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ChickenBrick Studios to release MMO game for Android

ChickenBrick Studios, developers of my favorite Android multiplayer game Cestos, have started taking beta signups for their next work, codenamed ProjectInf.  Details are scarce, but it appears to be the first massive multiplayer online game for Android.  Cestos was one of the first multiplayer games for Android allowing 2-4 players to compete.  ProjectInf will offer massive games with a large number of players and I’m excited to see what gameplay awaits.

This is what we know about the game so far.

  • Codenamed ProjectInf
  • Real-Time Networked Play
  • Massive size games
  • Long-term games (join and leave as much as you like, the war will keep raging!)
  • Multiple types of units to choose from
  • Social aspects
  • Team based as well as individual gameplay
  • Tons of replayability

If you would like an early look at the game, you can submit an application to become a beta tester.  Just visit their site and fill out the form.  Invitations should start going out this weekend.  Be warned the game is in its early graphical stages, but that should be changing rapidly over the next two weeks.

You still haven't played Cestos?  It's free.  It's fun.

You still haven't played Cestos? It's free. It's fun.

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  • foebea

    I would love to see a horrid timesink game like UO on here :P

    I’m sure whatever Chickenbrick comes up with will be excellent, they have a great track record.

  • jeeps

    I thought there was one already? Forget what it was called but you were on a map of your actual location and you killed orcs, destroyed other peoples property, etc.

    • Randall

      Parallel Kingdom is what you’re thinking of I think.

    • http://www.parallelkingdom.com/Default.aspx Andy Gilbertson

      You’re definitely thinking of Parallel Kingdom. I am one of the developers and we just released a new version of the game called “Age of Emergence”

      It’s still free to play and download.

      Check out the trailer:

  • http://www.javaground.com alex kral

    UniWar is also an online multiplayer game for Android that was released this month. It also allows playing against a rich community of nearly 30,000 registered iPhone players.

  • http://clarklab.net Clark

    Cestos is easily one of the best Android games available. Can’t wait to see what they come up with…

  • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

    I’m signed up. :)

  • http://simplyblog.net Miguel

    Sweet deal, signing up now. Thanks for the share. Cheers!


  • Andrew

    Cool. I liked the check box that said “I actually read above”, which I didn’t.

  • http://www.droidweb.com Maliek M.

    I expect another strong showing from who are amounting to be my fav. Android devs…

  • coire

    Any1 got in yet?

  • CheeseSauce

    I’m in the beta right now and the game looks like it will be amazing. It definitely needs some polishing still, mostly with the networking. But it will definitely deliver once the full is released. I’ve droppped every other game I have including Cestos just to beta test this for ChickenBrick.

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  • Shaun_Pearce

    I’ve played for over a month now and I’m really impressed with the game. Further to this I think the community that this game has created in the form of Clans etc is superb. I’m currently part of an established gaming clan for this game and I’m still surprised that this is a game on my phone…


  • http://Website Janne

    Check out dice wars, cool mmo strategy game.

  • http://Website Shaun_Pearce

    I just thought it would be interesting for you all to know that 12 months down the line I am still playing Project INF and STILL love the game.

    Definately worth a look people.

    Clan WaR baby!