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Beginners Guide For Rooting Your Android G1 To Install Cupcake

This guide is outdated and a newer version if offered.  Please visit How to root a T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G.

I first wrote this guide several months ago, but decided not to post it.  After all the cupcake builds were released and people kept asking for help with upgrading, I decided to touch it up and put it out in the open.  If you are interested in rooting your phone and installing one of the latest cupcake builds, please read the entire guide before getting started.

If you are nervous about upgrading or want more information on the pros/cons read our article about the different flavors of Android.

This article serves one purpose:  demonstrating the easiest method possible to root your Android device.  It is currently intended for the T-Mobile G1 and will be updated when other hardware becomes available.  If you do not know what root access is, then you most likely should not attempt to modify your phone.  Having a rooted phone is mostly for power users.

Preparing Your Phone For Root – Important Disclaimers

Before we begin to root your phone, let’s cover a few basics.

This guide is intended for US phones.  If you are in a country other than the United States, please visit the xda-developers forums for more information on rooting your Android device.

If you do not read and follow instructions, you will have trouble.  We are trying to make this guide as fool proof as possible, but if you do not follow instructions, you will have problems.  I suggest reading the entire guide before you start.  This way you can become familiar with the entire process.  Thankfully, most upgrade problems can be resolved by flashing the RC29 downgrade and starting over.

Make sure your battery is fully charged.  We do not want your phone to die out in the middle of an upgrade flash.  Go plug it in now while you read the rest of this guide.

Set aside at least 60 minutes to root your phone.  The entire process can be completed in about 30 minutes, but I suggest you plan on it taking longer.  We do not want you to get half-way through and then stop.  If you start the root process and do not complete it, you might be unable to use your device and make phone calls.

If you install a non T-Mobile build of Android, you will be missing T-Mobile apps like MyFaves. You can still update your MyFaves online, but will be missing the app for now.  If this is a problem for you, then do not upgrade.  Also absent from the Android Developer Phone builds are several of the messaging clients like MSN, Yahoo, and AIM.  If you need these apps, there are many replacements available in the market.

A WiFi connection will greatly reduce the total time required and I highly suggest it.  You will be downloading several files with some as large as 40MB.  Connect to a WiFi network when possible.  You could attempt this over 2G/3G but I do not recommend it.

The first time you root your phone, all data will be wiped.  Any data you want to keep must first be backed up before you begin.  Most of the important information on your phone is synced with Google, but there are other things you might want to backup.  Call logs, SMS history, and phone settings are the most commonly backed up items.  Thankfully, there are several applications in the Android Market that can backup most data on your phone.  MyBackup Pro from Rerware allows you to backup your data to your SD card or online.

Part of the root process requires you to format your SD card.  After you have backed up data to your SD card, be sure to copy it all over to your PC before formatting.  If you have an extra microSDHC card, I suggest using the spare for the root process.  Also note it takes several minutes to format your micro SD card to the FAT32 file system, so I suggest using the smallest sized card to speed up the process.

After you root your phone, you will not receive system updates from T-Mobile.  Part of the root process blocks T-Mobile from applying updates to your phone.  This is done on purpose to prevent a future update from removing root access.  The good thing is you can manually update your phone to a new custom version of the operating system.  T-Mobile tends to roll out new updates over the span of several days, but when you have root you can apply the update as soon as its available.  This update process for some root users has been simplified with the application JF Updater.  See the end of this article for more information on keeping your phone up to date.

If you run non supported software, T-Mobile will not offer technical support for you.  This can be a make or break issue for some people.  Instead of turning to T-Mobile when you have problems, you will turn to the community for help.  There are many ongoing efforts in the community to help people and most questions can easily be answered via Twitter or several Android forums.  You can of course, return to the official T-Mobile version of Android whenever you choose.

Part 1. Downgrade Your Phone to RC29.

Before we begin, let’s check the current build of Android you are running.  From the home screen, press the Menu button and select “Settings”.  From the settings menu, scroll to the bottom and click “About Phone”.  At the bottom of the about screen you will find the “Build Number”.  Look for the part that says “RC##”.  The numbers after RC indicate the release canidate you have installed.  If you have RC30 and above, you will need to downgrade back to RC29.  The purpose of this downgrade is to exploit a security hole that existed before RC30 was released.

In order to apply updates to your phone, we must first format your micro SD card to the FAT32 file system.  As noted above, when you format your SD card, it will erase all data.  Most micro SDHC cards are already formatted for FAT32, but some are FAT16 and I suggest doing it again if you are not sure.  Instructions for Windows users:

  • Hook your phone up to your PC using a USB cable.
  • Click the notification on your phone that says “USB Connected”.  Select the “Mount” option.
  • Once the device is mounted, you will see a removable disk show up on your computer.  Right click the device and select Format.
  • Pick FAT32 for the file system and click start.  Do not perform a quick format.
  • When the format is complete, you can disconnect your phone by clicking “safely remove hardware” like any other USB device.

Now that your SD card is formatted, we can start the root process.  For this guide we will be using the root application created by Mike Moussa.  His app simplifies the process by including download links to the required files you will need.  It also scripts some of the commands to prevent you from making typing errors.

Download the root app here:

You can either download the file on your PC or directly to your phone(I suggest phone).  Before we can install the file, we need to tell your phone to allow non-Market applications.

  • From the home screen, press “Menu”.
  • Go to “Settings” first then “Application Settings”.
  • Check the box that says “Unknown sources”.

Now that we can install non-Market applications, we need to find the file on your phone and launch it.  If you are in the Android browser, you can go to menu > more > downloads.  If you have a file manager like Linda installed it should be located in “/sdcard/download”.  Click the file called “root.apk” and hit install.

Update:  Some users have reported the DREAIMG.nbh file gets corrupted when downloading over 3G/Edge.  To avoid this just download the file to your PC and then copy it to the SD card.

When the root application is installed, launch it from your application tray.  Click on “Step1: Download NBH file” to start the first download.  This file “DREAIMG.nbh” is what will downgrade your phone back to RC29.  Wait for the download to finish, then complete the following steps.

  • Power off your phone.
  • Holding down the camera button, power the phone back on.
  • Wait for the bootloader to come up all the way, and press the Power button to begin the update.
  • When the first part completes it will prompt you to hit the action key to continue.  The trackball is the action key.
  • Once the update is finished, you can reboot your phone by pressing TALK+MENU+POWER.

Stop and Verify:  When the phone reboots, you should be greeted by a fresh install of Android.  Go through the setup process again for signing into your Google account.  You can double check that the downgrade was successful by checking your build number as explained earlier.  Press “Menu”, then “Settings”, and click “About Phone”.  Your version after the downgrade will read RC29.

Part 2. Install New Bootloader.

Now that we are running RC29, we can exploit the known security hole to gain permanent root access.  The next step involves replacing the SPL or secondary program loader.  This new bootloader is what allows us to load a custom build of Android.  Note that the SPL is independent of the Android build that runs on top of it.

Since the downgrade wiped our phones, we will need to reinstall the root application we used earlier to finish up the process.

Download the root app again here:

Follow the previous instructions to install the root app and launch it.  We will now perform “Step2:  Download IMG and HardSPL files”.  The security hole we will be exploiting requires you to type a command on the physical keyboard.  After you click Step 2, wait for the download to complete and then perform the following steps.

  • Go to the home screen and open up your keyboard.
  • Hit enter, pause a second, then hit enter again.
  • Type “telnetd” in all lower case minus the quotes. Ignore the contact search that comes up.
  • Press enter again.

After typing the “telnetd” command return to the root.apk app and press “Step3: Protect your root”.  This step runs a script that will perform the SPL upgrade.  If you see any errors, it means the telnet session is not open.  Return to the previous instructions and try launching telnet again.  If you are still having problems with Step 3, reboot your phone and try again.  After the script runs, we need to reboot the phone to apply the update file.

  • Power off your phone.
  • Hold down the Home key and power the phone back on.
  • When you see the triangle with the ! inside it, then press Alt+L to display the bootloader options.
  • Press Alt+S to apply the file.
  • When the update is finished, you can reboot by pressing TALK+MENU+POWER.

Part 3. Upgrade the Radio Image to support Android 1.5

Before we move onto the last part, we must upgrade the Radio Image to the latest version that supports Android 1.5.  The new radio image has been posted on HTC’s support website for download.  In order to apply the Radio update, we must download the file “”.

Update: If the HTC download does not work, here is an alternate link to download

Once the file is downloaded, it must be renamed and placed in the root directory of your SD card.  This means to place it in the main directory and not inside any folder.  If there is an file already present from the previous steps, it is ok to overwrite the file or delete it.  When the radio image file is renamed as and placed on your SD card perform the following steps:

  • Power off your phone.
  • Hold down the Home key and power the phone back on.
  • When you see the triangle with the ! inside it, then press Alt+L to display the bootloader options.
  • Press Alt+S to apply the file.
  • When prompted, hit Home+Back to write the image file.
  • When the update is finished, you can reboot by pressing TALK+MENU+POWER.

Stop and Verify:  You can check the version of your radio image to make sure it updated.  Go to Settings > About Phone > Baseband version.  The version number should end in just like the original name of the update file.

Part 4. Install Custom Android Build.

Now that the hard parts are over, we are ready to install a custom build of Android.  There are many to choose from, but I suggest the most recent build from JesusFreke.  His version includes multi-touch support in the browser and a host of other features.  I have chosen the JF build because it was voted the most popular and has been downloaded the most times.  There are also custom builds available from Haykuro and The Dude that we will explore in a future post.  For this last part, we will no longer use the root.apk application.  It links to an old version of a JesusFreke build that we do not want to install.  Instead, we will download the latest build from his blog

The file we want to download is JFv1.50 ADP1.5.

Please note that this cupcake build along with the others is based on the ADP version of Android and is different from the RC builds that T-Mobile offers.  The Android Developers Phone version is the build given to developers and lacks the T-Mobile branded apps.  The Release Candidate builds are approved and released by T-Mobile.  You can swap back and forth between build types, but you will need to wipe your phone each time.

Once you have downloaded the update file JFv1.50 ADP1.5 it must be renamed and placed on your SD card like before.  Make sure the file is named and copied to the main directory of your SD card.  The most common problems I have seen are Windows users who name the file by mistake and others who place the in the wrong place.  After the file is in place we need to reboot and apply it:

  • Power off your phone.
  • Hold down the Home key and power the phone back on.
  • Wait for the bootloader to display, then press Alt+L to display the bootloader options.
  • Press Alt+W to wipe the data and cache folders.  You must wipe when going form a RC to ADP build.
  • Press Alt+S to apply the file.
  • When the update is finished, you can reboot by pressing TALK+MENU+POWER.

After the phone loads back to the home screen, you are now complete.  One of the first apps you should download is JF Updater.  This will make getting updates in the future much easier and you will not have to repete all these steps.

Stop and Verify:  Look at the list of programs you have installed.  You should now see Terminal Emulator.  This means you are now running a custom build.  Launch Terminal Emulator and type the following command to display what version you have:  “getprop ro.modversion”.  It should read JFv1.50.

More To Follow:

  • Creating an ext2 Linux partition on your SD card
  • Moving your apps and cache to your SD card
  • Installing and using a WiFi Tether app

I could keep typing forever, but I will stop and let people check for errors.  Will update in the morning.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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    already had root since discovered hope this helps the other noobs that wanna root their phone.



      Amazing guide, thank you sooo much.

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      Wow this tutorial s great. I was able to root without any problems. I found this AppsToSD 2 tutorial as well. I followed the directions at the bottom of the post just before the downloads. To download the files you have to register.

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  • meme


    Thanks a lot, I am a newbee and this is VERY helpful.

    One question though: How can I return to the original T-mobile build?


    • Taylor Wimberly

      The process involves downgrading back to RC29 and then waiting to receive the official update. We will post a full guide later or I will link to one soon.

  • Justin Robinson

    Question: What is the “Radio” Update specifically for…?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I have seen no official release notes, but some people reported increased battery performance. No idea to be honest. I see people say better battery performance with each update that comes out.

  • Kevin

    I can’t download “” from the HTC.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      HTC looks like they are making changes to their site. I added the alternate download link.

  • Sal

    just in case there are some real newbies out there might be a good idea to state that Formatting the SD card will wipe everything off of it.

  • Cranky

    Only problem I had was that I couldn’t download the radio image from the link provided (HTC site). I was able to get it from and transfer to sdcard from pc.

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    I totally screwed up my phone following other sites directions.

    TY for doing a great job on this write up. However I did find that I needed to name my just update.

    • Justin Robinson

      That is probably because, on your computer your file extensions aren’t shown so when you named it it came up as “”.

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    I happen to be one of those newbies that wanted to root my g1, but never felt comfortable doing so because of the lack of knowledge. Thank you for simplifying the process. I still plan on waiting for your pros / cons of rooting.

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    You might also want to mention that the stock micro-SD card comes as FAT16(just in case anyone takes the statement that most come with FAT32 to mean that they don’t have to worry about it). I’m pretty savvy at this stuff(I wrote the apps to sd and open overclocker apps and wrote a tutorial on moving apps to sd manually) but still spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out what was going wrong because I assumed the stock one would be FAT32(who the hell uses 16 bit anything anymore!?!?!?!)

    • Mark

      Also thought I’d mention that for the whole partitioning to make an ext2 partition(as noted in your future tutorials bit), I’m currently working with some of the devs(JF, MartinFick to name a couple) on making that MUCH easier.

      • Taylor Wimberly

        Mark, that is great news. I had spoken with Martin and had been suggesting a UI for his scrips. It would be great to see this coded into the OS.

        I was thinking something similar to the Disk Management app for Windows.

        • g ward

          this is the best instructions ever will donate

  • kevin


    One note:

    If you get stuck on a flashing “Android”, then reset (talk+menu+power), load recovery mode (hold home while pressing power), then press alt+l to display commands, then press alt+w to wipe data, then press alt+s to reflash jf cupcake. I had this problem but this fixed it.

    Thanks again!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Thanks, I knew I was leaving out an important step. If you don’t wipe going from RC to ADP, then you will surely get stuck.

    • Cranky

      Had the same issue but solved it as described

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  • dhan

    quick question if im in canada would it be wise for me to use this guide to root and update my phone? thx

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The JF ADP1.5 build is an English build so you should be ok. I’ll see if I can find a concrete answer.

      • Stephen

        I just tried the US and UK dreamimg on my Canadian HTC Dream and it told me it was the incorrect model ID.

  • Justin

    WOW!!!! Great Job. Reading the hundreds of pages on the forums left me more confused than when I started.

    This is great. Thanks!

  • Kenneth

    Well there was a problem when I did it for 2 of my g1′s. I could not go directly from rc29 to cupcake I had to go from rc29 then update to jf’s v1.41 and then to 1.5. Has anybody else experienced this issue?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I did my roommate’s phone last night and went from RC29 directly to JFv1.50.

      What kind of problems did you run into? Did you perform a wipe before installing the JF build?

      • Mark

        Ah, this reminded me, if people go directly from RC29 to Haykuro’s ROM it doesn’t have the recovery terminal(not sure about the dude’s) so I’d also suggest that people go through one of JF’s first.

  • ambarish

    Followed the steps religiously. Failed in step 1 – Get the following when it is rebooting:
    DREAIMG.nbh – FAIL

    BOOT -
    SPLASH1 -
    SYSTEM -
    RADIO_VZ2 -

    Update Terminate


    • Mark

      Make sure your sd card is FAT32. If it’s FAT16 it won’t work(the standard one is)

      • ambarish

        Mark, the problem wasn’t FAT, but the fact that my DREAIMG was corrupt (possibly because I didn’t wait long enuf for it to download completely

        Thanks for your help!

  • ambarish

    If I cancel an update, I get into a multi-colored screen, that shows the following:

    Sep 2 2008


    • Taylor Wimberly

      As Mark said, make sure your SD card is formatted to FAT32.

      1. Format SD card to FAT32 file system.
      2. Download the RC29 image again.

      3. Copy the DREAMIMG.nbh to the formatted SD card.
      4. Reboot phone holding down the camera button.

      If you did everything correct, it should prompt you to press the power button to continue the upgrade.

      Let us know your results.

      • Hmm

        The DreaIMG.nbh file that the root script automatically downloads is corrupted, even over wifi. I downloaded it to my PC directly and that did not work either. The link above no longer links to the file. Any updated locations for the nbh file?

        • Nicholas

          This same thing is happening to my g1 as we speak please help email me if possible the link above doesnt works so what do i do!!! im freaking out stuck in marine corp training with my only connection to home

  • twics

    yea! man! was a bit confused at first, but I just downloaded both files using JF UPDATER , radio update and the jf cupcake 1.5, after downloading the radio update JF updater did the rest.

    Thanks alot guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  • twics

    For those in the uk, if you are already rooted just download “jf updater” from the market, once downloaded select it and click on, menu/ configuration/ system mod version/ all updates, JF will find all updates ie: radio update and cupcake update, install one at a time, after the radio file has been downloaded to your phone JF will ask “Verify and apply”, the same will happen when you download the cupcake update, just apply and JF will do the rest.

  • JJ

    great stuff.
    quick question – on your first step you state to have the phone connected to the PC, but there its not clear when/if you disconnect before you move on…

    thanks again.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Thanks, I updated the text to clear that up.

  • ambarish

    Got it working! Thanks a lot!
    My problem was that I had only part of DREAIMG on my sd card. So I put my SD card in my wife’s GPhone, copied the full version of the file and then followed the steps…..

    Also, I did have to press Alt+1 to get the boot loader to come up with the ! screen

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Thanks, I’ll add a note about downloading the dreaimg file again if the first attempt fails. I’m not sure how you were connected when downloading, but this is the reason to avoid Edge/3G when downloading the larger files.

      • ambarish

        I was connected with wifi (I think). Not sure if I didn’t wait long enough, or was distracted doing something else.
        I would recommend people download the DREAIMG on their PC and then transfer the file – faster and safer (IMHO).

        But my phone works beautifully now! Love the shell window and root access! Also the multi-touch is pretty cool to show off!

  • xkorpyon

    Why I would do al this if I gonna get the update anyway?

    • Daniel

      -You´ll get rid of some Tmobile features,but you´ll enjoy new ones.
      -You´ll have root access.
      -Better bluetooth.
      -You´ll be able to install apps and caches on your microSD.
      Those great reasons for me to upgrade.

  • Linda

    So, I got the same result as Ambarish.
    …I made sure my SD card was formatted to FAT32, so for me that wasn’t it.

    How do I get my phone to stop going to the bootloader?

    …& how do I alternatively access my SD card ?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Are you talking about the red/blue/green screen? You press talk+menu+power to reboot the phone. You should be at RC29 when it comes back up.

      I will clarify that step in the instructions. Thanks for the input.

    • ambarish

      Hi Linda,
      As I said in my comment, your OS might be corrupted on the SD card. No problem. Just get a good clean version on the card and you will be in business!

      There are devices that can let you access your SD card from a PC (using a USB port), if you can’t write to your card using your phone….

      If you need help, you can email me at my first name at

  • Ken

    In step 2, when I try to reboot the phone, while pressing the Home key, I do not get to the recovery console. Instead, if I hold the Home key, it keeps rebooting while displaying the G1 logo.

  • Daniel

    Hi everyone.

    First of all I want to say thanks to Taylor for such an outstanding guide,it DOES work great,I started at 11:30pm Central Time and I am done right now.
    I used the guide to upgrade two phones,mine and my wife´s and believe me guys it does work.English is not my first language so I had to read it slowly and a couple times.

    Now I am thrilled with MY BRAND NEW G1.

    Once again thank you and thanks for your time and effort.

  • Jonathan Wilson

    Can Google (at the behest of T-Mobile) change future updates to the G1 to stop RC29 from being installable or usable in order to prevent this hack?
    Or does T-Mobile not care about rooted G1s?

  • Daniel

    I think they already tried on the RC30 and other versions but there´s always a genius that fix the problem.

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    Ayo0o this is great, I did everythin worked out thanx meng =D….I had the other version 1.5 cupcake htc w.e and I didn’t like it the virtual keybord was wack and it had to manny problems and plus I didn’t have root acces and now I do with a 1.5 ver yayayayaya! I’m so happy and I jus download the app for tether and it works great everythin is cool man =)

  • sporty

    im confuse i can get my phonr to show yhe base band we need ,,,,it shows im i can pass step 3 plz help n i need

    • Taylor Wimberly

      To install the new radio update, you have to rename the file and flash it like the others.

  • B-rad

    had someone else root my G1, but after a while phone got slow, so i reformatted. now all apps and cache go to the device, how do i get them to go on my already partitioned SD card, any ideas?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      If your SD card is already partitioned, you can try the Apps To SD program. You can download it from the Market for $1 or from XDA forums for free.

      You other choice is to wait for the next JF release. Mike implies they are going to integrate this feature into the OS and make it “much easier” to manage.

  • TornadoTexan

    Great guide guys. I just updated. Not nearly as hard as it sounds.

  • Josh

    I protect my root and power off. When I turn it on holding the home key, the G1 logo flashes, then it flashes again but fades out. There is no text or anything else showing. What am I doing wrong?

    • Ken

      Same problem here! No solution thus far.

      • Josh

        Had to just start over. Didn’t have this issue this time.

    • Ken

      The fix is as follows:

      Repeat step 1, then step 2. I have no idea why, but that seemed to work.

  • Gardenwife

    Taylor, thank you SO much for posting this step-by-step tutorial. Not only that, thanks for your help via Twitter last night.

    Like I told you, the part I missed was right after typing telnetd and hitting enter. I don’t think I could have done it without this page and your assistance.

    As I told you, where I messed up was running the third part of the Root app under Step 2. I went right from telnetd to rebooting my phone.

    The part about step 3 is all in one paragraph explaining what it does, which I think makes mind skim over it and look directly for the next list of steps — rebooting, etc.
    I think this might clear that part up:

    After we type the telnet command, press and hold Home key and re-open Root app.

    Scroll down and pPress the button that says “Step 3: Protect your root”. This step runs a script that will perform the SPL upgrade.”

    My hubby Howie was successful with his phone last night, and said he must have just done the right thing accidentally when he went through the steps. LOL When he tried to figure out why mine wasn’t working, he read the steps more carefully.

    Thing is, he did the same thing as me and skipped re-opening the Root app. We both had done the telnetd, then immediately rebooted.

    Thanks again so much for taking the time to create and maintain this tutorial — the long threads at the various Android forums just confused and intimidated newbie me. This I could handle (well, mostly! LOL).

    You = rockstar.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Thanks for the feedback. That step is now updated.

  • Howie

    Doing this the first time I somehow made it through and got this to work on my phone LOL. So you would think I would be able to do it a second time.
    While reading your instructions the second time trying to do my wife’s phone there is one part that was a little unclear. This stumped me even after
    I had successfully done it once. You state below that it’s time for step 3; you should change the directions a little in the first sentence. My wife
    and I both were doing the telnetd command and then dropping down to the power off ect… So I think if you change that one line to “After we type
    the telnet command, it is time for “Step3: Protect your root”. Go back and run the root.apk and select step 3″. Your instructions will be perfect
    after you add that. Thanks for your help. It may partially be because I got up at 5:00am and it was after midnight when I was doing this. But a
    little clarification would still be good.

    After we type the telnet command, it is time for “Step3: Protect your root”. This step runs a script that will perform the SPL upgrade.
    If you see any errors, it means the telnet session is not open. Return to the previous instructions and try launching telnet again.
    If you are still having problems with Step 3, reboot your phone and try again. After the script runs, we need to reboot the phone to
    apply the update file.

    * Power off your phone.
    * Hold down the Home key and power the phone back on.
    * When you see the triangle with the ! inside it, then press Alt+L to display the bootloader options.
    * Press Alt+S to apply the file.
    * When the update is finished, you can reboot by pressing TALK+MENU+POWER

  • prmd142

    is this tutorial valid only for G1 or for HTC Magic too?

    If applies to Magic , then how to go about the steps that involve hard keypad…. like Alt+s, Alt+l, Alt+w


    • Taylor Wimberly

      This app is only for the G1 aka Dream. I believe I have seen a Magic guide on the XDA forums.

  • metis

    is there a list of apps that aren’t on the ADP versions but are on the RC versions? running off of SD card would be nice, but i’d like to know what i’m missing first.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It’s pretty much MyFaves and the IM app. You still get Google Talk, but no default AIM, Yahoo, or MSN. You could use one of the alternate IM clients from the market that support all 3 and more.

      • metis

        its just the myfaves dialer yes? as in the silly lil spinny thing with pictures of the people to dial or message them?

  • Wazz999

    Great guide, but I do have a question or two. I sucessfully rooted, and installed the jf1.5. My question is, how do I load a custom boot screen now. I simply cant get the phone to startup in fastboot mode. No matter what I try, it goes to the serial0 screen, then nothing. Also, the root application that is installed after the update just loads up as a blank black screen, I tried a wipe – as suggested on other forums, But still no luck in accessing the app. any help would be appreciated.

  • mage2

    dont use mybackup, it can and will wipe your gmail contacts with no good way to fix it.

  • mime

    everything worked fine, i’ve been using JF’s image for months now, just needed to upgrade to 1.5.
    one question tho, i used Droid tweak tools to set my autorotate but that doesn’t work with 1.5.. is there a way to set auto rotate wit 1.5? anyone??

  • DHAN

    Hi Taylor GREAT JOB !!!
    Just wonder if you can write a guide on how to run apps from the sd card thx!!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yes, I am waiting for the guys behind the sdsplit and apps2sd to release their next version of the script.

      • http://Website JoseAC

        i think i have a big problem everithing was ok until i got to the step turning on the phone with the camera boton i did that and then press the power boton to continue the update after the update finish it givis me this massege (update termanate, update fail) but the big problem is that i press the power, talk and menu boton to reboot and it takes me direct to the radio screen what do i have to do to boot my phone normal again please help

    • ambarish

      DHAN, there is a good explanation at this place:
      (got the pointer from Jesus Freke’s blog)

  • R.

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! Got it working quickly and easily, for whatever reason I cant auto rotate on home screen, other than that everything is beautiful

    • Taylor Wimberly

      From the home screen press menu.

      Go to settings > sound & display > orientation.

      You can also use the app Spare Parts to change the window animations and transitions.

  • plexium_nerd

    Problems downgrading from kila RC33 to RC29. I did all the steps exactly as described, and when I reboot, I get the rainbow screen, it flashes “No Image file” real quick, then displays what “ambarish” was getting.

    I’m using Ubuntu and formatted the SDCard using mkdosfs -F 32 and DREAIMG.nbh is the only file on the card.

    I’m out of options. Any thoughts?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I talked with a guy today who did it with Ubuntu. Let me see if he can help.

      • OrganizedFellow

        @Taylor Wimberly: I spent over an hour scouring the UbuntuForums, and kept coming up empty. Not cause the answer wasn’t there, but because there are SO MANY answers. I eventually came across this one
        Try the following code contained between >>>these<<>>sudo apt-get install gparted && sudo gparted<<<

        • plexium_nerd

          gparted worked! Thanks for the tip guys! I would have thought mkdosfs would have done the same thing but apparently not.

          I’m on my way to unrooted 1.5!! Thanks again!

    • ambarish

      Check that your DREAIMG file isn’t corrupt. I use openssl md5 to get an md5 checksum

  • charles

    when i try to update radio it tells me there is no such file i named it and put it on my card

    • charles

      it was the rename the file update not

  • knslyr

    Your instructions were amazing and everything worked like a charm. Thank you SOOOO much for this tutorial.

  • Mike

    i’ve tried updating my radio using and just update and it says it s bad.HELP??

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Download the radio image once more and try flashing again.

  • chrisd

    can you post an md5sum for
    when I tried to update it said my image is bad

  • Tom

    I’m having problems with the last part of part 2, The script runs fine but I can’t get into recovery mode, it goes to the bootloader screen instead with the red green blue and white bands.

  • leden

    Hi! This guide is excellent.but I got a few questions.
    I have followed the walkthrough to this point:
    I have RC29 still, I have latest radio image and the recovery .img file applied. The root.apk can successfuly complete “Protect root” (tried again) but what worries me is that when I type “su” in terminal emulator, it says “permission denied”.
    I can use telnetd and all the stuff, but should I have root on the phone on RC29 or not?? How can I check this?

    • ambarish

      Hi Leden,
      I had the same question. If the root.apk program says it ran successfully, then it ran successfully. Try running it without executing the telnet command you will see how it behaves when it fails.

  • Mike

    my phone is stuck at rc29..the radio image file is saying its bad when i try to update it. What should I do?

  • Steve

    I used the tutorial and my phone works perfect. I am very computer illiterate and was able to figure it out. Thanks a million!

  • Nice

    Just followed from start to finish and success with no problems !


  • cody

    my phone is taking forever… loading the new blue/shimmering ANDROID screen. been 5 minutes… should I be worried?

    • cody

      nevermind, did a wipe and updated again and it worked! thanks for this guide!!

      • rtee

        I had the same problem, and I fixed it the same way…except I had to reinstall the update twice.

  • Keith

    problems, i had to install the files with a SD card reader. could not copy to sim directly from phone with wifi or usb. All the files that where copied with wifi and usb where not complet altho showed complete. not sure why. and yes i used the same usb port. worth the trouble figuring out…

  • chrisd

    I installed it just fine, the only problem was that it turned my laptop into a brick. =)

  • jason

    For some reason all the downloads that root.apk tried downloading were corrupt or incomplete. So my installs would fail. I ended up just downloading it to my PC and then transfering them to the SD card from my card reader. Everything else worked perfectly. Thanks for the great tutorial!!

  • kevin

    a lot easier to fallow then other tutorials ive seen, good job

  • ERK

    had to re-DL’d DREAIMG.apk from here.

    I also had to use an SD card reader.

    it was ‘buttah’ (butter) from then on.

    excellent work you have done here.

    hats off to ya. cheers.

  • http://fbook jonbron

    completed successfully in 45 mins! great job!

  • Michael

    Goodmorning folks i just installed the (JFUpdater) from the market,I did have root access on my G1 (JFv1.42RC33) yes im still rooted but to the new (JFv1.50) which came through an update upon installing the (JFUpdater ) from the market along with a few more updates like the (RadioImages)- ( no i didnt wipe nor brush any dust from my G1 i simply installed and the phone did the did loose (IM) but got back (google-talk) so im satisfied and if T-Mobile dont push or if im not able to recieve the New CupCake thats being released starting on May11th oh well im good with JF and i tip my cap to all the folks out there that recieves there Baked Cake..PS: thankz to JF for saving my G1……

  • Queena

    Was very easy…now how do I tether it to a wifi connection? Or better yet, download directly to the sd card. Thanks for a very easy guide.

  • kenn

    hi, what i try to update DREAIMG.nbh, it says update terminate update fail, what should i do???

    please rely asap \


    • brandon

      mines says the same thing im kinda worried here!

  • kaiwan

    hi, thx for the awesome tutorial!

    Slightly off-topic: i used nandroid backup w/ the JFv1.3 build; but now i can’t seem to find nandroid for cupcake builds.. any idea as to where/how i can get & use it?? – as, obviously, being able to do a full backup before flashing/modding is extremely useful. Pl reply, TIA.

  • kaiwan

    Something i find useful when booting off a newly flashed image and you can’t really see what’s going on-

    -connect the USB cable
    -run ddms on the PC
    -as soon as it detects the phone (“online”) you should see the log messages in the pane below..
    -alternatively, run
    adb logcat

  • Muhammad


  • treebykooba

    worked great thanks! the only problem was the step one DREAIMG.apk download..i had to manually download it from ERK’s comment and put it on my SD card…which is actually better because it’s much quicker that way.

  • Steve Barman

    There should be a warning that MyBackupPro will screw up your google contacts and wipe them out (from your google account, not your phone)

  • Laserbeak43

    that’s great!! thanks!!
    I guess i could’ve waited till T-Mobile’s version came out, but i needed an excuse to root my phone :P

  • Justin

    You can quickly format your sd card to fat32 using an hp utility called HPUSBFW.exe. You can get it hereHP Drive Key Boot Utility or google it if the link dies. It’s nice for making a usb boot disk too.

  • Vin

    I got up to “Part 3. Upgrade the Radio Image to support Android 1.5″ . But when I Downloaded the file, renamed it to and proceeded with following steps, it didn’t work. I clicked ALT +S to apply, but it went for like 1 second and then when back to the exclamation mark with the G1.

    Can anyone help me out?

  • RDN

    ADP1.5 have busybox and apps to sd built it, but can somebody tell me how I can set it up so the apps I install will be on my sd card. Thanks

  • Quai

    ok i got up to the end of step 1, where it tells you to press the end button to upgrade, and it comes up with a message, “UPDATE TERMINATE”, “Update fail”, someone pleez help, i have a useless piece of plastic at this point

    • mathias

      RE: Update fail.- Make sure you have removed the charger or data cable (my phone wouldn’t reset with it in) and soft reset CALL-MENU-POWER buttons.
      Try update with DREAMIMG-RC7 this is for U.K
      Worked for me.

  • OrganizedFellow

    So I’ve rooted my phone. all works well.
    Does appd2sd copy all EXISTING installation files, etc. to sd?
    Does apps2sd only copy new installation files, etc. to sd?

  • kyle

    i’ve read the guide and i would like to ask: when i’m booting my phone with camera button pressed i’ve this screen
    Screen on boot + Camera.
    Is it normal ???? I’ve a build RC33 of firmware 1.1

    On other guides i read that i should see three droids when i’m booting the phone with camera button.
    I would like to make sure i didn’t miss something before starting this whole process

  • Ken

    Holding down the camera button doesn’t power the phone on for me. The root.apk instructions say to use camera/power to turn on. That’s what works for me.

  • Justin

    Thanks again… finally got some free time to do this today. Worked like a charm. Awesome tutorial.

    Only problem I had was the dream file was corrupted during download (even on wifi). FYI the correct size for that file is 89,419 mb. Check the size of your download, if you have any issues.


  • AC

    After bootloader installation, the screen states to do Home + Back to reboot, not Talk + Menu + Power. The former worked for me, the latter didn’t. YMMV, but it’s a minor detail worth noting.

  • Mathias

    is the JFv1.50_adp compatable with uk G1 phones?
    and if not where can i get it please?
    Also to ken and brandon an anyone else havin probs loading dreaimg.nbh you might try the RC9 as you probably have uk phone. (i had problem loading RC33 which is u.s? ithink)

    • mathias

      Scrap that last question -Yes the JFv1.50-adp does work with U.K! …..Sorted!
      Must say toataly BIG respect to Jesus Freke and all the other codies out there that make all this possible.

  • mathias

    sorry i meant DREAMIMG-RC7 thats what i used worked fine.

  • waaaaaaaaaah

    worked perfect in a flash

  • chancellor

    Hey. My phone still doesn’t have auto rotate. I’m also confused as to how to copy and paste in the browser. It just says “text copied to clip board”. Where exactly is the clip board. Thank you.

  • Jay

    my phone is stuck in bootloader mode, the update failed and now i can’t get out of bootloader mode! someone help please!

    • porkbao

      I’m having the same problems. I’ve waited a long time and it’s STILL stuck on the red-green-blue bootloading screen. I think the problem why it failed to update was because the phone was already on rc29. anyone know how to fix this problem?

  • Chad

    I had problems with this mod procedure. Couldn’t get into recovery mode and install Hard SPL. Followed the CoolPSTuts to get recovery installed and then came back to the rest of your install. Could be my mistake or problems with scripting program. Look forward to more tips for a beginner hacker like me! Apps to SD card will be a big improvement!

  • j_norton

    @Jay sometimes it takes a LONG time to get out of the bootloader when you’re upgrading your system. Just be patient, if it’s showing a graphic on the screen for what seems like a REALLY long time, just wait until it goes away. It should work.

  • radford

    i got update fail also, what can i do to bring my phone bak to life?

  • goldfish524

    thank you SOOOO much. You rock, your instructions were so clear and perfect. Any noob will be able to root their phone if they just follow your directions. Thank you and thank you JF. Donations will totally be made to you both.

  • Max

    I cant seem to start recovery mode…im stuck on step 3…everytime i hold home and power it starts up normally but then instead of going to the triangle…it just reboots again…if
    I keep holding on home it just keeps rebooting…sigh please help…thanks =]

  • jon

    cant seem to install from sdcard… i tried downloading through usb and through sd card reader but the system recovery utility fails to verify the update package it says E:No signature (369files)
    E:Verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    any help? i know it worked b4 but since i wiped and started over it wont work anymore

    • jon

      belp! got it i think… needed to edit recovery.img 3/4 through copying wish me luck

  • dalliance423

    So I noticed a few of the standard G1 apps missing like IM, and My Favs. There are a few others, but I’m not worried about those. Is there a replacement for these?

  • Zeezo

    I got stuck at the Bootloader. it was updating and then at the end of the update it says update terminated update fail. what happened? i followed the instruction from the beginning. and now i cant exit the bootloader. pressing menu+talk+power only reboots and bring me to the same screen, bootloader. please help me. thanks

    • goldfish

      Try to flash it with the rc29 update alone so that you get your phone back to normal, then try to repeat the steps all over again, except skipping the part where you downgrade to rc29 (cause you would’ve done that already).

      go to this site

      and follow his steps. once you’ve done that, your phone should be downgraded to rc29 and then you can start steps 2 and up.

      Credit to xda forum.


    It worked as a charm!
    I just followed each step and finally I am free from T-Mobile lazyness! Thanks a bunch

  • jabs

    awesome, thanks!

  • Pam

    Used WiFi to download the file directly to phone but it must still be damaged. It failed and now I’m stuck on the red/green/blue/white screen. Now what??

  • Pam

    I finally got things running again by buying an SD card reader and getting the uncorrupted file on it, but now having the same issue as Max:
    I cant seem to start recovery mode…im stuck on step 3…everytime i hold home and power it starts up normally but then instead of going to the triangle…it just reboots again…if
    I keep holding on home it just keeps rebooting…sigh please help…thanks =]


  • Vokalz

    i have had some issues with my G1, did all the updats, and followed all the instructions, worked great for a month, then had some issues and did a factory reset… now instead of 75m available on my phone, i olny have 50m, and have no idea what the heck i did to take 25m up…. any ideas?

    • edg

      Hi there, can u pls tell me how can i go back to the factory programs. because i had problems doing this root’s process. i’m now in the first steep with the green, red, etc screen, and i did all many times, i formated the sd, I get the RC-29zip from my pc and copied to the sd, and I can’t go out of this. if somebody can help me PLS…
      that what i have.
      DREA100 PVT 32B RUUNBH

      Sep 2 2008

      Seria l0

  • Tronable

    awesome tutorial!!

    worked flawlessly.. Thank You!!

  • wicked1lbc

    upgraded easily. but now my phone in general is a lot slower. some screens wont even pop up. scrolling is also very choppy. Help!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Did you wipe? With a fresh install it should be noticeably faster.

      • wicked1lbc

        I did wipe as per part 4 in the 4rth bullet above

  • froogloid

    worked great for me! Thanks for posting a great how-to!

  • wicked1lbc

    sorry to double post but if it helps, I rooted my phone months ago and installed the new bootloader last night. so I picked up on step 3. This where i got the root instructions from and here is the forum I used to get the new bootloader I rolled through the installation steps and got stuck @ step 6. so then I came here and finished up. any ideas why my phone is acting so slow and choppy?

  • Fidel Gonzalez III

    everything was great if you cant do this you dont need or deserve a g1!!! lmao cupcake is off the FU*&Kin hook!

    i look forward for more updates like running mostly everything off your sd card!

  • Pam

    I used ERK’s link above and redid the entire thing and it worked for anyone having the same issues…

  • xcelguy

    i tried this and the google apps keep crashing wont let me do anything.. , wiped installed again no luck.. it worked for 2 hours.. (it was missing im.apk and myfavs.apk).. ??
    now i am tring dudes release instead of jesusfrekes

    • Douglas

      Followed this guide to a tee and worked perfect for me. Great job all.

  • dave

    works great. thanks for the easy tutorial

  • dustin

    when i the bootloader comes up to update the status bar reaches 100% then its turns red adn says update terminated update fail. now my phone doesnt work at all… what do i do?

    • Dan

      okay..this happened to me..i was being a nube !
      dont worry..just listen..u need to take out ur SD card.. and connect it to an adapter..then to ur computer.. then u open it up..and delete the file name dream…or w.e its called… then.. download the file to your pc.. and rename it “update” without the quotes.. dont put “” because its already a zip file -__- … then try to boot it again..and it should work =)

  • Andrew

    How do I do and ext2 partion on the sd card to be able to apps to sd?

  • rtee

    Mine did the exact same thing. No matter how many times I take the battery out and restart the process, the radio v2 fails, and yeah, I can’t use my phone now either.

  • Eric

    I have trouble downgrading my RC33 to RC29. It keep saying no image found.

    I downloaded the DREAIMG.nbh using PC and transfer it to FAT32 formatted 2GB Kingstons micro sd. Some thread suggest remove nbh but that didn’t work either.

    Any ideas?

    • Eric

      Finally found the reason……somehow I need to use connect the phone to USB to format it to FAT32. Using card reader doesn’t format the SD card in the right format……….even though I do it in the same way……now I can FLASH it finally….:)

  • g1 beginner

    thanks so much for all these great works u did for us,
    it’s the best guaid ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    I got everything to work except that jesusfreke’s website is down and I can’t download the cupcake file to update my phone

    • Bob

      Got it working eventually I searched around and found someone else hosting the file and it works fine now lame that the site is down and download doesn’t work.

  • John

    OK, I went through this but may have screwed up the SPL since all I got was the “Android” after the G1 and it kept showing the ANDROID Graphic over and over and over again… Maybe I screwed up the TELNETD part?

    Wow, I guess I need the sub beginner guide :)

    The fail is strong with this one…

  • skepsis

    Im getting stuck on updating my radio image i renamed it “ and put it in my root folder for my sd card and when i get to the part where i have to update (alt s ) i get this msg ” E:Can’t open /sdcard/ (Bad) ” and it aborts the installation…. Help what did i do???

    it installs it and finds it just when it goes to open it errors out someone please help

    Email : [email protected]

  • John


    Just taking a guess here but…

    Try downloading it again, then renaming it again.

    Make sure you don’t have any other files left in there.

    (I renamed each to and, etc, etc) after I used them…

  • John

    2nd time through everything worked fine for me.

    I went with the default JF Android from the root.apk step 4 and then updated it with JF Updater to the newest one.

    A word to the wise. If you are trying to recover a pseudo bircked phone you actually need to unzip the dreaimg file if you get if from somewhere else. Not just rename the zip.

  • Colin Dean

    It should be noted that you MUST be in a T-Mobile area to sync up initially. If you are roaming on AT&T, the initial sync will not work.

    • Colin Dean

      I appear to be incorrect. Apparently, having EDGE while roaming works, but GPRS while roaming will not.

  • Gunderstorm

    Now that I’ve installed JF Cupcake, I no longer have the Amazon MP3 app on my phone. Was that a T-Mobile app? How do I get that back on? It doesn’t seem to be in the Market.

    • Jesse

      I have been searching everywhere for it as well. I really liked that app and now it is gone. Any solutions to this ?

  • Armoredraven

    I’m about to get a G1 tomorrow to use on AT&T.
    I shouldn’t have a problem using this guide even if I’m not using t-mobile, right?
    Colin Dean’s post just scared me about having to use t-mobile to sync it first…

    • Gunderstorm

      I am using AT&T with my G1. This worked perfectly. Just Keep instructions close on how to set AT&T up as an access point.

      Also, you do know that you won’t get 3G through AT&T, right? EDGE only.

  • kyle

    ok i just got mine to work,,,, but after doing every thing word for word. and useing
    -2 computers
    -a jump drive
    -and micro sd converter
    -and 3 hours of my life.
    -and back tracking 2 times.

    but man it was so worth it.

    i just hope that this update will really help the battery last 20% more. even though its just 20% anything will help ;)

    thank you

  • Travieso

    This block of instructions was and will be very difficult person if you don’t pay close attention to detail and follow the instructions as it says. I read all the reviews and people were complaining that it doesn’t work and blah blah blah..but trust me it does. It’s take a hell of alot of patience and focus because it’s alot going on. Thanks to whoever wrote this, you did your best..

  • Matt

    The walk-through worked like a charm for me. Thank you!

    However, I received several failures due to the nbh and update files being only partially downloaded. I *highly* recommend downloading the nbh and radio and update files via your PC and copying them to your sd card (after formatting of course). This will save you a bunch of time and prevent ‘update fail’ messages.
    I run Linux and thought I would share my recommendation for formatting the sd card for anyone interested.

    $ dmesg | tail -25
    $ mount | grep /dev/sd{x}
    $ sudo umount /media/
    $ sudo mkfs.vfat -F 32 -I /dev/sd{x}

    Where x is your sd card device from dmesg.
    Where ‘device’ is an auto-mounted device.

  • Rose

    Absolutely brilliant! Thanks so much for the clear walkthrough!

  • Zac

    Instructions and installation went perfect very good step by step instructions. Thank you I have Cupcake 1.5 and took me 30min instead on waiting for T-Mobile.

  • Larry

    Excellent guide – followed start to end… not one problem. Great work!

  • Steve

    Yeah… downloading DREAMIMG.nbh from the G1 one failed horribly. Even after 3 times. I’m thinking something is amiss with the file on that site? I wouldn’t even try. Just download from your computer and manually move to the SD.

  • Rev Spaminator

    G1 Rooted not bricked!

    Moved /data/app and /data/delvik-cache to SD Card.

    So far so good!

    I hope T-Mobile doesn’t figure out a way to brick me. :)

    “Save me Jebus!” – Homer Simpson

  • lorraine

    What if you have rc#28 do you skip 1st part ?

  • TheMan42

    Awesome tutorial for newcomers to root, looking forward tot he SD apps and cache tutorial

  • Chedderknight

    Awesome, worked flawlessly, looking forward to the Apps to SD tutorial, I”m trying to figure it out as we speak, but theres no clear place that gives me a step by step on how to do it.

  • Dialer

    OK, guys, I rooted my G1 with cupcake today and feel happy eith this. As I don’t even have T-Mobile operator in my country (I bought my phone on ebay) that descision was not hard for me :)
    Now I can stay with latest Android updates with no dependance of T-Mobile restraints!
    BTW, does anyone know how to get rid of boot logo of T-Mobile. I really don’t like their logo.

  • shaunorman

    awesome walkthrough.

    FYI if anyone had the same problem as me.

    Bought the phone from an australian store, it got sent from HK so it was the T-Mobile US edition. Not happy :(

    I had an issue of the phone continually sending an SMS to the international number 453 and costing me 35c per damn sms. So I followed this guide and got it to version 1.5.. Hopefully without the tmobile MyFavs application which was apparently sending the sms!

    Now to wait 24 hours and see if it worked and I have any credit left :)


    hello :)
    i have not yet rooted my phone, but i am thinking about doing so, but i recently updated to the UK’s version of cupcake, and i wanna know it the down grader will work for it. i really want root access, but i also dont want to take a chance of frying my phone. any help will be nice. thanks :D

  • BnoBlez

    i seem to keep getting stuck at the radio image download into the phone and its killing any suggestions?

  • desktophero

    Great tutorial…

    My advice to all: read through it twice to only have to flash the phone once.

    Tasting my cupcake now…

  • JRudnik

    Hey, I am having troubles with the JFv1.50_ADP1.1, specifically. I can and have updated my android, rooted it, and worked to update it to 4.1_RC33 (or 4.3_RC33). I want to bridge that gap and go into the android developer’s platform (ADP).

    Whenever I install the JFv1.50_ADP1.1, the phone bricks on me. The phone will display the white / silver boot screen with “TMobile G1,” and will stay there however long I desire. I cannot get past that stage and reach even the glowing android (or whatever boot screen comes next on this update). So, any tips on how I can get into the JFv1.50_ADP1.1? Right now I am running JFv1.41_RC33.

    I am trying to update with the JF updater app, but it all is looking the same!

    Somebody please come to my aid man, im freaking out! (email me at JwRudnik[attt]gmail[dottt]com) and fast lol

    • JRudnik

      Wow, just as i click submit, the screen changes.

      Ahh, I can sleep well.

      I am on the blue screen with a flashing android.

      Still email me, I want to hear from you!

      Oh, PROTIP: if all else fails, update simply to JFv4.1 and download the JF Updater.

  • torres

    somebody can helpme? I try and try and try
    on Part 3. Upgrade the Radio Image to support Android 1.5
    the screen phone said
    Android system recovery utility
    E:can’t open/cache/recovery/command

    Installing from sdcard……
    finding update package……
    Opening update package…..
    E: can’t open /sdcard/
    (no such file or directory)
    Installation aborted
    Press Home+Back to reboot
    if somebady can help me I Aprieciate that

  • Grant

    very good walk through…although this is easily the most simple flash opperation I’ve had to run…exploiting the PSP is much harder.

    One thing to remember if you’re getting a stuck blue android logo you need to use Alt + W before applying the JFmodded cupcake build…otherwise you’ll be stuck in a small loop where the build keeps restarting because you haven’t wiped the cache and data areas allowing JF1.5 to create new ones….if you have this loop the image will stick during animation and the screen will flash black for a split second and then the build will restart….loop, rinse and repeat.

    You can start step 3 over again if you run into this error.

    • Armoredraven

      Haha. I downgraded/ cfw’d my psp also, but I never bricked it (maybe a semi-brick when flashing themes, but never a real brick).
      You are right that this is much easier though.

  • Armoredraven

    Wow… For me at least, this guide did not work at all.
    I’m not saying that its bad, the problem for me was that the root app which is used for each step didn’t download files correctly for me.
    I got my g1 rooted and updated to 1.5, but I had to download the downgrade and spl from other links.

    My phone did get bricked when trying to downgrade, so I do not suggest using the root.apk application here. The update files all ended up being corrupted. I just did it entirely through the computer, it is just as simple.

    If you get any of the update terminate errors or something, look for the guide on xda-developers.

  • Ben

    I just wanted to thank Taylor, and everyone else who worked on the bits and pieces that make this work, especially JesusFreke. Thank you ALL.


  • torres

    somebody can helpme? I try and try and try
    on Part 3. Upgrade the Radio Image to support Android 1.5
    the screen phone said
    Android system recovery utility
    E:can’t open/cache/recovery/command

    Installing from sdcard……
    finding update package……
    Opening update package…..
    E: can’t open /sdcard/
    (no such file or directory)
    Installation aborted
    Press Home+Back to reboot
    if somebady can help me I Aprieciate that
    Somebody please come to my aid email me at [email protected]

    • Danny

      I’m having the same problem as torres. I have reformatted my card and started from the end of step 1 twice. Now I get stuck at the end of step 2, because the phone will not co operate using the update at the end of it.

      I’m VERY tedious when it comes to these kind of things, and I am rather frustrated. I’ll be looking for help on different boards, but if anyone has any ideas, email me or hit me up on twitter @dannybwheeler

  • Gibbo

    Great write up. Might be handy to put here for Optus Users in australia the APN details.

    APN Name: Optus Internet
    apn: internet

  • Jake

    Worked like a charm. I like the suggestions for JF OSes, that helped a lot.

    Good job.

    For those that are having problems, I suggest you verify the spelling of all files. Worked for me coming from RC33 to RC29 to rooted to JesusFreke’s 1.5, T-Mobile US.

  • oldirty

    My Update failed during DREAIMG.nbh and I cannot revert.

    Can someone post the URLS that are listed when you run ROOT.apk so I can download the files I need to my desktop and then move them to the SDcard?

    The specific one I need is the URL for DREAIMG.nbh

  • Papo

    It worked fine for me but…..eversince i rooted my phone it force closes alot and sluggish…does anyone know why??

  • Dave L.

    I’m getting the Update Terminated UPDATE FAIL in step 1. Is there any way to get the phone back to normal?

    • Dave L.

      Nevermind, figured it out. The dreaimg.nbh that root.apk downloaded was incomplete.

  • Kris

    I just did the update. Took about an hour and everything worked perfectly. Thanks so much!


    The part where you reboot, then press enter, then enter again, then type telnetd and enter again – I expected a terminal window to open up or something.

    An easier way to explain how to do it would be like this:

    Click on “contacts” and then type in “telnetd” and ignore the contact searching. After you press enter, you won’t see anything happen, but don’t worry, it will happen. Then go back to root.alx and proceed to step 3.

    I only say this because I was stuck on this step thinking I broke it for about 10 minutes.

  • underground53

    All works well except when i go to restart in recovery mode after “protecting root” it just brings me to the bootloader and then will do nothing untill i reset.

    Suggestions? please and thank you….

  • Nemo

    I did everything BUT…my phone is stuck on the android logo…what do i do?? I tried rebooting it a few times…still gets stuck on the logo

  • Randy

    OK, I successfully installed the root app and everything went fine. I booted the phone and everytime I try to login to my Gmail account, it says it can’t login.

    I’m using a Dev 1 phone on AT&T.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    • Randy

      Just an FYI to anyone doing this who is on AT&T’s network, I was unable to login to my Gmail account after step one. I borrowed a friend’s T-Mobile SIM and it logged in perfectly.

      Just a word of warning.

      • Randy

        Last update on this: Turns out if you add and AT&T APN to your phone, it should work (Menu –> Add APN). You can try these settings:

        proxy blank
        port blank
        password:CINGULAR1 must be in caps
        server blank
        mms proxy: blank
        mms port:80
        apn type blank

  • Vanneza

    I am really stressed. I have been successful with all the steps, but when it comes to adding the renamed folder for radio as on my phone and try to install it, its unsuccessful. PLS HELP.

  • Rev. Spaminator

    Note about root access on JF1.50.

    I’ve had this for a little over a week now. So far, great.

    Today I tried to get root access in a terminal and it failed. Tried everything I could think of short of a reload of image.

    At wits end when I finally noticed that I had turned off USB debugging. (I didn’t like the effect when it was plugged into a computer.)

    If you turn USB debugging off, (Settings->Applications->Development), the SuperUser application no longer functions so you cannot get root access though a terminal (and I assume not use anything else that requires SuperUser to run).

    Can anyone else confirm this or am I just an idiot? (If I were placing bets, I would bet myself an idiot.)

    • Kyle L

      No you’re spot on about the USB debugging and SU… I remember reading that somewhere on xda-devs.

  • Darryl

    Is there anyway to install only certain apps? like the video recorder?

  • Jay

    When I tried to update to 1.51 i ran in to some problems and ended up having the do the DREAIMG.nbh in order to get out of the boot loop. I’m wondering if I still have root or if need to redo that? I can’t find the answer answer anywhere, any help is appreciated. Thanks

  • Joe

    Totally off topic here, but does anyone else think the cupcake upgrade lowered the software amp level of the external (speaker phone) speaker? Before I upgraded I could hear anything loudly and clearly from the speaker, now…. not so much.

  • LeonardLime

    Suffering an epic fail on step one. I have the DREAIMG.nbh file on my SD but the bootloader says nothing more than-

    *not allow

    The SD was formatted beforehand and I followed the instructions carefully.

    I’m running on RB43 currently, despite trying to perform the full reset.

    Any advice would be MOST appreciated.

  • amBURGER!

    OMG! I have been doing this for hours…

    SAVE ME! I am getting stuck on updating my phone after the TELNETD step, I cant get the recovery screen to pop up, all i can get is the rainbow screen and pushing ALT+L or S doesnt work…..


  • Beautiful tutorial.
    Came across a couple of dead ends but I managed to dig my way out of them.
    Now… can someone please direct me towards of lists of themes I can use for JFv1.5 ADP 1.5?

    Can I use an ADP1.51 theme on the 1.5 built?

  • David

    If I root my phone and install Cupcake, will that allow me to use it without data plan? Phone worked fine for a few days now I am unable use wifi to get email and use apps that use it either?
    I am a linux guy and would have no problem doing the install, just want to make sure first.
    email me if anyone can help
    [email protected]

    Thank you

  • John

    I rooted my phone thanks to your kick ass guide. I was just curious if i wanted to switch back to RC version, how would i switch back to RC33. Or is it possible. thanks and keep up the good work. Bump

  • martin

    I am in South Africa on the MTN network. Will this work for me?
    I tried checking my build version and there does not seem to be an “RC” number. Under “Build number” is the following:

    1.58.421.1 PLAT-1.0_gms-144337 CL#20538 release keys

    Thanks for any advice!

    • Dirk

      Hey Martin, ek sit met dieselfde probleem, het jy al reg gekom?

  • Dustin

    I was wondering, the 4th and last possible file you can download from the root.apk file, JFv1.42_RC33, what does it do? and how do i install it? i have it downloaded…do i have to rename it “update” and do the installing process of it?

    Thank You!!
    your guide rocks!!!

  • Alexis

    My boyfriend tried to root his g1, but it failed miserably. He got to the blue & gray loading screen after pressing camera and power. Then it told him to press power to begin updating. It began to load normally, but at the end it said that the update failed. Now his phone will only go to this boot screen (which is either in gray or blue, green & red). He can’t get to the actual phone part, not to apps or anything a phone can do (such as make calls or text, nothing). How can he get his phone back to normal, so he can use it?

  • steve

    im using windows vista.. i mount to my g1 thru usb… it reads my sd card and files… i click on format and it tells me to insert disk?? anyone?? any known errors with vista?

    • Michael

      I had this same problem Steve.

      I never really did figure it out. I wound up just wiping and updating (again) to 1.51.

      Not exactly what I wanted, but it’d do.

  • Demize!

    Really awesome tutorial,kudos!! I screwed my phone up bigtime after trying apps to sd.But I used this walk through to recover. Very Concise and jargon free.

  • Mark

    This is by far the easiest walkthrough. I really like that most of the commands were done automatically. Even with my extensive knowledge of computers, linux, and technology in general, I still was nervous about possibly bricking my new phone, but it worked fine. Thanks OP!

  • Kimberley

    I didn’t have any trouble with my Gmail contacts being corrupted or wiped from my Gmail account. I am using Google Apps to host my domains’ e-mail on their servers though, so perhaps that makes a difference. I backed them up before I began, anyway.

  • Joshua

    Thank you! A painless straight up guide to upgrading to Cupcake. Couldn’t have done it without you :)

    Sending good karma your way.


    • Tal

      What the hell is wrong with my G1 i am able to get root but it failes to go into recovery mode just get stuck with the G1 logo no metter how may ways i tried it even this application is the same.

      on the other hand when i install a fresh new RC29 it can get into recovery without any problem.

      what the hell is wrong with my phone why wouldnt it act like a normal one

  • Blimpsrcool

    Hi I am in the u.k. and have already recieved the o.t.a update. I am currently running 1.5 official/cupcake build number CRB43. Can I still get root access? I can’t find any info on this subject. Would appreciate any help on this matter.

  • Ryan

    I tried to install DREAIM.nbh which worked fine, but then after finishing, it said “hit the action button” so I hit the trackball button as instructed. The phone went to the rainbow screen with “serial0″ at the bottom…when I restart the phone and check to see if I have root (by typing su into the terminal emulator), I get “permission denied” telling me I don’t have root…I have formatted my sd card to fat32 several times, and tried downloading the DREAIM file from different sources, and using different methods. I downloaded straight from the phone, and from computer to SD card. I also tried using a program from androidcommunity called root.apk …Each time (of 7 times) it goes to the Serial 0 screen after hitting the trackball. Any ideas? Thanks everyone!

  • dale 9210

    i would like to know how to put my saved phone contacts back on my g1 from my pc. someone locked my phone and i had to reset password cause i forgot my password and lost all contacts in phone but they were saved in the gmail account need to know how to tranfer from pc to phone.

  • Alkoholik

    I already have RC33 with root access on my G1 from JF. Do I need to follow all those steps again or can I just update to JF1.5 firmware?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • Mondragon

    At first I down loaded the DREAIMG for the link both by phone then to my computer neither work. So I went the HTC support site, and loaded it to my card all went well. I got through the root but now…. Not sure what may have happened but, but when ever I try to load any file, it just goes to the t-mobile G! Screen pauses and then just re boots so I am not getting to load the updated radio or the custom build 1.5 cupcake.

    What have I done wrong and how can I fix it so I can get back to cupcake. I was rooting from the t-mobile cupcake if that at all matters

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • Blimpsrcool

    Forget it! no-one will answer you here

  • DirectMatrix

    @ Blimpsrcool: Yes you can still get root access and there is plenty of information available on how to do it. Try over at xda because this is a fairly simplified version of how to get root access….. Also the very first paragraph under the first heading says “This guide is intended for US phones. If you are in a country other than the United States, please visit the xda-developers forums for more information on rooting your Android device.” that is prolly why you aren’t getting help here.

  • Jason

    I followed this, thanks it worked great. Now I’m just testing different builds. My problem is I can’t find the one that support exchange. I thought I read that they have a magic build for the g1? I tried downloading these:

    From this site:


    I could get all of them working except the 6.0r1 file but none of them had exchange as an option under mail. Am I just missing something?

  • eran

    is this guide good also for my TMobile G1 (not ADP) ?
    I have RC33 with root access and I don’t want to lose the root…


  • Blimpsrcool

    Hi guys, I apologise for moaning in here but I was just getting frustrated over the whole rooting and stuff.
    All the time I was just randomly scouring the net for info on the process but didn’t know who to put my trust into.
    I would just recommend that people read it and the other users comments as it helped me through the whole process.

    I was running official 1.5 cupcake UK CRB43.
    I am now running JF1.51.
    Very very happy indeed.
    Thanks all!

    • GeckoDev

      Can u tell me that which guide did u follow to root it and use JF 1.51. As im also stuck at CRB43 as there is no clear guide that tells about it.Thanks

  • Erin

    PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am stuck on the first step, because whenever I try to format the sd card from fat to fat32 windows always says: “Windows was unable to complete format,” so I have to dismount my phone and format the sd card through my phone, because my phone says that I have a BLANK SD CARD OR I AM USING AN UNSUPPORTED FILE SYSTEM…? Why is it doing that? This is the only thing I am having trouble with PLEASE RESPOND, PLEASE. I have been trying to format my sd card for the last two and a half hours.

    Thanks In Advance =)

  • jose A.

    whats the different on rooted or non rooted phone ????

  • Daniel

    I was wondering if this will work for the mytouch 3g? If it does I am definitely grabbing it. This tutorial was awesome. Thanks for your help.

    • Julio

      It will not work for the myTouch because a few of the steps require you to use the actual keyboard and the myTouch has no keyboard. I’m sure over at xda they will have instructions on how to do it on the myTouch.

  • jose A.

    can any1 help please im stuck in part 3 it wont update to baseband version is still after i do everything it tells me to do please help any1

  • sang

    you’re suppose to press home+back in order to update the baseband, rather than pressing Talk+menu+end

  • jose A.

    HEY PPL i got a question ok if i wanna unrooot my phone i already have jf updater if i downgrade to RC33 n i rebbot the phone and wait for the update will that work or not???????????????????

  • K.D.P.Ross

    Brilliant, clear tutorial … Worked like a charm :~}


    thanks for everything. did the update i am on 1.51 but my radio baseband keeps saying “″

    am I doing something wrong. What did I miss?
    Thanks again

  • brian

    I have a developer phone. But I am NOT a developer. Anyone have a tutorial that is as easy to follow as this one? Really want to upgrade to 1.5 I have seen some steps online, but do not understand them…could use a SIMPLE step by step. Thanks in advance if anyone does know of anything or can help me. Brian

  • kayvon

    somebody can helpme? I try and try and try
    on Part 3. Upgrade the Radio Image to support Android 1.5
    the screen phone said
    Android system recovery utility
    E:can’t open/cache/recovery/command
    Installing from sdcard……
    finding update package……
    Opening update package…..
    E: can’t open /sdcard/
    (no such file or directory)
    Installation aborted
    Press Home+Back to reboot
    if somebady can help me I Aprieciate that

  • chulerico


    make sure you name the radio file to UPDATE.ZIP
    make sure you see hidden extensions as you might be looking at UPDATE.ZIP, but in reality is UPDATE.ZIP.ZIP, since windows I’m assuming you are using, hides extensions from the user in xp tools->folder options->view-> uncheck both “hide extension…)

    it looks like thats your problem


  • cdick

    NOPE. didnt work, just like the other 2 ways that ive tried to root this shitbox of a phone. andriod system cannot open recovery utility E: can’t open /cache/recoverycommand . corrupt files spl-hard1.bin.

  • CaseyG

    OK……..followed instructions completely and even read guide a few times before trying. Now I am no expert but to save anyone that’s going to use the very AWESOME, but outdated ROOT.APK app…… BEWARE……either the file itself or the DL links are corrupted or down. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  • CaseyG

    Oh and P.S. The problem has nothing to do with the error people are receiving when they name the file ???? That is a completely unrelated and easily corrected issue.

  • CaseyG

    Sorry…don’t mean to spam but i did forget to mention the problem with the root.apk app occurred when i reached step 3. Phone rebooted and then gave me the error that the update file was not found and failed.

  • metis

    through reboot on end of step one, everything was shiny, but it’s not connecting to google to log in my account… suggestions?

    • metis

      hmmmm… seems fine now. continuing….



    Cant seem to start recovery mode…im stuck on step 3…

    Everytime i hold “HOME” and “POWER” it starts up normally but then instead of going to the “triangle !”…it just reboots again…if I keep holding on home it just keeps rebooting…
    The phone operates normally though with RC29

    Any idea???

  • Henry

    I fogot to say that I went from cupcake offical to downgrad to RC29 as instructed.

  • laurel

    when I try to format the card it unmounts the phone. >:(
    I’m already running 1.5/cupcake. Is this going to be a problem?

  • LuckyJon

    Firstly guys, just want to say a big thank-you. You guys are the masters!

    Like a lot of people I’ve been thinking about rooting for weeks now and I’ve decided to take the plunge.

    Just a quick question, being in the UK, is the only difference with this guide that I would have to downgrade to rc8? Instead of rc29?

    I know this guide is designed for US users, but it’s clearly the most concise online that I’ve found.

  • Amr

    plz i have problem in root my g1
    firmware 1.5
    build number crb43
    when i root dreaimg.nbh says
    loding and 0020080
    not allowe

    plz helpe me

  • Roy Timmermans

    same problem with me.
    Dutch G1 T-Mobile CRB43
    white red blue green screen,
    it goed gray with loading…
    than not allowed 0028002

    i used my 2GB SD that was with the phone instead of the 8gb i bought.
    formated in XP using the cmd format method /4096

    Please help

  • Amr

    so what we can do plz i need help plz

    • Scammah

      So what is the difference in the system mod versions on JF updater? I’m looking at ADP 1, T-Mobile G1 (US), T-Mobile (UK), All Updates.
      Should I steer clear of anything but ADP 1? I would guess that the T-mobile ones are the official ones and would remove root. Am I right?

  • Alex

    my update keeps failing… does this mean its bricked??? plz help

  • kiz

    can someone please help me.

    everything worked out great but when i got up to the final step of rooting the phone

    “Hold down the Home key and power the phone back on.
    When you see the triangle with the ! inside it, then press Alt+L to display the bootloader options”

    nothing happens. The G1 symbol just keep showing up on the screen. I’ve been doing this step for a couple of days now each time protecting my root, however i still can’t get through..

    so if someone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

  • George

    So by rooting your phone does it become a Android Dev Phone 1 or might that happen by accident?

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    any updates coming ?

  • John

    Somebody plz help……
    I did everything and didnt end up with the terminal system program.
    was that beacause i deleted the first from step 3 to add the second for step 4? please help

  • John

    Hi all…Been looking for this kind of info, and am almost to the point of trying it on my G1. One questions though…
    My phone is unlocked for me to use with AT&T. Will rooting it disable it being unlocked? And will I have to reprogram all of the WAP settings, etc??

    • JareBear

      No, it will delete your APN’s however.

  • Fareed

    This is regarding APN settings. The Sim I use on this phone is of a provider called Mobilink (an orascom telecom company) They provide manual settings for this phone in Pakistan They provide me below details only and say that these are enough
    1) APN =’
    2) username = mobilink
    3) password = mobilink
    I fill the above field and rest are automatically filled (some are unfilled too) then I putt off and putt on my phone. open browser and open a site but it doesn’t work It just keeps trying for ages but does not give me an error msg
    Even mobilink customer support people fail to understand why it doesn’t work
    Please help me. I’ll me very very very grateful.

  • eric

    Dear guy,
    Any updates coming ?

  • Reza Babaei

    great guide, did it successfully. it was really easy to follow… thank you…

  • Matt


    I successfully rooted my 1.5 stock cupcake phone, so this guide works except for a confusing step in here that is broken, it will cause you to rip out the hairs from your head if you don’t follow my advice below.

    In Part 1 of this guide, it tells you to open the root.apk program you downloaded on your phone and to perform step 1 in that program. DO NOT DO STEP 1 IN THAT PROGRAM (it downloads a corrupted DREAIMG.nbh file).

    Instead, get DREAIMG.nbh manually from somewhere else (I got a working one from here: ). Unzip this file, get the DREAIMG.nbh and put it in your SDCARD’s main directory.

    If you do not do this workaround, you will be downloading a corrupted version from the root.apk program and when you try to apply the update, your phone will say UPDATE TERMINATE UPDATE FAIL.

    If you did what I said, I might have saved your butt. That’s it, continue the guide.

    IF YOU DID NOT READ MY POST AND GOT UPDATE TERMINATE UPDATE FAIL and want to fix it (and now just found my post), you need to manually download the to your computer which I have linked to above.

    You will need to manually remove your battery and your SDCARD, take the card and plug it into a card reader to get access to your computer (your phone will be semi-bricked so you can’t do it through your phone).

    Unzip the download and paste the DREAIMG.nbh file into your SDCARD’S main directory, replacing the bad file (overwrite it).

    Then take your SDCARD and put it back in, also put the battery back in. Power your phone on and continue the steps in this guide to apply the update. Everything else should work fine, even continuing use of the root.apk program for steps 2 and 3.

  • robert

    Having problems with upload can someone please help?

  • Brad

    Can someone please help me? I got to step 3 doing the whole radio image thing. I name it on my sd card and when i turn phone off and then try to apply update it says it couldn’t find it or bad or something along those lines. Maybe I’m doing it wrong could someone please try to help me and ellaborate on how to do it somehow or something. Am I supposed to delete all the other files on the sd card like the dreaimg and other files so the is the only file on there or what? Thanks in advance.

  • Brad

    also i had the latest OTA update i think called crc1? Will this process not work? Please help. thanks

  • Mediator

    Brad it worked perfect for me…. I rooted my phone months ago using another method and man was this so easy in comparison.

    You do not need to delet any other files on the card only replace the and flash it. I think you may be trying to use the wrong file to do this…… go back to step 3 after maing sure you have completed steps 1-2 but use the download link he supplied for you…….

    I bet you just missed something in the steps because it worked the first time for me.

  • Brad

    I tried the link he provided also and its saying bad file. Im not sure what to do now. I’m at RC29 now but i cant even get back to the regular t-mobile ROM which i would be fine with right now because it doesn’t seem like im going to be able to root it and im worried about bricking my phone. Does it have anything to do with me having the crc1 update? Please help somebody.

  • Brad

    ya just tried it again and it says…
    Opening update package….
    E: Can’t open /sdcard/ (bad)
    installation aborted
    Press home+Back to reboot.

  • Brad

    tried it again this time and it says no such file or directory. Im stuck, have no clue what to do next.

  • robert

    I finally got it to root I’m loving it already. Just say I was the ultmate newbie but I final got it. Yeah!!!!!

  • brad

    how did you get yours to work robert? i was stuck on like the last step… I’m the ultimate noob now lol because you got yours rooted and i dont. when i did it earlier i was having trouble with updating the radio image. It would say bad or missing or something every time. I made it up to step 3 completely fine. Im back to rc 29 but cant get past that. Someone please help me to get rooted completely or just get back to cupcake. Will I still get an OTA update for cupcake soon? Thanks everyone

  • robert

    When you get to step three I believe it tells you to delete or overwrite the previous Don’t do either just move your file to your download file and then go and try again and you should be able to upload the radio image don’t for get to name it if you have any problems just email me at [email protected]. I will be more then glad to help you out if you haven’t gotten it figured out by then.

  • rell87

    I went through the steps that were there but at end of step of step 2 when it ask to turn of the phone then turn on again holding home and pressing the red phone key. The phone gets stuck on the begginigng symbol which is G1 and it does not change. any ideas on how i should move forward

  • Mediator

    rell87 – I bet you prbably just missed something in there because the steps work…… try reflashing to RC29 in Step one again then try it.

  • FLACvest

    THANK YOU… you made a PAINFUL PROCESS (was following other so-called “beginner’s guides” before yours and yours worked like a charm!

    HEADACHE SOLVED! And now I have the CyanogenMod 3.9.7 with FLAC support! w00 h00!

    Can’t wait to test it out!

  • tywizer

    i was doing great untill i tryed Upgrade the Radio Image,i changed it to then i put it into the root of the sdcard….so when i turned it of then i hold the home and power button…at the recovery screen i pressed alt-l then alt-s….but it said cant open /sdcar/ then it said (no such file or directory) instalation aborted

  • tywizer

    when i downloaded the radio image into computer then renamed it…i put it into root of sdcard so when i tryed to update then it said

    installing from sdcard………
    finding update package….
    opening update package…
    E:cant open/sdcard/
    (no such file or directory )
    intallation aborted

    what should i do????

  • qute

    i have followed all the directions. i can not get the radio upgrade or the jf1.5 to load to my phone. my sd card has the rcovery img,root,nbh,spl.. my radio version is, firmware version 1.0 running on rc29, kernel version 2.6.25-01843-gfea26b0.. i got everythign to work up until the radio update. the bootloader is functional and telnet is installed .. after that its all bad im trying to install an android sdk. on my computer to see if it will unlock the radio and jf files. can u please help me …..

  • Mysta

    Thank you! I used this article and the xda forums root thread to get me going. I’m now running cyanogen’s v3.6.8.1 ROM. I couldn’t be happier. It’s made my phone more responsive, and usable again! I should’ve done this a while ago!

  • denise

    Thank you to Matt,

    Really annoying that the directions have not been updated to avoid downloading a corrupt file. I wish your post was at the top of the list. Now I have to find a f***ing micro SD card reader.

  • denise

    All done! I got a 4G micro card and adapter for $15 and am good to go.

  • Lambo San

    Part 4, I tried to Update the “” file but when I did it,
    It shows :E: can’t open /sdcard/ such file or directory)
    Installation Abored.

  • Cedric

    Hey Guys, thanx for posting this tutorial! Matt thanx for the flashing Android fix also!

    I was wondering if someone could help me with installing the JF cupcake update. I downloaded the update and it automatically went to the boot mode to install it, but I didnt really no what to do from there, so i just re-started and left it alone.

  • Johns

    hey… my first doubt is dat… my build number is crc1 not rc 30 or 29…

    is it any different?

  • Jeff

    My question is the same as Johns. My build number is CRC1, not RC30 or above.

    What’s the difference?

  • bvkrock

    dude u rock, i had bricked my phone while installing app2sd and got back into life with your guide. very nice guide………… expecting more from you on app2sd on jesusfreke rom……….thanks to jf for a great rom

  • MrAndroid

    There’s a great Tutorial site… Shows you how to root, install linux, upgrade radio, recovery SPL and more… enjoy!

  • djsolok

    after protecting my root i turned off my phone so i can do the master reset (home + end) but all it does is restart after every “G1″ screen. What’s going on?? someone help!!

  • Tyler

    I’m not going to say it was totally easy, but I got it done! I made many mistakes, had to reboot the phone MANY times, had to rename the file a few times to get it correct….even had to learn how to use the power archiver zip program on my computer. I am the definition of NEWB…but your guide got me through it and it works! Thanks very much for the tutorial.

  • Manox

    Hi I have done everything here I haven’t got any error but now when I’m starting my phone system doesn’t boot android is written over the screen and nothing is happening any suggestions ?

  • Elpana

    Please help. I have not been able to upgrade the Radio Image. I have tried from all the links provided and I cannot download them. I get the following messsage:
    “annot download. The content beingdownloaded is not supported on the phone”

    Did I do something wrong? How can I fix it?

    Thank you,

  • george

    does it work for sprint htc hero?

  • anthony

    i got to the part 3 where you add the radio to phone when i push alt s to add it says cant open /sdcard/ (no such file or directory) Installation aborted.
    what did i do wrong somebody HELP!!!

  • http://Website oskar

    on step #3 don’t you have to wipe data? any body please reply

  • http://thisbrickedmyg1 joe

    your file is corrupted it bricked my g1 i followed instructions exactly and im stuck at dreaIMG.nbh failing to update. first time it only failed at radio_v2 second time it completly failed now ive tried 20 times + it fails everytime. im reading now i have to go out and buy a sd card read/write checker and retry. you should of posted this problem first hand so i would of been prepared.

  • http://Website Ramiz

    Dear All,

    Sombody from india …who have knowledge about g1 phone….please contact me ….help me,,,


  • deathsector

    ppl i need help , i used the root.apk to hack my g1 and on step 3 it ask you to protect root i did every step downgraded to rc29 it went good the step 2 i activate the telnet daemon and eveything went good but in step 3 when it ask you to protect root after that option i reboot my phone and when im pressing home+power to enter into recovery mode i always got stuck at the rainbow screen i need help with that

  • http://Website Romeo


    i downloaded ‘root’ then downloaded DREAIMG.nbh set it on my phone but then when i pressed power … first came

    - ….. (cant read immage nbh)

    No image or wrong image

    - …..



    then i press trackball to start the update …. it started… after a while it stopeed …

    ‘Main version is older!’
    ‘Update fail!’
    ‘Do you want to reboot your device?’

    Please help i would like to root my phone (G1/dream)

  • http://Website michael Dubovsky

    i tried step 3 10 times and made sure each time that the steps were right and it did not work. this has happened with every other guide on how to root

    • http://Website michael Dubovsky

      sorry about that i realized that i had to name the file update. and not now everything works. THANKS A BUNCH

  • http://Website khairi goode

    my build number is DMD not RC

  • http://Website xeon77

    i boght a ROOTTED g 1 , went into the root menu an d tryed to fix y phon it kept force closing , then i reebooted now it is stuck on the g1 t moble page help

  • http://Website demetrius gamble

    what do i do when it fails to update

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