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Google I/O Winners, RSS Widgets, And Mobile Site Preview

I want to thank all the loyal readers who keep coming back  and the new comments we get each day.  If my schedule permitted it, I would be bringing you a lot more updates and content.  We still have big plans for the site, but until I get free from work the posting will continue to be sporadic.  If you be patient, things will really begin to pick up towards the end of June…

Google I/O Winners

Over the weekend, we made a post to give away five free passes to Google I/O.  Since the conference is in a few weeks, I wanted to do an easy contest and pick the winners quickly so they could make travel arrangements.  The response was overwhelming and I feel bad we don’t have enough passes to go around.

On the other hand, it does feel good to reward five readers and give them such an excellent opportunity to attend this event.  There is no real order to the picks here.  I tried to go with the first five people who said they were interested and confirmed they could actually attend the event.

The five winners are:

  1. Dylan Anderson
  2. Karthikeyan Subramaniam
  3. Justin Shapcott
  4. Yoav Raccah
  5. Jenifer Hanen

Thank you to everyone else who left a comment.  If any of these people back out or can’t make it, I have a list of alternates who are interested.  If your name was not on the list, you can still follow @googleio on Twitter to see if they link to any more free passes.  We look forward to meeting all you guys at the show.

Mobile Site Preview

Default install of WPTouch.  Needs some work.

Default install of WPTouch. Needs some work.

For several months I have been promising a mobile version of the site.  The full site loads in the Android browser, but it is way too slow over 2G/3G.  My brother was planning to provide a custom mobile site, but time has been a factor.  In order to have something working in time for Google I/O, we decided to just load the WPTouch plugin that some of the other Android sites have been using.  The plugin is actually quite powerful and we will be tweaking it over the coming weeks.

Point your mobile browser to and the plugin will automatically detect your browser agent and serve you the mobile site.  If you would like to toggle between the full and mobile site, there is an option in the footer of the site.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  We are open to all suggestions and criticism.

RSS Widget

Version 1.0 of the RSS widget.

Version 1.0 of the RSS widget.

I had been asking around for someone to create us a widget that would include our RSS feed.  Several developers had expressed interest in helping us out and we may end up releasing multiple widgets for the site.  The first person to provide a working widget was one of our readers Justin.

The widget Justin created is 4×1 cells and expands to the full screen when clicked.  If you see an entry you would like to read more about, another click will launch the new mobile version of the site.  Currently, there are no customization options for the widget.  If you guys have any ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear them.  Again, I am trying to see if Mr. Clark has enough time to design a fancy skin for it.

If you are interested in obtaining a RSS widget for you site, you can contact Justin at (at)

Android and Me RSS Widget for Android
Version: 1.0
Developed By: Justin Shapcott
Price: FREE
Filesize: 44KB
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  • maximosis

    You are very welcome, you guys offer a very unique news experience where the reader’s and editors meet and share some great ideas. Androidandme also finds time to answer even the smallest of questions on twitter.I can assure you growth is on its way as more people discover how much you guys rule.

  • Dylan Andersen

    You’re very welcome! Thanks for this insanely awesome opportunity! And the mobile version of the site is AWESOME!

  • phill

    I wanted to say something about the new site! Since I can rarely use my laptop, I often visit from my g1, and it looks awesome and loads great!

    Congrats to the winners of the io tickets. I would love to go, but sadly I can’t make it to the area at all, so I didn’t bother entering. Have fun!

    Ill download the widgets once they’re out, thanks to their devs!

  • nick

    Mobile version looks great. Wish more sites would take advantage of this.

  • Justin Robinson

    Just downloaded! 5stars. . .

  • Justin Robinson

    Off topic but if someone can email me and let me know how to get a pic on here?

  • Justin Robinson

    email: [email protected] (lol this would help)

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