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Android and Me Is Sending 5 Readers To Google I/O – Enter To Win Now

Google I/O is this year’s largest gathering of Google developers including many of the people who made Android a success.  We will be in attendance to bring you all the latest Android news and today we were granted 5 free passes to give to our readers.  The event will be taking place in San Francisco, CA on May 27-28.

Due to the short notice, we are going to make this contest very easy.  If you are interested in attending Google I/O, just leave a comment describing the session or speaker you are looking forward to the most.  Each pass to the event is a $400 value, so please only enter if you are serious about going.  We are unable to provide you travel to the event, so this will most likely appeal to those in the surrounding area.  The giveaway will run till Wednesday, May 20th or whenever we have five people who can attend.

Some of the Android developers that will be attending include:

Charles Chen, Google

Charles is a software engineer at Google, working on the Text-To-Speech library for Android, the Eyes-Free Android project, and the Google-AxsJAX JavaScript library. Prior to joining Google, he created the Fire Vox talking browser extension for Firefox. Charles likes video games and spent part of his 20% time writing “mem” and “CLiCkin’ 2 Da BeaT” for Android.

Chris Nesladek, Google

Chris Nesladek is a lead interaction designer on the Android project. Chris’ contributions can be seen across several core communication and media applications. He also led the effort to re-craft Android’s visual identity. Prior to joining Android, Chris worked on projects with Danger, Intuit, and Sony Design Center. In addition to staying in shape through tennis and triathlon-related sports, Chris is an avid pizza aficionado and foodie.

Chris Pruett, Google

Chris Pruett works from Google’s Japan office to support local Android application development. Prior to joining the Android team he worked as an engineer on Lively, Google’s 3D online world. Before joining Google in 2007, Chris worked for several years at a subsidiary of Activision, Inc developing video games. In his free time Chris enjoys dissecting horror games. Read about his research at

Dan Bornstein, Google

Dan Bornstein is the tech lead at Google for Android’s virtual machine and core library efforts, where he developed the specification for the Dalvik virtual machine. He continues to contribute to its implementation along with several coworkers.

Dan Morrill, Google

Dan joined Google Developer Relations in 2007 to help developers build apps using products like Android, Gears, and Google Web Toolkit. Before joining Google, Dan was a computer scientist at GE Research, where he gave himself headaches by switching between web development in JavaScript and integrated circuit design in Verilog. Dan lives in San Francisco with his wife, two cats, and some wine, yarn, and video games.

Dave Bort, Google

Dave has led many aspects of Android since 2006, including the build and platform configuration system, Dalvik’s garbage collector, overall platform security, the transition to open source, and a bunch of other critical components. Before that, he spent ten years working on other “smart” devices and alternative OSes: the Danger hiptop, BeOS, and Bell Labs’ Inferno.

David Sparks, Google

Dave Sparks is the technical lead for the Android media framework. He was the principle author of the MMA’s Downloadable Sounds specification (DLS) now part of the MPEG-4 and 3GPP standards.

Jeff Sharkey, Google

Jeff is a software engineer at Google, working on core Android applications. Before joining Google, he was one of the top 10 winners of the Android Developer Challenge. He enjoys hacking on Android and Linux in his free time, and is passionate about open-source software.

Jesse Wilson, Google

Jesse works on the Dalvik VM as a member of Google’s Android team. He is the creator of the Glazed Lists open source project and a developer of Guice 2.0. He also contributes to the Google Collections library. Read Jesse’s blog at

Joe Onorato, Google

Joe joined the Android team in 2005, wrote aidl, the build system, the documentation tools, a prototype version of the view hierarchy and activity manager, as well as a laundry list of features in the Android framework including the notification manager, status bar, power management, and internationalization. Joe was one of the authors of Gerrit, Android’s code review tool.

Justin Mattson, Google

Justin is a Developer Advocate at Google. For the past year he has devoted his time to Android. Before that he spent time on some of Google’s ads products. In independently he has a strong interest in operating system architectures, macro economics, and advanced armchair physics.

Robert Kroeger, Google

Since starting at Google in 2007, Robert Kroeger has worked on Gears and HTML5-based offline-capable email solutions. Most recently, he helped design and implement the offline storage portions of the new version of Mobile GMail for iPhone and Android. Prior to joining Google, Robert worked on cache-coherent cluster interconnects and hardware performance modelling at Sun Microsystems. Robert holds a BSc. in computer science from the University of Ottawa and a MMath and PhD in computer science from the University of Waterloo.

Romain Guy, Google

Romain Guy is a software engineer at Google. After spending years having fun with large UIs on the desktop and talking about them at conferences, in blogs, magazines and books, Romain decided to go for the small screen and joined the Android project, an Open Source operating system for mobile phones. He’s now trying to make mobile phone UIs as fun and exciting as desktop ones.

TV Raman, Google

Raman is a research scientist at Google. One of his research interests is creating highly efficient eyes-free interfaces that can be used in a variety of eyes-busy situations. The recent work that he has done on Android has been featured in the New York Times.

For a sneak peek of some of the presentations, Google has uploaded some preview videos to YouTube.

If you have any further questions about attending the event, please visit the official FAQ.  We look forward to meeting all our friends who will be attending.  I also want to give a big thanks to Google for organizing this event and the free passes.

Google I/O is the event of the year for Android developers.

Google I/O is the event of the year for Android developers.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • nEx.Software

    I am looking forward to a lot of the sessions… In particlar with Jeff Sharkey and Romain Guy. They’ve both been very active in the community and I look forward to possibly meeting them.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yes, I like how easily accessible some of the guys are. It’s nice to be able to hop on IRC and annoy them with questions. :)

  • Karthz

    I am looking forward to attend all the Android sessions. Especially, by speakers Romain Guy and Dan Morrill.

  • Karthz

    I am looking forward to attending all the Android sessions. Especially, by speakers Romain Guy and Dan Morrill.

    Thanks to “Android and Me” for sponsoring 5 readers for the event.

  • Yoav Raccah

    i am looking forward to seeing Chris Nesladek to see what he has to say abput his part in the android team

  • Mike

    Nice ! , yes its a little bit short notice and if ever im going to win i need to fix my passport and borrow money to go to the U.S. heheh

    Anyway , ANYTHING about the session just for Android is all i am willing to be there meet people and intereact about Android, open-source Google Stuff also matters but ANDROID is my priority . For the Speakers i think the ill get to know about Dan Morrill for providing the first few video tuorial on android ,Dan Bornstein ofcourse the DVM and core Android lib ,Jeff Sharkey android hacker and cool that he is now working for Google,Jesse Wilson for being in the Android team and building the Google Guice and Romain Guy for me getting to kow more stuff for UI in mobile specifically for Android

  • Kelly

    I’m probably most familiar with Romain Guy and Jeff Sharkey, having been an avid reader of both their blogs since last fall. But honestly, I would look forward to hearing from ANY of these folks. It’s cool that you’re sponsoring people to go. On behalf of everyone (especially the winners :-)), thanks!

  • Dylan Andersen

    I would love to hear the talk on “Coding for Life – Battery Life, That Is”. The G1 is currently the only Android-based US phone out right now and it’s no secret that it’s battery life leaves a lot to be desired. I would love to hear how Google is working to increase the battery life, via software side improvements, like what we saw in 1.5.

    • Dylan Andersen

      Also, I live in South San Francisco and would love to be able to go to Moscone!

  • Carver

    So many of the speakers and sessions seem so interesting, pikcing just one or so would be rough. However, as stated before Romain Guy seems quite interesting, and I’d love to hear more from him. UI work always intrigues me.

    I’ve been thinking of a trip anyway soon, so this would be perfect. And I do so love my rooted G1.

    I would also like to comment how cool this contest is, and that you guys rock. A nice pre-congrats to everyone who wins.

  • Ms. Jen

    Hi! I would love to go to the Google I/O conference. I live in SoCal and have a cousin who lives in the Mission.

    Since early April, I have been watching the I/O sessions listings and would really like to attend the Android and Google App Engine sessions.

    From the GAE sessions, I am most interested in: “Building Scalable, Complex Apps on App Engine”, as I have built two simple apps so far but am trying to work on a more complex one right now and am falling on my face constantly.

    On the Android tip, I am most interested in: “How Do I Code Thee? Let Me Count the Ways” and “Mastering the Android Media Framework”, as one of my clients bought a G1 on my recommendation and now wants me to code a few apps for her. ((me panicked))


  • Juarez Junior

    I am looking forward to “Turbo-charge your UI: How to Make your Android UI Fast and Efficient” by Romain Guy, as I really need to know the tips and tricks to use the UI toolkit in an optimized and efficient way. Besides that all, I will be coming from Brazil to attend both Google I/O and the JavaOne 2009 conferences, so I will be around Moscone and would be extremely glad to attend the event as well as all the Android sessions that will be available. Hope I can get one pass as $400 is even more expensive for me :-D.
    Kind regards,
    Juarez Junior

  • Taylor Wimberly

    Wow, thank you to everyone who has expressed interest. I have tried to contact everyone who posted a comment. I’m waiting to hear back from everyone, but I think there are 5 who said they can definitely be in attendance.

    If you are still interested in going, leave a comment and I’ll place you on a list if someone backs out. No promises, but maybe we could find an extra pass or two if someone is really in need.

    Thanks again to Google for providing these free passes.

  • Robert Strawsburg

    I would be super interested in seeing chris pruett because I have recently switched my major in college to Computer Graphics technology and would love to hear how that job applies at a company like google. Normally CGT degrees go on to game and movie companies much like he did so I am interested as to see his transition and job at google.

  • yi qiang

    I am most interested in the “Coding for life – battery life that is” session. I am perpetually annoyed at how crappy the battery life is on my G1 and would love to learn more about how to make my own apps more battery life efficient. I also live about 10 minutes from the moscone center where the event is, so attending is not a problem.

  • http://Website(optional) blake

    Id have to say one of the many sessions i am interested in is ‘future proofing apps’ . All in all i think being there would be such an experience, theres no way i couldnt find interest in everything!

  • David

    I am interested in Romain Guy’s Turbo-charge your UI: How to Make your Android UI Fast and Efficient. I am in Santa Clara

  • Rev. Spaminator

    I am a programmer for a credit union and I would like to learn more about web design techniques that would provide the best cross smart-phone compatibility. Our current design philosophy is to be as browser compatible as possible, but the advent of popular smart phones has created a need to take mobile hardware into consideration in future designs. I would also love to see what other are doing with their phones. I promise to bring along some of my home made smoked salmon too.

    You guys are OK with small bribes, right? :)

  • Mike

    i envy all of you guys and enjoy the conference ehheh

  • Joe LaPenna

    I live in SF, I’d be interested in going — even if the chances are only as a backup.

    I’m most interested in Jeff Sharkey’s talks. His personal blog entries have been useful and his applications are fantastic. I’d like to hear from someone who has been on the “outside” working on android and now on the inside.

  • zariat

    Just saw the tweet, apparently a bit late…? Or not?
    If any more spots become available, i live in San Francisco and would love to attend!

    I’m especially interested in checking out the talk ‘Do You Believe in the Users?’ with Brian Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman. I work as a programmer as well as a graphic designer, so i focus a great deal on clean, comfortable, and functional user experiences. I’m also passionate about the way people interact with technology in a broad sense, and the culture that grows from these connections.


  • William

    I want to attend the session “Big Modular Java with Guice” as well as “Looking Beyond the Screen: Text-To-Speech and Eyes-Free Interaction on Android”. I’m a fairly new developer at Accenture in a small office in Joplin, MO. I graduated from university a year and a half ago and I’ve not had the chance to attend a tech conference yet. I don’t mind flying if I get a ticket.


  • ambarish malpani

    Really looking forward to getting a chance to go to Google IO.

    The folks I am tracking are Jeff Sharkey, who has developed some cool utility apps and Romain Guy for all his UI tips. I also follow Dan Morrill – thanks to his great tutorials in the past.

    The main reason I want to go, is I am developing apps on the gPhone and am able to get a lot of questions answered on the web, but am looking for a better model for how to think about the android architecture, so that I can get responses from the documentation, rather than the forums…. Also, looking for some buttressing for my FAITH in choosing Android over iPhone as a dev platform!

  • Mike DiGiovanni

    Looking forward to Romain Guy’s UI talk. I’ve talked to him online and he seems to be the goto guy for UI and usability questions.

    I’m in New Jersey but will definately attend if a winner.

  • Jesse

    This sounds really awesome. I’m unfortunately not a great coder at this point but am working on my skill set. I’ll pass but wanted to say I think this is a great opportunity.

    I love my G1 and am looking forward to the future of Android.

  • Regina

    I would like to hear and meet Chris Nesladek. I would love to hear about his athletic abilities and Android experience. I am developing mobile fitness applications.

    I am located in San Francisco!

  • Tim Su

    I’ll be there! I make Astrid, among other things, so come find me =)

  • Michael

    I’m really interested in seeing both the “Custom Google Search” and “Google Maps API” Sessions, both of which I really want to learn more about.

    Integrating them on my own is one thing, but attending some Sessions would really enlighten me on going even further.

    Plus, I live very close, just across the Golden Gate in Marin County…so attending would be easy and fun.

    - Michael

    P.S. Three cheers for Android&Me!

  • Ismael El-Qudsi

    I just want to know if matt Cutts really exists or is a bot ;)

  • Mike C.

    I’m porting iCaltrain from iPhone to Android, so I’m interested in all Android sessions. The “Turbo-charge your UI: How to Make your Android UI Fast and Efficient” by Romain Guy is particularly interesting because I’d like to build UI that matches or exceeds the iPhone version.

  • Felipe L.

    I would to know more about Android apps development. I am from Argentina and I will be in San Francisco by next week, so it would be great to attend to the Google I/O

  • Mark R

    There’s a saying that the best parts occur outside the sessions, and as such I’m looking forward to the Fireside Chats and Office Hours the most. The interaction I feel gives more information and unique insight into the future/vision…