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LOL Libs: Twisted Stories For Your Amusement

Over the years, books and games where words of your choice are inserted into pre-written stories have become very popular. Welcome to the 21st century and an automated Android version! LOL Libs takes the old paper version of this game and updates it with a number of currently relevant stories.

LOL Libs
Version:  1.02
Developed by:  haydenTheAndroid
Price:  $1.99
File Size:  194KB

When you open LOL Libs to create a new story, you select from one of the following stories:

  • Constitutional Preamble
  • iProduct
  • Pirates vs. Ninjas
  • Pirates vs. Ninjas Part 2
  • Android Market
  • Losing Weight
  • New Puppy
  • Celebrity Scandal
  • Nature Show
  • Baking Recipe
  • Finding Love
  • Poem
  • Job Interview
  • Breaking News
  • Fantasy Adventure
  • Fantasy Adventure Part 2
  • Fantasy Adventure Part 3
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Weather Forecast
  • Letter Home
  • Top Ten Songs
  • Scary Story
  • Infomercial
  • Economic Crisis
  • Fairy Tale
  • Video Game
  • Absolute Nonsense
  • Superhero
  • and Marriage Proposal.

Upon selecting one of the stories, the game asks for words like verbs, adjectives, nouns, people’s names, and more. Once all of the words are entered, they are placed in their appropriate positions in the story. The resulting stories can be *very* funny. Playing around with LOL Libs resulted in the following story on the Economic Crisis:

Economic Crisis.  Tajikistan’s economic crisis reached a new low today when the grapes market ratted on itself.  Pig Street is in a panic, and investors are screaming off their bananas.  Raul with the Tajikistan Money Magazine said, ‘This is the worst Volkswagen since the Great Destruction. Hopefully common citizens won’t fry and they’ll keep their toes on straight.’  Some industries have improved during this crisis, such as the cellular and shipping industries.  Raul continues, ‘People always need cellular for their children and shipping to break their exasperated time.’  Hopefully Tajikistan will be out of this crisis by 2010.”

Love those liquified tacos.

Love those liquified tacos.

Save, Edit, and Share your Stories

Save, Edit, and Share your Stories

LOL Libs allows you to save the stories as text files and re-load ones you particularly like. For people who love words and twisted meanings, this story generator will provide hours of entertainment. If you have kids from 10 to 99, this could be a godsend on a long road trip. The $1.99 version is well worth it.

Christopher Earle has been working as a freelance writer since 1987. He currently lives in the Denver, Colorado area with his wife, son, and their two cats. He has been a fan of open source software for many years.

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