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T-Mobile Lowers G1 to $149. MyTouch 3G Coming Next Week?

We know the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G is coming soon, but could it launch this month?  The phone, HTC Sapphire, has been released overseas and in Canada, but has yet to hit the US.  Recent details reveal the phone will be officially announced next week and possibly launch in June.

The T-Mobile MyTouch 3G is set to debut at $179.99 with a 2yr contract, while the G1 is planned to be reduced in price.  Starting today, you can purchase a G1 from T-Mobile.com for $149.99.  Also today, a Wall Street Journal Blog revealed a T-Mobile MyTouch announcement next week.

With the new low price of the G1 from T-Mobile, it would appear the time has come for their second Android phone.  I have been using the Sapphire for several weeks and promise you this phone will easily outsell the G1.  As for the rest of 2009, get ready for the wave of new Android devices.  Samsung looks like they will have the next Android phone, but 4-20 are still up in the air.

Expect a detailed comparison of T-Mobile’s first two Android phones next week.  I plan to compare battery life, picture/video quality, speakerphone, and anything else you guys want.  Leave a comment if you have questions for a guy who has used both phones extensively.

Fathers Day

It should be noted that the new G1 price from T-Mobile.com is still $50 more expensive than Amazon.com.  We were the first to report back in March, that Amazon is selling the T-Mobile G1 Phone for $97.77.  If you are looking for a last minute gift for Dad, I would highly suggest the G1.  Purchase the phone  in the next 2-3 days and Amazon will deliver it on time.  Amazon is also doing free activation for T-Mobile phones purchased through 11:59 p.m. PDT, June 17, 2009.

Visit Amazon and purchase dad an Android phone for $97..

I'm really glad they didn't call it the G2.

I'm really glad they didn't call it the G2.

[via TmoToday]

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  • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

    I bought my phone through Amazon Prime and it was completely painless and shipped incredibly quick. I placed an order and was using the phone with my transferred number in two days flat.

  • Yoav Raccah

    Ive been using the Ion (my touch 3g) since Google i/o and im completely satisfied. they improved every aspect of the phone and im truly impressed at the quality of this phone. If any one is thinking of getting a “my touch 2g” i highly recommend it!

  • cece

    Do we know what hardware this version will have exactly ?
    because there are different Sapphire versions with some differences (Vodafone Magic, Ion, HTC version, ….)

    -> camera resolution (3.2, 5 mpx ) ?
    -> RAM (192, 288 ?)

    (I own a french SFR -Vodafone- version, 3.2mpx, 192 Mo RAM)

  • Maff

    why are you guys getting ripped off in the US?
    I’ve had my G1 for 8 months and it was free from T-Mobile when I got it they still are, in fact, most phones are free over here from all networks.
    I pay £30 a month which includes unlimited data, which is around $43

    • grizzly6

      because Americans love to make money off other Americans. it’s called capitalism.

  • http://www.ukmobilephones.com chris

    I upgraded to a G1 on T-mobile last week – but starting to wish I’d gone for an iPhone. Put it this way – I had to read the manual.

    I think the Android OS has real potential, but the current build on the G1 still seems clumsy by comparison.

  • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

    I very much enjoy my G1, but I also enjoy my Ion better in many cases. I still like the physical keyboard of the G1 but the overall experience of the Ion is much better.

    I got my G1 for $140 in December, from T-Mobile.

  • Anthony

    I have the HTC Sapphire G2 from Rogers in Canada. I completely love the phone. The google integration is superb. But I have h a couple of small issues.

    1) I find the screen a bit narrow – so typing is a bit slow as I miss a lot of characters

    2) So in order to deal with issue 1 I flip the phone in sideways – often it takes quite a while to flip over.

    3) No xvid/divx support

    My wife finds the same thing – so while the data entry is pretty good it is not as good as an oldschool blackberry.


  • William

    if they would have called it the G2, then T-Mobile and Gatorade could have had some kind of strange advertising deal. they maybe could have even gone as far as to make the top of it orange like the cap of a Gatorade container – haha just a joke – but that may be the reason T-Mobile did not call it the G2, although strange and farfetched.

    another note, i bought my G1 from T-Mobile for $179 2 weeks ago… >:-(

    • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

      William, I’d imagine T-Mobile would refund the difference. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to see what they say. They’ve always been very accommodating for me… Of course, they like me since I’ve been then with them since 2000.


    Yea same with me. They helped us out a lot with all our phone troubles and we’ve had t-mobile since it was powertel in 1997 :D