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#AskAndy – Your Android Questions Answered Volume 5

Welcome to the fifth edition of #AskAndy where we aim to answer all your Android related questions.  We survived the first month and this will continue to be a weekly column.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a tweet this week.  Again I have chosen 10 questions to answer and we will try to cover the ones we missed in the coming weeks.  If your question did not get answered, you can submit it again or leave a comment here for help.

I wanted to give a special thanks to @ryanheaton who has been very active in attempting to help other Android users.  As this week’s winner, we are sending you a $25 Gift Card.  Keep submitting your questions via Twitter because we will be giving out more Gift Cards each week to those who ask and answer questions.

If you would like to participate, you can search the #AskAndy tag on Twitter to see if there are any questions you might be able to answer.  We want to encourage community involvement and will be adding new features in the coming weeks to #AskAndy that will make it easier.  Soon we will be creating a dedicated Ask Andy section for the site, but in the mean time you can send responses via Twitter, from the contact page, or send email to andy (at)

Anyone that submits a detailed response to a question will receive full credit with a link back to your site.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve #AskAndy, leave a comment.  Thanks again and keep the questions coming.

1. superindigo2000 @androidandme #AskAndy Does having a home replacement app slow down the phone performance??

From my personal experience, I would say yes.  My biggest problem with the home apps was the pause when returning to the home screen. I have seen recent updates for aHome and Open Home that claim to improve performance issues, but have not spent time with them under Android 1.5.

At one time, I had four home replacement apps installed at once and did notice quite a bit of slowdown.  My suggestion, try one out and see if you notice a difference.  You can return any Market purchase for a full refund in the first 24hrs so there is nothing to lose. We posted a roundup of the different home apps back in March if you are looking for a basic comparison.

2. skry Is there a good #android Twitter client? Twitdroid only retrieves the last hour or so and can’t get earlier tweets. #askandyphroghollow @androidandme #askandy Anyone else having issues with Twidroid lately? Having issues with it not caching more than 100 tweets

Twidroid is still my go to Twitter client for Android.  I had issues with it retrieving all my recent tweets, but the latest version has fixed that problem for me.  If you upgraded from a previous version of Twidroid, uninstall it then reinstall it again.

For issues with caching, try storing your tweets on the SD card by selecting it from the Twidroid settings.  If you are still experiencing problems, contact Twidroid and report the bug.  They have good customer support and have responded to problems I ran into.

Last month, we sampled five Twitter clients here.  I’d like to post an updated comparison, but I need to spend some extended time with each client.  I have no problems with Twidroid right now, so I’m not actively looking for a new client.  If enough people suggest some alternate clients, I’m willing to take a look at them and post my updated thoughts.

3. kaushikgopal Is there a way you can record normal phone conversations with the Android, assuming it to be legal in my country? #AskAndy

I have tried using Phone Recorder from Mamoru Tokashiki, but found the sound did not always work.  The app is free so you can try it out and see if it works for you.  The current version only saves the last five calls and limits the recordings to ten minutes.

There is also a paid app called Call Recorder, but I have not used it.  The app is stuck on the original 1.0 release so it appears it is not being actively developed.  Again, you can try it for 24hrs before you decide to keep it.

If someone can show me an app that does this and is well supported, I would purchase it in an instant.

4. PurplePenguin04 #askandy Is there a way to choose what name shows up when I leave an app review or am I stuck with my gmail username?

nExSoftware: Go to Google, Log in, go to Edit User Info within My Account, Update Nickname.  If you are currently signed in, you can visit the following link

5. j_norton #askandy #android how do I get back to my default home screen after I’ve set dxTop or aHome to be my default home? @androidandme

The process for clearing an app to automatically run is the same no matter what type of application it is.  Perform the following steps:

  • From the home screen press Menu and go to Settings.
  • From the Settings menu go to Applications then Manage applications
  • Scroll down the list until you find the program that is set as the current default.
  • On the app info page look for “Launch by default” and tap clear.

Some of the home replacement apps also have an option to return to the default from their main menu.  Each one changes so often that I do not have detailed instructions on that.

6. davorg @androidandme What was in the Android update that went out to T-Mobile UK G1 owners this morning? (we already have cupcake) #AskAndy

Everything I have read points to the new update being a security fix.  One of our readers codethief sent in the follwing picture which shows the kernal version has been updated from 2.67-00392 to 2.67-00393.  Another reader sent in this oCert Advisory which details an Android security issue, but I have no confirmation if this was the actual fix addressed.

Recent CRB43 update.

Recent CRB43 update.

7. AndrewKam My phone suddenly stopped recognizing the SD card. On/off didn’t work, and neither did in/out. Any suggestions? #askandy

For issues with the SD card I always suggest to power off the phone, remove the battery, and reseat the card in the slot.  If that does not work, you can test the SD card with a card reader from your PC.

When you have given up all hope on a SD card, you can always reformat it directly from your phone.  I trashed my partitions when I first attempted AppstoSD and this got my 8GB card working again.  This can be accomplished in 4 easy steps:

  1. From the home screen press Menu and go to Settings
  2. Navigate to SD card & phone storage
  3. Press Unmount SD card
  4. Press Format SD card

Please note this will erase all information, but if you can’t access the card then you don’t have a choice.

8. stefwill @androidandme When will Android be able to use WPA2 Enterprise? #AskAndy

ryanheaton: WPA-Enterprise is still not part of Android, not even #Cupcake (not ADP, anyway). WiFi Helper app provides it, but needs root.

WiFi helper is available for free on the Market and supports the following type of wireless networks:

  • Open
  • WEP
  • WPA Personal
  • WPA2 Personal
  • WPA Enterprise
  • WPA2 Enterprise

There is also a Pro version available for $0.99 which includes settings for advanced users.

9. ryenyc @androidandme What are the best Android websites and resources for G1 owners (besides Androidandme)? #AskAndy

There are so many sites that it depends on what you are looking for.  For basic Android news, you can visit Planet Android which is a collection of RSS feeds from many different types of Android sites.  For Android Market info I visit Cyrket and aTrackDog.

For a more detailed listing of Android sites, Android Tapp posted a list of 25 Awesome Google Android Sites and 25 MORE Awesomer Android Sites.

10. OrganizedFellow @androidandme #AskAndy Can we get a poll and see which is more popular and why? JesusFreke, Haykuro, or TheDude?

XDA forums recently did a poll and JesusFreke won with over half the vote.  Haykuro has just released his latest build 6.0 with new goodies so it might be time to for a new poll.  We recently ran our first poll and I was surprised with the participation we received.

I am evaluating several polling solutions and I now plan to start weekly polls.  I will add this to the list of questions we might ask our readers.  While I’m on the subject, is anyone interested in an Android polling application? ;)

Let Andy answer all your Android questions. #askandy on Twitter.

Let Andy answer all your Android questions. #askandy on Twitter.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • Miguel | Simply Blog

    Hey Guys,

    Well done, I’ll have to get my Android questions in next time. Thanks for sharing, informative and helpful responses. Your 8GB SD card, sounds pretty sweet, I have 2GB card now but was looking on Amazon which has 8GB SD cards for $20. Not to shabby.


    • Ricky

      Hey there’s an 8GB card on Amazon for only 14.00 dollars. It’s BULK packaging. But I bought that same one and trust me it works!

      And guys, you did another great job, I love this site. ^^

      • http://simplyblog.ent Miguel

        Hey Ricky,

        Awesome, thanks for the heads up. :)

  • OrganizedFellow

    I bought my G1 on May 1.
    Within a week, flashed it with JF. Learned more about root and more from xda developers forum, and have since used TheDude and HayKURO.

    I realized what’s most important for me and my GeeWon, and recently my faith to Jesus (pun intended).

    haha, I love my JesusFreked phone, it beats every Apple device that comes its way :P

  • Puny Weakling

    I flashed the UK 1.5 a few days before that patch rolled out. Not sure what security fixes were in it, but the overall speed of the system was much better after the patch – less lag, portrait/landscape is faster, homing out of apps is faster – just speedier overall.

  • Clark Wimberly

    I’ve been having some problems with Twidroid recently too. Its been updating me about a new reply over and over and when I go check it, there is nothing there. Also when I’m scrolling way down in a list of tweets it just randomly jumps back up to the top, which can get quite annoying after the third or forth time.

  • Dylan Andersen

    I have been fine with Twidroid. I think it helps when you follow less than 150 people, but, all the same.

    Thanks for the Planet Android tip, great site.

  • roy

    I have a different answer to question 7. It might be that you have a file on your sdcard which is broken. This will render the entire card unreadable.
    If you plugin your sdcard to your computer or by using the usb card, you might locate the file. I have had this problem two times, ones with a broken audio file from phonerecorder and once with a broken image. Try opening new files on your phone (so not the music you put on) and if one doesnt open, it’s probably broken.
    Remove the broken file and check if that fixed the problem.

    There is a thread with more suggestions here

    Might be something you want to try before formatting ;)

  • j_norton

    Great read guys, and yes I really really want to see more poll action!

  • geoffrey

    Thanks for both the questions and the answers. Soon I’ll be brave enough to root this baby.