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Mini Android Defense: What Tennyson Should Have Had In Mind

Mini Android Defense is a fun implementation of a tower defense game for Android. The game features a map that is not pre-defined, so the player is free to create some almost diabolical traps for the creeps that are trying to get through the playing field to the opposing tower.

With a total of four tower droids, this game is downright addictive. Each weapon is upgradeable to allow for a near infinite range of game play.

Game Play

Mini Android Defense

Mini Android Defense - Creeps move in.

Game play is very easy. Deceptively easy, in fact. Simply place a few towers around the map, and release the creeps. When 20 creeps have made it through your towers, the game is over. Defeating the first few levels is easy, but the creeps get stronger and faster. They also change tactics. Sometimes they will curve around the maze you have created, but once in a while they will ignore the maze and make a bee line for the opposing tower. Recognizing this is key to designing mazes that can deal with both tactics.

Each creep killed deposits a certain amount of money in your bank. The higher the game level, the more money per creep deposited. In theory, this works to the player’s advantage. In reality, a great deal of that money is spent buying new towers and upgrading existing towers.

Multiple difficulties are available.

Multiple difficulties are available.

The four types of towers are metaldroid, autodroid, laserdroid, and frozedroid. Metaldroid is the cheapest, and the cheapest to upgrade. Autodroid can be a devastating weapon, with upgrades being more expensive. Laserdroid will follow a particular creep and continue firing until it is dead. Frozedroid slows down any creep hit by its fire.

There are numerous different strategies for this game. One that seems to work best is to funnel the creeps between rows of towers. As they zig zag down the rows, they are more likely to be killed before reaching the other side of the screen. However, as the levels progress, this technique has some flaws. Level 36 seems to be about as far as this technique will get you.

Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them, Cannon in front of them Volleyed and thunder’d; Storm’d at with shot and shell, Boldly they rode and well, Into the jaws of Death, Into the mouth of Hell, Rode the six hundred.Alfred Lord TennysonPoet Laureate

Truly Addictive & Highly Recommended

After playing Mini Android Defense for almost a week, it has proven to be one of the more addicting free games in the Android Market. I can wholeheartedly recommend this game as one of the better Android games. If anyone manages to get past level 36, please post a comment with your strategy.

Mini Android Defense

Mini Android Defense

Mini Android Defense for Android
Version: 1.0.4
Developed By: Bluecap Games Studio
Price: FREE
Filesize: 0.98MB

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  • http://rjgonza.com Ray

    Looks pretty interesting. . . Downloading now to give it a try

  • keks24

    The mute sound option was somewhat hidden. is there a menu now or is it still m on the keyboard?

  • http://gynecologistcobra.tumblr.com Demi Adejuyigbe

    Just downloaded it, but I uninstalled it. I much prefer Retro Defense, even if it’s not free.

    Also, I know it’s late, but good call on the Cestos beta. It’s pretty fun, even though it’s really simple.

  • Gammax

    ohh that look like so much fun…

  • kElevrA

    Level 36? I wish there was a scoreboard. I managed to get to level 73 with the maze strategy. Basically you want a maze that cuts immediately diagonally down to the left starting flag and then cut back up back past these same towers i.e. the creeps have to walk past the same towers at least twice. You also want to position the maze so that the strongest towers i.e. the autodroids that you upgrade to level 6+ are in the middle so they shoot down any flying creatures. Unfortunately once you get to level 70+ every 10 levels ending in 4 i.e. (54,64,74,84,94) you get some really strong acid monsters that destroy your maze so you have to reinforce the starting flags with extra defence.

    | _/ etc.
    | _/ /
    | _/ /
    | _/ /
    | _/ / AA
    S2____ / AA AA AA

    • http://androidandme.com Christopher Earle

      Ha! I hadn’t tried the updated version, have been too busy. I tried your technique and goofed around with placing one big, heavily upgraded tower in the center and have managed to get to 78? I can’t remember. VERY addicting game, though.

  • http://www.satwaves,com Brandon

    Now I feel better … got to level 85. I found that forcing both flag attackers towards a middle defense with defense blocks at 15 slows down the acid monster destruction I surround my laser with autodroids and place a few hard blockers above them….

    Also sell when a defense is about to be taken out and just replace the blockers….while the acid monsters attack that blocker, they get severely weakened by. I used minmal protection at first on the right flag…just a few multis at 6 and a freeze droid to slow the aerial attack close to the flag…built out to force ground attacks towards the middle defense area so that they were all forced to same kill zone. Bunching then up means more firepower on the acid idiots..

    I’ll Try to draw it here..o = flag, F = frost, L = laser, B = blocker, X = multi, S = Sam

    B B
    X B S X X S X o
    F X L X Anything X
    X X X X F L X
    X X F
    F X X X X X
    X o