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We recently began publishing weekly Top 10 Paid Android Games lists in order to highlight the quality titles you can purchase from the Market.  I hope to eventually review each and every game, but I have asked our readers to help out by submitting their own reviews.  If you would like to contribute a review for any games on the Top 10, we will gladly accept it.

Buka Review by Alejandro Sanchez

My girlfriend found Buka on my Android some while ago and she can’t let go of it even now. That’s how cute it is. Buka is a blue sphere helplessly floating in the space, searching for her happy place. Every blasted asteroid on screen desperately tries to collide with her. Your job is to protect her and see to it she safely makes it to her happy destination.

When you touch the screen, there appears a bright spark that you can smoothly move over the screen. The longer you keep your finger on it, the bigger explosion it delivers upon release. But it’s not the only action you can take.  You can also tap the screen to create a sonar blast which pushes things around. This is especially useful to change trajectory of fast enemies to avoid collision with them.

Use shockwaves to deflect enemies like Mr. Sleepy.

Use shockwaves to deflect enemies like Mr. Sleepy.

There are many different kinds of enemies. I especially enjoyed the sleeping moons, who wake up and attack if an explosion happens too close to them. The majority of enemies burst into fragments, so taking down too many asteroids at once can render the screen inhabitable. Different projectiles are the green pieces which come packing some health and a score bonus. These you need to push closer and collect, which may sound easy. But when you have to decide between three asteroids to blast, one moon to push away, green piece to collect and a sun to avoid, you are in deep space trouble.

Collect the green pieces to regain your health.

Collect the green pieces to regain your health.

The game seems very easy at the beginning, but it gets harder and harder with every level. Higher levels may seem undoable at first glance. You are attacked by masses of asteroids and you have to eel among huge indestructible suns, but there is always a way to beat it. It’s about precision firing and avoiding enemies at the same time. This game requires a strategy however – in some situations it’s best to move Buka around and risk collecting pieces, another time the best approach may be to obliterate anything that moves in a single tapping frenzy.

Thumbs up for Buka! It is so adorable you want to try every level over and over again, just to see that little fella happy. The graphics are great, the game is well designed and I never experienced any issue. It just works perfectly. Last but not least, I liked the sounds and music a lot.  Although I usually turn down the volume the second I start the game, here I enjoy Buka’s voice and exceptional atmospheric tunes.

A second opinion by Taylor Wimberly

Buka is the best designed Android game available on the Market.  Hexage has done a great job of combining touch and tilt controls.  I experienced some issues with the tilt controls in Android 1.5, but after reporting this to the developer they quickly released an update.

With the new patch, Buka has quickly become one of my favorite mobile games.  Each level is short enough that you can play on the go for a few minutes and then save your progress.  There is a high difficulty level but with repeated play you will learn advanced strategies making play easier.  I died a lot during my first time with the game and now I’m almost half way through the game without losing a life.

I wipe my phone a lot, so I have yet to finish the game.  Once I play through the final level and beat the game, I will post a more in depth review.  If you are looking for a great Android game, please take a look at Buka.  A demo version is available, but I suggest purchasing the full version to show the developer we will support great games.

For more information on Hexage, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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Buka for Android
Version: 1.0.6
Developed By: Hexage
Price: £1.50 ($2.38)
Filesize: 2.57MB