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Show Me Your Android Home Screen – Win $375 In Prizes

We are way overdue for some contests, so we decided to do a fun one to hold you over for our new site launch.  From the day I started this blog, I wanted random contests to be a regular part of the site.  As the site traffic grows we will begin offering better prizes.  Of course, you can always contact me if you would like to sponsor a contest.

Contest Details

We want to see what your Android home screen looks like.  Yes, all you have to do to enter this contest is show us your home screen.  At the end of one week, we will select 5 winners.  The following week after that, we will select an additional 5 winners.

Update: We have now added a 3rd week to the contest that will include 5 additional winners.

How do I take a screen shot of my Android phone?  If you have root access, you can use the app Screenshot.  For those without root access, you can install the Android SDK and capture screens.  If you have Open Home, the latest version supports capturing screens.  If all else fails, ask a question and someone will try to help.

Now that Rogers launched Android phones in Canada, we wanted to do a contest for multiple countries.  For this contest, we will open it up to the US, UK, and Canada.  As time goes on, we will continue to expand.

Contest Rules

I realize it is probably impossible to prevent cheating, but we have several requirements in order to participate.  We ask that you place your phone into airplane mode so the icon appears in your notification bar.  This can easily be done by holding down the off button.  In addition, we are asking to include a second shot that shows the date and time.  All of this could be faked, but at least it might slow down some people.

You can upload your screen shots anywhere, as long as you post a link to them.  Once we begin to receive submissions, we will upload them to our Flickr account so everyone can see them.  If possible, include a short description of what apps, widgets, themes, etc you have pictured in the shot.  Feel free to upload as many screen as you want, but we will only pick one as a winner.

  • Open to residents of USA, UK, and Canada
  • Phone must be in Airplane mode and have the icon displayed in the notification area
  • Include a second screen shot that shows the date and time
  • Post a comment on this page that links to the screens (or email)
  • Include a short description of the theme, apps, and widget you have installed

How to Submit

We are trying to be as flexible as possible with submitting your screens.  Feel free to place them anywhere we can access them. Please leave a comment on this page so that we can find them or you will not win a prize.

  • Leave a comment on this page that links to the images


We will be giving out 15 $25 gift cards to Amazon.com(.ca, .co.uk).  What can you do with your $25?  Grab an extra battery for your G1, get a spare charger for home and the car, or honestly anything you want.  Look around in our store for G1 accessories.

Update: Check out the Flickr gallery for all week 1 submissions.

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