have Froyo, and i tried with Tiger Arcade 1.4.1, and the game stops in the rom checking,it says “Press Start”, I press start but nothing occurs, and the Metal Slug doesn{t work too, I only hear de music and effects, but the screen appears blank, i try with different NEO GEO Bios, If any know and emulator and bios working with neo geo roms please advice, thanks in advance.

  • superchuck032

    how can i download mame roms to my samsung exhibit phone that actually work?

  • macd69

    Mobius999, you really deserve to be flamed, even after trying to backtrack and save some face, a very embittered and angry post, but also very wrong. MAME was not an “emulator standard for pcb-based standup arcade cabinets from the 1970s on,” but an attempt to document and preserve the inner workings of all arcade games, and Capcom and SNK were very big players in the so called golden age of arcade, and the systems you mentioned were all arcade cabinets, which Capcom & SNK then attempted to market for home use long after they had been a success in the arcades.

  • ZéBedeu

    Too slooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

    very poor!

  • Azz

    Seems like people don appriacte stuff…(sry for bad english :X)

  • Thabo

    ey, im having problems making my mame work plz if any1 knows how to on samsung Tab P1000 e-mail me on [email protected] or bbm 2240f9a8

  • Jacka_091

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  • Ali

    Where can I find roms? And how can I play

    • siraj

      Hi Ali if u game for all emulators so u wsite the website coolrom.com