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T-Mobile, JesusFreke, Haykuro, or TheDudes? Android Build Information Chart and Poll

Every time we get a new official Android release, the number of custom builds grows.  With all the different builds out there, it can be hard to keep up with the changes in each one.  Many people have been asking me which is the best release.  Normally I tell them to try out several builds and see which they like.  I still believe that is the best method to finding a build you are happy with.

If only we had a cheat sheet to show us all the differences…

Thankfully, user SimonNWalker from XDA has posted an extensive list that includes all the current builds available for flashing.  Remember when changing builds, you need to perform a wipe is most cases. Read the instructions for each individual build.  Backup your data and always have access to a card reader.  Browse it over to get a good idea of what build you might like to try next.

Update: Site has moved to

While we are on the subject of Android builds, several readers requested this poll and I thought it was a good time with the recent updates.  Tell us which build you are running and why.  Do you like the extra features included in Haykuros releases or do you prefer a plain vanilla ADP build?

Poll link for RSS readers.

What are the differences in each build of Android?

What are the differences in each build of Android?

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  • OrganizedFellow

    I’ve tried all 3: JF, TheDude and Kaykuro, all within 3 weeks of owning my G1.
    I started with your guide, ‘Beginners Guide For Rooting Your Android G1 To Install Cupcake’, and later ventured through the seemingly endless information at the XDA developers forum.
    I bricked my phone a couple times, but was always able to revert back to some workable form.

    I’m thrilled over the possibilities this phone offers consumers.
    I’m glad users like Jesus, TheDude and Haykuro are around to make it easier for us all to experiment with our phones.

  • halla

    I have the jf 1.51 version cause its much more stable with by far less forceclosing. He also has a jf app in the android market to easily upgrade when ever he comes out with a new update. That’s how I updated from his 1.5 version to the new 1.51 us dev. Version. Halla

  • Michael

    I too started with the guide posted here on AAM, and am still using JesusFreke 1.51.

    I just updated this morning, and I didn’t necessarily see an option to choose between a US or ADP update, but I’m guessing that since the initial guide had us download the ADP version of 1.5, then I’ll only get ADP updates. Is that correct?

    Also, assuming I do want to backup and wipe, what’s the currently recommended back up app? I just tried using one called “Backup for Root Users” (free), and it seemed to work pretty well. Any others?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      From JF Updater main screen

      1. press menu
      2. configuration
      3. System Mod Version

      If you are going from 1.5 ADP to 1.51 ADP then no need to wipe.

      Wipe is only when jumping from ADP to US build. Or jumping from JF to haykuro or other.

  • Nick

    Great cheat sheet! One thing to note is that JF and Haykuro are working on two different things. JF works on a more systematic stable builds (all based on G1), while Haykuro works on foreign builds (Magic/Sapphire, hopefully Hero soon, etc). They do this so they don’t really step on each others toes. JF is great if you don’t want to mess with your phone as much, easy to update, usually stable, while Haykuro is great is you want to try new things and get new features, though it’s more risky (see the whole new SPL fiasco). TheDude’s builds are more custom versions using pieces of JF’s and Haykuro’s. Personally, I’m using Haykuro’s builds with certain things from TheDude’s (such as the Launcher to get 5 home screens) and JF’s for stability.

    • Michael

      Hmmm, that’s valuable information Nick.

      I’m curious, how exactly are you using various things from each build? I suppose I was under the impression that when you installed a version (say, JF’s), the only way to go to another was to wipe and flash.

      • Nick

        If you unzip the update file you can see various .apk’s inside, which you can push to your phone via adb. For instance, the Launcher on Haykuro’s 6.0r1 build is buggy, so taking the Launcher.apk from TheDude’s build and pushing it to the phone will get something more stable, as well as 5 home screens. Here’s a xda thread which goes over some different things you can do: And you can take the same idea and apply it to other apps.

        • Michael

          Ahhh, that makes sense. Thanks Nick!

          The thread you linked to looks like another good one to peruse.

  • cece

    I am in france with SFR Magic phone.

    It was just updated OTA by SFR, 1 hour ago.
    was android 1.5, kernel 2.6.27-00392… build CRB17

    and now :
    kernel 2.6.27-00393-g6607056 [email protected] #1
    build CRB43

  • aranea

    After rooting the phone for the first time I used Haykuro’s build then I switched to JF’s cupcake build. I loved the extras on Haykuro’s builds (the keyboard is nicer, there is build in pdf reader) but so far JF’s is more stable. I’ll install another one of Haykuro’s when I feel more adventurous (Hero, a leaked Donut).