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PhoneFlix – Manage Your Netflix Account From Android

NetFlix is an amazing service. It delivers DVDs to your house and streams movies over the internet to your computer or compatible device all for a low monthly fee. To help you organize your queues NetFlix has a powerful website. The downside? When viewed on a mobile device it is unusable and the mobile site looks like it was given up on long ago.

PhoneFlix helps you easily find movies.

PhoneFlix helps you easily find movies.

Filling in the void is PhoneFlix from Next Mobile Web. Essentially PhoneFlix is a front-end to the NetFlix website. It doesn’t provide any more functionality… it doesn’t need to. It takes the information from the main website and makes it easier on the go and organizes the information in a way that looks better on a mobile’s screen.

Next Mobile Web also makes PhoneFlix for the iPhone and Blackberry in addition to Android. The fact that no one has even tried to compete with PhoneFlix on any of these platforms is a testament to the quality of this simple yet powerful application.

Simply stated, if you are a NetFlix subscriber then PhoneFlix is a no-brainer.

PhoneFlix for Android
Version: 1.0.1
Developed By:  Next Mobile Web
Price: FREE
Filesize: 194KB
PhoneFlix allows you to control your Netflix account.

PhoneFlix allows you to control your Netflix account.

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  • Andrew J.

    They’ve added instant queue support which makes me much more interested, will download – thanks!

    PS, nice QR code.

  • http://AndroidUpSpot.wordpress.com Justin Robinson

    I was hoping that they would go ahead and put Instant on the app… and it looks like they did. :) Downloading now… And I was thinking about using QR Codes on my 2 blogs too… lol

  • Nick

    I’ve been using this app for a while and it’s great. The one thing it’s missing, though, is the ability to rate movies. A lot of times when I see a new film I want to rate it on Netflix, but won’t be able until I get home. Hopefully they add it in an update.

  • Gammax

    Another app I look forward too, when I get my G1!!!! I love my netflix.

  • PGJ

    How do you even sign into the app?! D:

  • Michaela

    I just downloaded phoneflix, but how do you sign in?