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KIDD GBC Adds Touch Controls To Android Gameboy Emulator

TeraGadgets has released a new version of KIDD GBC which is showing a lot of progress.  KIDD GBC is a Nintendo GameBoy Color emulator for Android.  The UI has received a major overhaul and a new control method was added.  A list of new features includes:

  • Thumbnail images for save states
  • Add roms to list on start screen instead of needing to go through the load menu every time
  • Simple touch controls
  • Screen for save and load states redesigned
  • Non-fullscreen mode added back in
  • Doesn’t crash anymore when you get a call/different apps window pops up
  • Option to not display the frames per second
The new load screen for KIDD GBC

The new load screen for KIDD GBC

Our friend shinobiwan23 has uploaded another video which demonstrates how to load roms and configure control settings.  The touch controls need some improvement, but at least they are working.  It would be interesting to use motion controls for old school GameBoy games similar to the Wii.  Sound is still not available, but should come in a future release.  Help support the development of KIDD GBC by purchasing the application from the Android Market for only $2.00.

Speaking of updates, the developer of Doom for Android is also working on touch controls and now has sound working.  If you like Doom, help contribute to porting Quake by donating to our Bounty.

Download KIDD GBC.

Download KIDD GBC.

[Image via deviantART]

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  • Andrew J.

    Just downloaded this, thanks for the QR code, love the implementation!

    This app seems very promising, can’t wait for more updates. Don’t mind spending the 2 bucks as I hope the developer uses it for future releases. This is the way Android Market should work all the time. Quality apps are hard to find with all the shovelware on the market, but this app sticks out.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Yes, I agree 100%. It is hard to find the quality apps and devs sometimes. When we locate one, we like to highlight them to help support.

      KIDD GBC, Musical Pro, Bendroid games, and many other quality titles are out there. If you find a dev who deserves our support, let us know.

  • Gammax

    Drool, Drool… GBA emulator…. once I again I say, I can wait to get my g1

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  • catoprkill

    to bad cant download it dont have it on my market

  • Brendan

    Is there another way of downloading this other than the market? Any website links for it? For some reason it’s not coming up in my android market

  • cody bb

    I want a video on how to actualy get Roms on the emulator!

  • Lee

    A promising app i just wonder how they will deal with all the copyright if they thought about it yet