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Lock 2.0 Reviewed For Android

One of the criticisms of Android based devices that has often been leveled by corporate IT departments is security. With only pattern based security, by default, the number of possible pattern security combinations is fairly small. The chance of someone being able to replicate a default security pattern by watching an Android user unlock his or her phone is perceived by IT departments to be quite good.

Lock 2.0 is a step in the direction of providing PIN based security for the Android based phones, including the T-Mobile G1 with Google.  Although the current version of Lock 2.0 limits a user to a four digit numeric PIN, when properly shielded from view, it is more difficult for a casual observer to see a recognizable pattern.

Beyond simple security, Lock 2.0 is cool in the way the iPhone unlock mechanism is cool. In fact, it goes beyond the iPhone unlock mechanism and offers a good number of skins for both the slider mechanism and the battery level indicator. Downloading the skins is easy. Download the skins from the Lock 2.0 app and they are saved to your SD card as compressed .zip files. Installing the files from your card automatically unzips them and installs them in your phone’s memory.

The background of the unlock screen can be set to either be a battery indicator or any image on the SD card. The skins all come with very nice default images, but having the flexibility to select any image to match the slider is very nice.

Although still not strong security, it is a step up from the default Android security. In defense of the default security, unlocking the phone while driving is a breeze. Lock 2.0’s security is a little more difficult, and I personally wouldn’t want to unlock a phone with a strong password while driving.

Lock 2.0 is available as a free version and as a $1.99 donate version. I downloaded the free version and was so impressed by the look and feel that I turned right around and downloaded the $1.99 version, which was the source of these captures.

If you are looking for a fun, very cool way to unlock your phone that supports a large number of skins and available customizations, Lock 2.0 is for you.  By combining this app with one of the desktop replacements, like aHome, Open Home or dxTop, almost every aspect of your Android based phone can be customized.

Lock 2.0 for Android
Version: 1.7
Developed By: Android Apps
Price: FREE or $1.99 for latest version
Filesize: 90.00KB
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  • http://profiles.google.com/michaelhaydel Michael

    Nice review Christopher.

    But, I must say, this doesn’t do it for me really.

    I’m all about better security regarding locking the phone, but, to me, I see this app as an I-want-my-phone-to-look-like-an-iPhone app first, and a better security app second.

    For me, I enjoy thinking and being different than all of those ubiquitous iPhone users out there, and plus, I kinda like the information the default lock screen provides me.

    I’d love to see this type of app, but completely rethought from the ground up, in true Android fashion.

    Just me?

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  • http://profiles.google.com/michaelhaydel Michael

    Great review Christopher.

    But, I must disagree here. This app just didn’t do it for me.

    I’m all about better security revolving around keeping the phone locked, but when I looked at and installed this app, I saw an I-want-my-phone-to-look-like-an-iPhone app first, and an app aimed at better security second.

    To me, I enjoy being and thinking differently than all those ubiquitous iPhoners out there, so the last thing I want is an app that seems to attempt to mimic a behavior of the iPhone. Besides, I actually like the default lock screen on the G1 and the information it provides.

    I think this is a step in the right direction; however, I’d like to see this type of app built from the ground up, rethinking the idea of locking the phone, Android style.

    • Nanoman689


      Love the idea, but please stop making skins and apps that give me the iPhone look. It’s still a good little app, but try thinking outside of “Slide to Unlock”.

  • foebs

    The app looks good enough, but adds a second of load time when all I want to do is get into the phone. If the dev optimized its load time a bit I might bite.

  • Karel

    With only pattern based security, by default, the number of possible pattern security combinations is fairly small.

    Not true, the pattern can be as long as you want, which means:

    that for
    1 long pattern: 9 posibilities
    2 long pattern: 72 (9*8)
    3 long pattern: 504 (9*8*7)
    4 long pattern: 3024
    5 long pattern: 15120
    6 long pattern: 60480
    7 long pattern: 181440
    8 long pattern: 362880
    9 long pattern: 362880 (only 1 left so no extra variation possible)

    This totals to: 986.409 possibilities (offcourse are some patterns harder as others, but it is still alot more then the 4 digit code

    10 * 10 * 10 * 10 = 10.000 possibilities

    So security is a non argument especially if you consider. So shielding your 5 long pattern you are more then safe!
    Not to mention that after 5 wrong tries you get locked out from trying for 30 seconds, and every following try requires an extra 30 sec.

    • http://Website John Dunne

      Your math is wrong on the pattern thing. There are tons of patterns which are simply not possible to enter. Do these negate enough to be less than 10,000? Not sure yet and am still working the problem.

  • Ralph

    The app looks nice and i downloaded to try it out, but as far as security is concerned this is terrible. I can bypass Lock 2.0 by simply rebooting the phone. When i turn the phone on Lock 2.0 does not start and i must start the program manually. Am i missing something here?

  • Joseph

    Ive used this app for a wile, and i love the new feature with the number code. but its still not the best for security, but i love the fact i can change the skins for everything.

    thats definitely one of my favorite parts about android period.
    fully customizable.

    But i have a great idea for a lock. if you would like to email me about it, that would be great. just so i can shoot the idea.

    [email protected]

  • rodger

    I have had this program since it was introduced for android it has evolved greatly but it is not for the security minded [email protected] notification pull down to be viewed lock code isn’t required if you reboot I purchased it for a different look the default was just boring and I don’t wish I had an iphone just wanted a better default

  • Neeson

    i want have it and how can i get it or buy it.
    i am in China

  • http://Website JK


  • http://Website NeilOg

    Eh, shouldn’t be using your phone while driving…

  • http://Website Maff

    it’s insecure, just hold the home key down!!

  • http://Website Richard


  • http://Website korre


    Yep…..First feel and look, GREAT. But after a while, 15 minutes or 1 our the Sony Xperia X10 unlock (slide) kicks in again.
    Seems like, the background service of this Lock 2.0 fails at some point or isn’t really able to stop the lock feature of SE or the SE unlock slide takes over again at some point?
    Exactly why i don’t know but somehow, the SE default lock suddenly appears in my screen after pressing the power button to turn the screen on.
    Or sometimes i’ve to unlock the LOCK 2.0 and then right after that i’ve to unlock the SE lock (slide)


    I personally found it annoying to see this app fail after a few times unlocking.
    Pitty. hopefully they succeed one day ;-)

  • http://www.local-locks.co.uk/herefordshire.html Herefordshire Locksmiths

    It’s similar to the iphone which is what I don’t want. The only thing that is different from the iphone is the choice of skins which I don’t think are available for the iphone as of yet. I will admit, it is good but it isn’t the best of security and too similar.

  • http://about.me/martinpeterbell martinpeterbell

    Totally useless.

    Took me longer than 15 minutes to realise I the skins would not download and the ugly default screen was awful. Plus the pin lock was not there.

    Not happy that someone took my money.