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Organize The Phone That Organizes Your Life

It is no secret that I often struggle to remain organized.  When I first purchased my T-Mobile G1, the thing that excited me the most was the thought of finally getting coordinated.  I had attempted to use Google Calendar before, but I was never disciplined enough to keep everything updated.  It has been a slow journey, but with the help of Google and my G1 I have begun to make progress.

One way to keep focussed and organized online is to make sure you are organized at home.  My work desk had been one of my worst areas for a long time.  I have a lot of gadgets and there were power adapters poking out all over the place.  As I began to clean up my desk I decided it was time to find something to hold my phones.  After several minutes of browsing Amazon I came across a medium priced charging valet.

I hate that HTC WinMo phone in the middle.

I hate that HTC WinMo phone in the middle.

Wow, if you survived those first two brutal paragraphs I’ll just jump right to the video.

As you can see, this charging valet is quite sturdy.  I didn’t quite know what to expect for $26.25, but I can say after several weeks of use that I am satisfied.  The surge protector was a nice surprise because I didn’t even read that it came with one.  After doing some comparison shopping at Walmart, I think the price is excellent.  Normally for something this size, I would expect to pay $40-50 and that is why I love Amazon.

If you have multiple phones in your house, then some form of charging valet is a nice addition.  You can browse around Amazon for awhile looking at different choices, but I would recommend the Mark Feldstein VL8 Charging Valet for its low price point and solid contruction.  Another added bonus is this item qualifies for Amazon Prime free shipping.  I’ve been a Prime member for several years and would suggest it to anyone who shops online.

Get your feng shui on and buy the Mark Feldstein VL8 Charging Valet for $26.25.

A closer look under the hood.  Pencil not included with purchase.

A closer look under the hood. Pencil not included with purchase.

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  • Gabriel

    Hey! The G1 actually does not look horrid in that organizer!

  • Tony

    If that thing had a built in usb hub then i would consider it. But its way to big.

  • Vito

    I just ordered this to hold my pencils. excellent review! Thanks guys!