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Astrid Challenge survey winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Astrid challenge and completed the user survey.  Close to 700 users responded with a ton of useful feedback that the developers will use to improve the application.  We hope you discovered a new favorite application and will continue to support Astrid.

Contest Winners

There were so many great entries that it was hard to select the winners.  Four runner up winners were picked for their responses to the questions and one grand prize winner was randomly selected from all eligible entries.  The following were some of our favorite answers.

How did Astrid make your life better this week?

Organization of my time skills was a major problem for me.  I used to get off track and do other things, and before I knew it, I had no time left.  I was a major procrastinator.  Lists were garbage, because I would lose them, and now that I have one that I can take with me everywhere that reminds me when I need to do something, and how long I have to do it, life is much easier.  This app alone may have saved my marriage, lol. – Submitted by Erosevaporator

I have it remind me every 4 days to be a good boyfriend. I bought her flowers just because of the notification :) – Submitted by Reece Wagner

I had just installed Astrid and input a few tasks for a few days from then. I forgot all about it, then a few days later I see Astrid’s notification telling me to start on my AP European History summer work. I started to look for my text book and was horrified when it was nowhere to be found. After about and hour and a half of searching I ordered another copy. Thankfully it will arrive just in time for me to complete my work. If I hadn’t been reminded to start my work I wouldn’t have finished it in time for the beginning of school and failed out of my class; Astrid kept my in my AP Euro class! – Submitted by Brendantk

What is one feature you would like to see added to Astrid?

I’d love to see astrid have emotions if your near the goal or failed to meet the task/goal. – Submitted by Macfan88

Grand Prize winner of the T-Mobile myTouch 3G: Remaldar

For the latest information on Astrid bookmark their new website and follow their Twitter feed, @weloveastrid.

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  • http://blog.gynecologistcobra.net Demi Adejuyigbe

    Well, I can’t say I’m not disappointed I didn’t win, but congrats to all who did! I’m definitely going to keep using Astrid, it’s helped me a lot recently. Thanks, we <3 astrid!

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  • http://twitter.com/rickyrescue Ricky

    Congrats to the winner!!
    Just don’t go on winning every contest or I’ll hate you. >:)

  • William

    No Friggin way! I never win anything ever!!

    • William

      (I’m Remaldar)

  • Threed

    congrats :)

    • William

      Thanks :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/williamhester William

    haha… same name… different screen name