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Android users: Take the Astrid challenge and win a free myTouch 3G

We all know time is a valuable thing we do not want to waste.  Keeping a task list can help you prioritize the way you spend your time, but it can be difficult to maintain.  The evolution of Android and other smartphone platforms has changed the way we organize data.  Now that we have live access to all our data on the go, it is easier to be informed and make smarter decisions.

Astrid is an Android application that helps you get things done.  By creating a series of small tasks, you can work toward accomplishing a larger goal.  Astrid helps along the way by prioritizing your tasks, providing persuasive reminders, and synchronizing with your online accounts.  Currently, Astrid supports Remember The Milk and Google Calendar.  The latest update also ads location based support with Locale.

Look at what current Astrid users are saying:

  • Wonderful! Works great with RTM. Easy to use and incredibly useful. A tip of my hat to the developers! – Danny 6-2-2009
  • Seriously It’s so great. Does just what it says perfectly. – Victoria 5-31-2009
  • Love it… makes me feel so productive! – Rachel 5-29-2009
  • Luv this app. The pop up comments are hilarious and helpful.  Syncs up with RTM well. tons of useful features. – hulkingcow 5-24-2009
  • Its just fantastic. reminds you of everything you need to do all the time. – Clement 5-21-2009

For more information on Astrid, check out their new site: weloveastrid.com

By participating in this challenge, we hope you discover an awesome application and help to improve it.  We want you to install the application and give us your thoughts on it.  At the end of the challenge, we will post a survey and ask about your experience with Astrid.  Since your time is valuable, we will be rewarding the grand prize winner with a free T-Mobile myTouch 3G.

Contest details

To participate in the challenge, simply use Astrid then fill out an online survey.  Based on the nature of the application, we will allow a full two weeks to get familiar with Astrid before we ask for your thoughts.  At the end of the challenge, we will publish an online survey and allow a few days for everyone to complete it.

  • Contest is open to current T-Mobile USA customers
  • June 29th, 2009 – Astrid survey contest begins
  • July 13th, 2009 – Survey is published
  • July 20th, 2009 – Grand Prize winner announced


  • Grand prize:  T-Mobile myTouch 3G ($199 value)
  • Runners up:  4 prizes ($25 value)

How to install Astrid

There are several ways to install Astrid on your Android device.  The easiest method is to search the Market for Astrid, but we included all the options below:

  • Open Android Market and search for Astrid.
  • Here is the direct market link: Download to phone
  • Use and Android application Barcode Scanner to scan the QR code located below.
Scan to download.

Scan to download.

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  • http://www.theandroidsite.com The Android Site

    Been looking for a good task manager program, hopefully this will fit my needs.

  • http://twitter.com/ajfisher AJFisher

    Amazing – I only loaded up Astrid yesterday and already I feel more organised. Seems like a great bit of kit!

  • Ryan

    It doesn’t look like their new site is up just yet.

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      The site seems to be working here (and has been for a few hours now). Is it just not loading? Or is it redirecting somewhere else?

  • http://simplyblog.net Miguel Wickert

    Awesome, I’ve been using this app for almost two months, perhaps more. This was one of the first apps I stumbled upon, using it ever since. :) Count me in!


  • chuck

    just installed it. this a great contest guys.


    Great app, I have been using it for about a month and a half and it is the best task manager I have found in the Market.

  • http://shadyhaitien.com/blog SHaitien

    Just started using it today and its great so far!

  • http://timgonzales.com teagone

    Been using Astrid for quite some time now. This contest is legit. I dig!

  • gp

    Where is the survey?

    • Nick

      It will be published on July 13th.

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    I’ve had Astrid installed since I first got my G1 but never really used it. This contest will inspire me to finally step up and get organized.

  • Nick

    I’ve had RTM but I never used it. When I got my G1, one of the first things I did was look for a todo list manager, and I installed Astrid. I use it all the time now and I love it. Really helped me keep more organized.

  • http://twitter.com/rickyrescue Ricky

    I fell in love with Astrid a long time ago, because of that cute icon, but I only started using it recently.
    I never understood task managers, for things like, get milk, empty trash, the small stuff. That just seems, thoughtless to me. I use it for the big stuff. Like to pay my bills, and as a shopping list.
    But, I’m going to do that survey when it’s available, I really hope I win, I need a new phone. Haha.

  • Tim

    Thanks for another contest! How is the winner chosen? Whoever provides to most useful feedback? A randomly chosen person out of everyone who provided feedback?

  • Monika

    I have been using Astrid for 1.5 months now and I LOVE it. I cannot wait for more updates and enhancements. It helps me stay on track, thank you!

  • Chris

    Just downloaded – looks great. What do you mean by “supports Google Calendar”?

    • foebea

      same, i’ve been using astrid for months, never seen a connection to google, that would make it much better.

      quick example of my use: I use astrid to keep a list of movies i need to watch. Task is called To Watch and i enter a tag for each one on the list. very easy to maintain. I’ve about a dozen different panes like that. Very useful. I would pay for this app :D

    • monsieurgrand02

      I think is supports Google Calendar through RTM. You can have RTM add a calendar to your own calendar to show your “things to do.”

  • Mondragon

    I have also using Astrid for about 6 months now, and it just gets better with each update. I started with just putting in one or two things to playing with it now even though I don’t lead a very busy life it helps me stay on track. My problem is my memory so if anyone has the same problem this is for you, you just have to get into the habit of inputting your info. as soon as you think of it. ~LOL~

  • http://YoLookAtDat.wordpress.com Justin Robinson

    I’ve been using it for a while now and I love it … I used it while I was up at college … was a LifeSAVER. . . lol

  • Susannah

    Astrid apparently also works w/ Locale… I just installed Locale so I don’t know how well it works but the idea is tasks will appear by GPS location… so if you have a list for Target it will appear when you show up @ Target, assuming everything works together & you have configured the apps do so…

  • Susannah

    @Ricky … LOL – u obviously do not have ADHD, those of that do need to be reminded 2 do the little things cuz we R not naturally inclined 2 remember 2 do the everday routine stuff of life, our heads R in the clouds as we ponder & solve the big questions of life! ;-) Anyone using Astrid for “Flylady.net” routine reminders? Hint: google RTM GTD 2 get hints on setting up a ‘getting things done’ setup on RTM… GTD is a productivity book by David Allen.

  • j_norton

    I love astrid, I use it all the time. It’s by far the best ToDo manager on market.

  • http://www.politicalslugfest.comere Jenner

    Where is the survey? Leave comments here?

  • monsieurgrand02


    I’ve been using Astrid for quite a while. Not so much RTM. But it’s great way to keep organized and prevent yourself from forgetting things!

  • http://dave.org.uk/ Dave Cross

    Been using Astrid for months and I love it. Only improvement I can think of is that it would be great if it synchronised with Hiveminder (http://hiveminder.com).

    Shame your competition is only open to people in the US :-(

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  • http://Website(optional) Nathan

    I would love to have Hiveminder integration as well. If I had some time…

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