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RepliGo Reader Brings PDF Viewer To Android

One of the things that an Android based phone should do well is work as a document reader. Until recently, there were a number of Portable Document File (PDF) viewers available free, but none that did everything well. That changed with the release of RepliGo Reader from Cerience Corporation. Currently at version 1.3.0, RepliGo was the best reader for Android at 1.0.0 and has only improved on a good code base.

RepliGo works with most PDF files. If the PDF file was created using a digital process, such as using a text or Word file to create the file, RepliGo is good. In fact, it is very good. RepliGo allows you to see the original formatting of the document or switch to a view which is ideal for reading documents on the smaller screen of a cell phone. The only documents that don’t work well are documents that are scans of old books. In some cases, RepliGo can’t figure out what to do with poor quality 1-bit scans and simply displays gibberish on the screen. This is likely a problem that will go away as the product matures.

RepliGo integrates very nicely with the Android Gmail and default email application. Clicking “preview” on a PDF attachment brings the PDF up in RepliGo. Once the document is on your G1, RepliGo is fast and responsive. Downloading large PDFs to the memory card can take a long time, but RepliGo looks at the document in small pieces, which really improves performance.

RepliGo turns your G1 into a very powerful eBook and eDocument platform. With a large memory card, the number of documents that can be carried in your pocket is simply mind boggling. At the moment, I have close to 40 documents and books that are taking up very little space on an 8GB card.

I’ve bought very few higher priced apps from the Android Market. One was Docs to Go and the other is RepliGo. Both are outstanding and both are, in my view, two critical applications to being able to use an Android based phone as an ultra-portable computing platform. If you are looking for the best PDF reader available for Android, RepliGo is your app.

RepliGo Reader for Android
Version: 1.3
Developed By: Cerience Corporation
Price: $7.95
Filesize: 1.28MB
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  • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

    This is one of the few applications I have purchased. I’ve had it for a few months and have never been disappointed by it. Incredibly useful for checking out those dastardly PDF-based menus that many restaurants seem to think are better than a nice HTML page. That’s another story, though. The point is that I have found RepliGo Reader to be a god-send when viewing these menus in a pinch. It is also the only PDF Viewer on the Market that have found to consistently work and I am glad that I bit the bullet, and made this purchase.

    Thanks for the review…

  • Nick

    I use the default PDF Viewer that is pre-installed on a lot of the HTC custom builds, and I think it works just as good as this. You can see the full doc or have it formatted for easy reading as well. It works great and it’s free. If you’re using another custom build that doesn’t have it (and you know how to use adb) you can find instructions here: http://strazzere.com/blog/?p=266

  • Bob

    I’m echoing Nick here. HTC PDF viewer (installable for rooted users) works really well. And FREE, 7.95 is a lot.

  • chuck

    Does this work with image heavy pdfs or just text? I am a graphic artist who does a bit of freelance and I hate having to wait until I get home to view a pdf that a customer has sent.

  • http://simplyblog.net Miguel

    Good question Chuck. This apps is looking really attractive at the moment, I just might have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing,


  • http://simplyblog.net Miguel | SimplyBlog

    Hey guys,

    Wow, I’m impressed with RepliGo Reader. Playing around with it now. The files look great, sweet stuff. Reading view is amazingly on point. Thanks for the tip off on this app.


  • Louis Rodriguez

    You know, I’d LOVE to purchase this app. Unfortunately, paid apps aren’t yet available in Australia.

  • ari

    Hi there. I used to own a Wimo version of Repligo years back It is still working on my O2 XDA II !!! One feature I like about the repligo format is its small sized documents. A 1MB pdf file when converted to .rgo format will yield a file of 100kb !!!

  • http://CantfindRepliGoinMarketplace Dhariwal


    I tried searching for RepliGo in market place and cant find it? When I go to repligo website, they say search in market place….

    How can I install it.


  • http://Website Jan Jenner

    I’ve tried to install Repligo for my HTC Hero but same problem as Dhariwal

  • http://Website Neta777

    I tried installing on my N1 by I have the same problem as Dhariwal and Jan Jenner….
    Well, at least I save my $7.95 ;-)

  • http://Website Lou

    I’m looking for a pdf reader that let’s either opens back up where i left off reading a large document, or that at least lets me bookmark my last page. Any ideas?

  • http://Website Tom

    Oddly enough, as I move from my old iphone, I am looking for that functionality as well. Goodreader on the iphone was excellent and did everything I needed. I’m looking (and failing to find) similar on the android. All the pdf readers (beam, the regular htc, others) (all free) fail to do this and I’m reluctant to buy the repligo without trying it.


  • http://Website dspearma

    All of the apps do basically the same thing and lack what I consider to be ESSENTIAL functions that I could do easily with Windows Mobile.

    1. Auto scroll!!
    2. Select/Copy Text.

    Am I the only one who missess those functions from my Widnows Mobile device? Does any one know of a pdf Android reader with those functions?

  • andy

    RepliGo is great but if it doesn’t totally meet your need I would recommend to try the recent Mantano Reader, which represents excellency, according to my standards. It opens heavy documents in no time and you can of course resume to the page that you were reading before closing it. The pan & zoom feature is a pleasure to use. And it does lots of other things that would be too long to list… Close to perfection !

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