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PhoneFace: Android G1 Speed Dialer & Contact Picture Synchronization

Facebook and Twitter have a lot of pictures of people who may be in your T-Mobile G1 with Google contact list. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way for your 3G enabled smart phone to go out to these services and synchronize the photograph attached to your contact with the one your friends use in either Facebook or Twitter? What if that app also operated as a speed dialer for you most frequently called people?

PhoneFace Options Menu

PhoneFace Options Menu

PhoneFace, released on Thursday, does just that.

PhoneFace allows you to synchronize the pictures of up to 50 of your contacts with Facebook and Twitter. The app allows you to add friends to be synchronized individually, add any existing contacts with pictures, all starred contacts, or add all contacts. Remember that there is a limit of 50 contacts, so if you have more than 50, you will likely need to add each contact individually.

PhoneFace allows you to chose a custom wallpaper for the app. Although the default background is black, it can import your existing phone background or use any other image as a wallpaper. A fun option is the “clear gray” wallpaper that allows the actual desktop to show through, which is especially useful when using the speed dialer function.

To synchronize the photos, the app requires you to register on their site so Facebook will allow synchronization. Once registered, simply enter the PhoneFace Facebook number and your Twitter login information and the app will keep the pictures synchronized.

Once started, tapping the face of the person you wish to call brings up a context menu for calling any number the contact contains, texting mobile numbers, or sending an email. If an address is listed, a map is easy to pull up.

PhoneFace is currently available at a deeply discounted $0.99 in the Android Market. BlackBerry versions of this software normally sell for $9.99. If you are looking for a fun, functional speed dialer for the G1, this may be your app.

Scroll through pictures of your friends, then tap to dial.

Scroll through pictures of your friends, then tap to dial.

PhoneFace for Android
Version: 1.0.0
Developed By: Electric Pocket USA
Price: $0.99
Filesize: 512KB
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  • http://www.killthemessenger.net/blog Craig

    This is nice, but facebook sync does this with contact pictures, and android 1.5 has full screen pictures of your contacts (for calls) as well as photo icons for your recent call log.
    save your money and wait for 1.5 official.

  • alphanzo

    It’s nice to see app reviews, given the inherent difficulty (impoossibility?) of sorting through the bad ones in the app store. My question is, why hasn’t anyone reviewed steel. It is objectively superior to the built in browser, and imo the best app on the g1. It makes browsing easy and intuitive, and if it had an adblocker, iwould even go as far to say better than firefox on a pc. It sets a great standared for free apps, making most other apps seem like junk by comparison

  • Gammax

    very sweet, cant wait to get a G1

  • Webreaper

    As Craig says, FBSync does this for free, for all your contacts (not just 50) so I can’t see anything good about this app.

    Alphanzo, there’s a Steel review on this site…