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Week 3 Winners For Android Home Screen Contest

Three weeks ago, we asked you to share your home screen with us and the response was great.  I gathered all the images and uploaded them to our Flickr page.  Browse through the submissions and leave comments if you have any questions about how they were created.  Most of them have notes describing the theme and widgets installed if you would like to experiment with your Android phone.

The Winners

Thank you to everyone who made a submission. We had so many great looking screens that it was hard to pick the winners.  I enjoyed checking out all the widgets, themes, apps, and wallpapers that everyone sent in.

I’m really amazed at the flexibility and customization available to Android users.  These home screens continue to evolve and top anything I have seen from other smartphone platforms.  You can find the latest talk about Android modifications in our new forums.  Fans of home screen mods should be on the lookout for Sweeter Home Preview 2.

The contest may be over, but I invite you to join our Flickr group, Android Home Screens.  We will keep an eye on the group and continue to share your awesome creations with our readers.  (Hint: we do a lot of stealth contests. Speaking of contests, the Astrid user survey goes up Monday)

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  • DroidHead

    WOOT WOOT!!!! …. lol

    • http://twitter.com/rickyrescue Ricky

      I really like your wallpaper, great home screen Droid Head! :)

  • http://Website(optional) Rchatburn

    Yeh that is a nice wallpaper congrats, all

  • Michael Anderson

    Hey I can’t believe I was one of the five winners! Wut do y’all think of my home screen?

    • Dr.Jeckyl

      How did you get rid of the notification bar?

      • http://richardchatburn.com Rchatburn

        If your refering to my scrren, i still have the notification bar but openhome wont take a screen shot of it, it would be nice to have it fully hidden and just draged down.

  • http://leakdroid.com L3wish

    Woot woot I won awesome :)

  • Michael Anderson

    Open home will not take the pic with the notification bar open home is the best home app either download the OPEN HOME LITE which is free or PURCHASE OPEN HOME FULL ITS WORTH IT!!!! ANDROID AND ME ROCKS!!! Please give me more feedback on my home screen and can I get sum useful ideas to make the G1 better?? Thanx CONGRATS 2 US WINNERS!! LMAO

  • http://Website Steven

    @Michael Anderson
    Absolutely love the background, where is it from?