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T-Mobile G1 Protection: Three Cases for Different Looks and Purposes

I have cell phones dating back years that still work and look good. The best advice I can offer people who want to keep their phones in good working condition is to use a protective cover. T-Mobile offers two cases for the Android based G1. That isn’t a lot of selection, but those two cases, and a lot more, are also available via Amazon.com.

Hard Clear Plastic Case

Hard Clear Plastic Case

Hard Clear Plastic Case

The least expensive of the two cases is a clear hard plastic case. In addition to providing good protection for the G1, it gives the phone a solid, modern look. The case is easy to get on the phone and equally easy to remove. Its slick surface allows the phone to slide easily in and out of pockets or bags. The three piece design provides excellent coverage and protection. Although it sells for $9.99 at T-Mobile stores, it is available on Amazon for $3.51, a substantial savings.

Body Glove Hard Case

Body Glove Case

Body Glove Case

Although I sometimes switch back and forth, my G1 is currently in a hard case made by Body Glove. This two piece case provides outstanding protection and a rubberized surface that keeps the phone from sliding when set on the dashboard of a car. The inside of the case pieces is soft and gentle on the phone surface. Although the case comes with a button and belt swivel clip, I don’t use either. I’ve replaced the clip button with a very attractive plug that closes the hole in the back of the case. Both the button/swivel clip and plug are both included with this case. The case sells for $24.95 at T-Mobile, but is available for $12.39 on Amazon.

Body Glove Mesh Universal Smartphone Case

Universal Smartphone Case

Universal Smartphone Case

The belt clip that comes with the Body Glove Hard Case is nice, but I worry about hitting the button accidentally and having the phone pop off. The Body Glove Mesh Universal Smartphone Case was a good solution for a belt case for the G1 without a protective case that also holds the phone when both in the clear plastic case and with the Body Glove Hard Case. The Universal Smartphone case has a clear front and is made of very durable soft synthetic material. Its low profile belt clip rotates for comfort. The phone slips easily in and out for easy access. This case is very inexpensive and outstanding for occasional or frequent use. It is available on Amazon for $7.75.

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  • http://www.lallovigil.com Lallo

    I got the invisibleSHIELD and it works great and doesn’t add to the G1′s bulkyness

  • roy

    I’m not sure why you just displayed two covers, but I think you can’t find more.

    Clicking your links, I found another case specifically for the G1


    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      That case you linked says RUBBER but it is made from this cheap white plastic. They don’t even paint the inside of the case and you can see white around the edges if you look close at the picture.

      We are going to start working hard to review as many accessories as possible and let you know what we think are the best deals.

      • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

        Wow those white edges are hilariously ghetto, nice catch.

  • http://simplyblog.net Miguel Wickert

    Okay, not impressive but more will pop up. Like the site, first timer here. Subscribed. Thanks for sharing. Just got my Android last week. :)


  • Gunther

    what is the best type of case to protect the G1 if you drop it???

  • Gammax

    Im not sure what type of case Ill get. but it will be a good one