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A Look At Mobile Web Design – 5 Sites To Visit From Your Android Phone

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  • Jimi B

    The appeal of being able to view ‘full’ websites on your phone soon wears thin and I find myself cursing sites that don’t have a decent mobile version.
    Sometimes you just want a site to load quickly and with no nonsense, I think the delivery of advertising on these sites might be quite the sticking point for some companies as from what I’ve seen of mobile sites thus far they’re mainly devoid of any ads… which is quite appealing to me as a consumer, but probably less appealing when considering up to10% of your audience is potentially losing you money.

    Anyway, here are a few notable mobile versions that I always use:

    Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk – Wow I love the amazon mobile version, the complete mobile redesign is slick and functional. The search results are loaded in batches and adding an additional 10 results to the page doesn’t require a full page refresh or a change of page. It’s deffinately been shaped up for people who know what they want, just browsing can be a little hard, but then the same could be said of a lot of shopping sites in general.

    m.digg.com – Awesome if, like me, you just use digg to check out the top 10 in the past 24 hours. Otherwise a bit restrictive. Also the comment section seems to ‘break’ quite a lot, loading the same 5 comments every time… although that could well be digg commenters…

    m.Kotaku.com / m.gizmodo.com – Probably the mobile site I like the least. The stories are broken into sometimes as many as 20 pages, sure there’s a ‘view whole article’ option which I use instead but that means loading the same page twice, and therefore having to backout of a page twice. I know that seems like the ultimate in being lazy, but it can break the flow of quickly browsing. Also there are repeatedly problems with articles being blank when you click on them, and comments are handled woefully.

    i.joystiq.com – Is the opposite of Kotaku’s mobile site, big (easy to click with my meat slab thumbs) links, a comment section that loads on the existing page and it manages to work 99% of the time. The only major downside is that all the links to previous joystiq articles take you to the regular version of the site.

    Those are just a few worth checking out, sorry for hi-jacking the post!

  • anakin78z

    Hey, also have a look at m.espn.com. They did quite a nice job with their mobile site, and it works well on Android.

  • http://www.androidtapp.com AndroidTapp.com

    I’d mention the Android websites that has gone mobile:


    All do it by detecting browser, I like that option better and like the “m.site.com” secular.

  • kyle

    The collegehumor mobile site sucks. I would much rather use the “real web browser” on my phone to view collegehumor but everytime I click on something I get redirected to the wap site. It is a waste of time and half of the content from the normal site does not make it to the mobile site. The menshealth mobile site also sucks.

  • Susannah

    AndroidTapp… I strongly disagree, I greatly appreciate KNOWING FOR SURE that I am viewing the mobile site, a m.site.com url gives me this awareness & it gives me a choice… for the android sites u listed perhaps it’s ok 2 auto-detect & go2 mobile site, but for established sites which have been around longer than android, I want 2 know and 2 b given a choice on yeah or nay 2 use the mobile site cuz the mobile sites often do not give me the functionality I need. For example amazon’s mobile site is inadequate for accessing my amazon seller acct but ok for the reg amazon site.

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  • http://www.geeksquad.com Rodney Bryant

    Thanks for the great feedback on the site.

    When http://m.geeksquad.com was developed we did focus on iPhone but we didn’t lose site that there are other Smartphone browsers that we needed to support .

    You’ll see the beta title get dropped soon but we’ll still work to improve the experience for all mobile users.

    Tools and blog support will be on the way soon. We recently re-launched our blog (http://www.geeksquad.com/intelligence ) and a mobile friendly version will be available in the near future.


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  • pete2r

    College humor site sucks, I agree with kyle. The only thing you can view are videos and girl pics, no articles or regular pics. How can I entertain myself at work with only videos?

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