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#AskAndy – Your Android Questions Answered Volume 3

Welcome to the third edition of #AskAndy where we aim to answer all your Android related questions.  I would like to make this a weekly column, but it will only be successful if you continue to send in your questions.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a tweet this week.  Again I have chosen 10 questions to answer and we will try to cover the ones we missed in the coming weeks.  If your question did not get answered, you can submit it again or leave a comment here for help.

I wanted to give a special thanks to @j_norton who has been very active in attempting to help other Android users.  As this week’s winner, we are sending you a $25 Gift Card.  Keep submitting your questions via Twitter because we will be giving out more Gift Cards each week to those who ask and answer questions.

If you would like to participate, you can search the #AskAndy tag on Twitter to see if there are any questions you might be able to answer.  We want to encourage community involvement and will be adding new features in the coming weeks to #AskAndy that will make it easier.  Soon we will be creating a dedicated Ask Andy section for the site, but in the mean time you can send responses via Twitter, from the contact page, or send email to andy (at)

Anyone that submits a detailed response to a question will receive full credit with a link back to your site.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve #AskAndy, leave a comment.  Thanks again and keep the questions coming.

1. itradio #askandy What is the easiest way to do the Apps to SD once the SD card is FAT32/EXT2? I know next to nothing about terminal and am stuck!

If you have already installed JesusFreke’s latest build and created the ext2 partition on your SD card, I would suggest AppstoSD 2 from MarcusMaximus.  You can purchase it from the Android Market for $0.99 or get it free from the xda-developers forums. If you know nothing about using the terminal and are unsure of the process, you can ask questions over on the xda thread or wait for the next major release of AppstoSD.  I have been told that a newer version is in the works that will make things much easier including partitioning the SD card from your phone.

2. treebykooba @androidandme if you root your G1 and mess up or it’s just buggy is there an easy way to go back and have it normal again? #askandy

If you wish to “unroot” your phone and return to the official T-Mobile build, the process has two steps.

First, you must replace the SPL (secondary program loader) back to its original version.  All the SPL’s are posted over at xda and they are packaged in the familiar format.  Just copy the to your SD card and apply it by booting into the recovery console (home + power).

Second, you need to downgrade your phone back to RC29 and then allow it to update on its own.  To do this, you need to download the DREAIMG.nbh file and apply it by powering on the phone with camera+power.

3. j_norton @androidandme I noticed Google Mobile blog is talking more about the new gmail floaty bar, but I don’t have it yet? is it in 1.5? #askandy

The “floaty bar” that was added to the mobile Gmail site last month has made its way to the Android client.  You can now select multiple emails at once and perform mass actions on them.  Once an email is selected, a new bar appears at the bottom of the screen with the option to archive, label, or delete.

Chris Nesladek demos this new feature in a preview video for the upcoming Google I/O.

4. TornadoTexan @androidandme #askandy Is it possible 2 have 2 accounts syncing 2 a G1? I’m sure thr R ways I could work google 2 do it but anything easier?

Currently, you are only allowed to sync one account to your G1.  I have linked multiple Gmail accounts together and then filter each one into a different folder.  Unfortunately, the new Android client does not allow you to send from multiple addresses which is a feature available on the web.

5. skry #askandy why are there no URLs for Android phones to follow on Android app and review pages, to the app on the market? Need a new protocol?

Actually, there is a format for links that will send you to the market.  The links will only work when clicked on from an Android device.  If you want to find the package name for any application, search on Cyrket.

Example:  market://search?q=pname:net.hexage.buka

6. peterkirn @androidandme Have you seen the Gmail app sync get ‘stuck’? Sync icon appears, but refresh doesn’t work / can’t get mail in sync. #askandy

Yes, I experienced many syncing problems with the original Gmail app.  I would often find folders with -1 or 1 emails that would get stuck and not sync correctly.  After upgrading to Android 1.5, these issues appear to have been addressed.

7. Riussi Is there an easy way to get a screenshot in Android? #AskAndy #Android

There are two methods I use for taking screenshots in Android.  When I’m on the go, I like to use the Screenshot app from Koushik Dutta.  The downfall is this app requires root access, but if you are interested I posted a short guide several months ago.

If you are at home, you can hook your G1 up to your PC via USB and easily capture screenshots.  All you have to do is install the Android SDK and then launch DDMS.

For a short demonstration, check out this video from The Rebeldroid.

8. mrjack92 @androidandme #askandy AH! I found a scratch on my g1! What are some things I can do about it?

I have seen many creative methods for removing scratches, but your best bet is to prevent them from ever occurring.  There are many screen protectors available on Amazon for under $5 or you can spend a little extra and get full protection with a product like invisibleSHIELD.  For more information on invisibleSHIELD, see our review we posted last month.

9. androidPT @androidandme #askandy I bought a second hand G1 and has already a google account set up. How can I reset the G1 to use my google account?

The easiest way to reset your G1 is to perform a factory data reset which erases all data on the phone.  This can be performed by pressing menu from the home screen then clicking Settings > SD card & phone storage > Factory data reset.

10. QDOG8 If I buy an app off the Android Market and get another Android phone, will I still be able to get the app I bought back? #AskAndy

Yes, every application you purchase from the Android market is linked to your account.  As long as you use the same Google account, all your purchases made with Google Checkout will be saved and the apps will be marked as Purchased in the Market.  You can then choose to download and install them whenever you please.

Please keep the questions coming in guys.  I’ll be on Twitter more frequently and I’ll try to respond in real time in addition to posting the answers during the weekly column.

Let Andy answer all your Android questions. #askandy on Twitter.

Let Andy answer all your Android questions. #askandy on Twitter.

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  • Rad

    my phone is getting UPDATE FAIL in the bootloader, cna you help me restore the phone?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      You need to download the dreaimg.nbh file from your pc and then copy it over to your SD card and flash again. I’ll send you an email if you still need help.

  • j_norton

    WooHOO! Thank you so much for the gift card! You really didn’t have to; I have a great time helping out on Twitter while I work, keeps me from getting bored lol =)

    You guys are awesome!!

    p.s. how do I claim it? can you send to my email that I listed in this comment??

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Should be hitting your inbox any second. Thanks for the help.

  • Miguel Wickert | Simply Blog

    Hey Guys, thanks for sharing. I found plenty of helpful material here. Keep it up! :) Gave ya a Stumble and review.


  • OrganizedFellow

    I’ve Cupcaked my G1 a few times now. Twice with JesusFreke1.5, and most recently with TheDude1.1.

    A few paid apps do not re-appear in the market as purchased. Is there any way to contact the developer to ensure download?

  • x3haloed

    I noticed that the “get it from from the xda-developers forums” link actually points to the location of AppstoSD 2. With a little bit of searching, I was able to find the correct thread. It’s located here:

    It’s the file attached to the bottom of the first post. You will have to sign up for an account to access the file.

  • Ray

    Yea, this was again helpful. I have a question though. How can we log into this site or save our information, I would like a cool avatar and I really like this community.

  • jay h

    I have 2 questions about the appstosd app:

    If I use the appstosd app, does it give the option to specify which apps get moved to sd card?

    When the phone is connected to a pc or stereo via usb cable, and the sd card is “mounted” (like when listening to music), will the apps still be available to the operating system?


  • ashd

    ok i have several ??’s first my phone power cycles contstantly i dont know what i did.

    i restored to default and now it wont keep ahome as my default home app and the box wont reappear either i have gone into settings and it wont give me the option to do it at alll. errrr and ugh help me this is pissing me off.

    thanks ashd