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invisiSHIELD by ZAGG: Clear, Formfitting Armor for Your T-Mobile G1

Although I love the protection and grip that the hard BodyGlove case gives my T-Mobile G1 with Android, there is something to be said for the sleek, unprotected look of a G1.With the phone unprotected, I am less envious of the sleek iPhone design. And as a dedicated klutz, I’m also less likely to walk with my phone on anything other than nice, resilient, carpeted surfaces.

When I saw a shop advertising full invisibleSHIELD wraps for G1, I went in. The price of the kit itself wasn’t bad, a little more than on the invisibleSHIELD web site. By chance, the technician had just started an installation on an iPhone. After watching for a few minutes, I realized that I was going to buy the kit and pay the shop another $15.00 to install the wrap.

What sold me was the sleek, glossy finish with a slick, yet very rubbery grip. It adds no bulk to the phone, preserving the design elements. A lifetime guarantee helps a lot. It really is the ultimate in invisible protection. On the off chance that it scratches, invisibleSHIELD will replace the wrap.

In chatting with the technician as he installed my wrap, I learned that the technology is simple. A hard outer shell is bonded to a rubberized back. A special adhesive, water breaks its bond, is applied to the back. The material was originally developed to protect the leading edge of helicopter rotors. I don’t think I will be putting my G1 through the kinds of stresses experienced by rotor blades, but you never know.

It took him about a half hour to install the three pieces of the G1 wrap. One piece protects the screen. A second piece protects the battery cover. The third piece wraps around the lower control area. Just as he was finishing, he groaned. A cat hair from my jacket had blown on to the touch screen. It took another 15 minutes to remove the hair and re-apply the Invisible Shield.

He sent me off with a warning not to put the phone in my pocket for an hour. The adhesive needed that long to dry and cure, it wouldn’t be fully cured for 24 hours. I followed the directions to press hard for 20 seconds on the occasional air bubble that appeared on the back of the soft battery cover, and my wrap shrunk down nicely. I will never again buy or use another bulky G1 cover. In fact, in the future, I will customize wraps to fit other electronic devices. I’m sold. I’ve gone from being curious to being an evangelist.

Would I attempt to install an the cover myself? Absolutely. By following the included directions, installation is very simple.

I tried photographing the installed shield, but it wouldn’t actually show up in web resolution images. Aside from a change from the phone’s native matte finish to a nice gloss, the invisibleSHIELD is, well, invisible.

Is there a down side? Sure. The wrap interferes with the other cases that I’ve collected, but that is the only one I can find. The feel of the phone and touch screen are actually better than completely unprotected. It doesn’t provide the same level of impact damage that a heavy shell gives, but I suppose that’s why I have phone insurance. The sleek black phone that appears when I reach in my pocket has given a few iPhone users G1 envy.

Visit Amazon.com to purchase the invisibleSHIELD for $17.04 with free Prime shipping.


invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG: Clear, Formfitting Armor for Your T-Mobile G1

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  • Unk

    I went with the Ghost-Armor skin since it doesn’t have that annoying “Orange Peel” feel to it. I haven’t applied it yet, but when I do I’ll write a review of it.

  • Unk

    Also, does anybody know how these fare with extended battery covers?

  • Pablo

    I just bought an BodyGuardz protector, it’s almost the same but without the Orange Peel. I hope to get it soon and apply it to my phone :)

  • http://YoLookAtDat.wordpress.com Justin Robinson

    I don’t like it and definately don’t like it on my screen… worst screen protector to me… Very good Protection . . . very strange feel.

  • http://www.lallovigil.com Lallo

    I have it on my phone and it works great. they have even sent me a free replacement when my shield began to peal in a couple places. Order from Zagg.com to get the lifetime warranty and use a coupon from retailmenot.com

  • nEx.Software

    Hmm. Am I the only one who still has the “sheath” and “screen protector” (you know, that little sticker they slap on the screen haphazardly) that came with the G1? I know, I am lame. Actually, I am cheap and lame. As a further example of this, I still have the dealership floor liners that came in my car that I bought in 2006. Nice!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I got a cheapo screen protector off Amazon, but I’m thinking of moving to the invisible shield. I’ve tried many cases to protect the rest of my G1, but haven’t found one I really liked. I’m waiting to see what my brother thinks of the invisible shield if he ever installs the one he got.

  • Jon

    Bestskinever is very similar and cheaper than the invisishield.

    I have used them on my android, touch and E71.

  • http://www.kaushikgopal.com Kaushik Gopal

    I’ve used the invisible shield for both iPhone and (after I changed faiths)the G1. Worth every cent you pay. The installation if you can get done by a pro is worth it as it’s quite tricky (practice and you’ll get the hang of it ;) ). But this thing is a life saver, I had to use a grandpa pouch until this beauty arrived from zagg.com. No more fears of having keys and phone in same pocket, no more fears of butter-handling lest I should get scratches on my gorgeous screen. Not mentioned in this post … if you do buy from ZAGG.com officially : the customer service reps are extremely friendly and responsive. If my rave rantings haven’t convinced you already, try it and then come back to thank the recommenders…

  • http://androidandme.com Christopher Earle

    I just drop tested the Invisible Shield in gravel. After picking the dirt out and cleaning it with a wet cloth, it looks the same as it did before the drop test.

  • Gammax

    Question is: who really wants a screen protector all over your fone?

  • caribbeancats

    Last night I applied my new Invisishield to my G1. I have kind of mixed feelings on it.
    First is the screen cover slipped effortlessly into place without the
    Slightest flaw.
    The bottom where the buttons are I will just call okay.
    Then I get to the back where 2 hours later & no more of the spray left I had to wrap it up with 2 of the 4 corners still with small gaps that failed to adhere inspite of my hours of pressing with fingers and palms until I ran out of spray.
    I woke hoping that magiclly all flaw had resolved into the smooth & shiney beautiful finish like the front, but oh no. No such luck.
    Still have same 2 corners that failed to stick, such a shame cause the front is beautiful, perfect & glossy, feels secure better grip. The screen feels more responsive than ever.
    I guess someone without such butterfingers may have had better results, I think product has good potential.

  • farminsteve

    I use both the invisishield and bodyglove on my g1.

    I have 2 battery backs, a magnesium yellow with the shield and a black with the bodyglove. I use the invisishield on the face of my phone constantly and love it.
    I farm and am a mechanic.
    and need somthing with alot of protection.

  • http://profiles.google.com/michaelhaydel Michael

    Christopher mentioned that he saw the shield advertised at a “shop”.

    What shop was this? Anyone have ideas as to where one might be able to go to have an invisible shield installed by someone?

    • Spang

      Whereabouts are you? Many US BestBuy stores stock the invisibleSHIELD. In Europe try Carphone Warehouse.

  • http://yapabout.wordpress.com maximosis

    I have tried a number of hardcases, from October till about 1 month ago. I have a Privacy screen protector and decided to Go Naked with my G1. I designate my left pocket on my jeans(which I keep lint free and empty at all times). I drop my jammer inside screen facing my leg, just incase I bump into a scaffolding or some turbowalker here in new york city. And when I pull this baby out, it is a great feel ,quick on the type action and sexxy as hell. Go Naked fella’s and you’ll never go back, no more orange peel, air bubbles just a screen slap and your G1 Yap!

  • http://www.robertsmobilemechanics.com/audio.html mechanic

    Excellent goods from you, man. I’ve remember your stuff previous to and you’re just too excellent. I actually like what you’ve acquired right here, certainly like what you’re saying and the way in which by which you are saying it. You’re making it enjoyable and you still take care of to stay it wise. I cant wait to learn far more from you. This is actually a terrific web site.