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Picacross Pro Review

It’s a shame Picross (also known by many other names including Nonograms) never caught on as well as it’s cousin, Sudoku. As a cross between Sudoku and Minesweeper you can imagine how addictive and fun it can be. Now, thanks to Red Pixel Games we all have the opportunity to try our hands at this fun and rewarding puzzle game, Picacross Pro.

The basics of the game are simple. A picture is hidden in a grid that the player must fill in using the numbers on the top and left of the grid. The numbers relate to the boxes that must be filled in. For example if the numbers say “5 3” then you know that row or column has a stretch of five boxes filled in and a stretch of three. You must use logic to figure out where in the row or column they go. In the end you have created a paint-by-number like image. It’s easier to just try it out then it is to describe it and thankfully there is a free version (Picacross Express) to try first.

When you do finally purchase Picacross Pro you will have access to many additional features including leaderboards, ability to download new puzzles from different catagories as well as contests, to just name a few. More fun than solving the puzzles is creating your own. Picacross Pro has a simple to use editor. You can then upload your puzzle for others to solve.

The downside to Picacross on your Android phone is just that: your phone. The small screen just doesn’t allow a large grid (and thus a detailed image) to be used. Some might consider this a good thing. I remember slaving over full page Picross in Games Magazine for hours. The smaller format makes for a quicker (and less stressful) game.

All in all, Picacross Pro is a solid logic/puzzle game. On a platform flooded with Sudoku games, it’s nice to see a new type to this category.  Check out the free version or upgrade to Pro to get all the features including:

  • Your progress is saved automatically
  • Browse for puzzles in any category
  • Customize with skins
  • Particle effects and animations
  • Compete for prizes in weekly contests
  • View leaderboards and rise in ranking
  • Fully supported with new updates
  • Thousands of puzzles to play and rate
  • Thousands of users already playing

Also be sure to visit the Picacross website for more stats and a leaderboard.

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Picacross Pro for Android
Version: 2.3.4
Developed By: Red Pixel Games
Price: $2.99
Filesize: 1.29MB