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Are early adopters of the T-Mobile G1 getting the shaft?

The T-Mobile G1 is my favorite phone I have purchased, but it is also a gimped device.  I tried to defend my beloved Google phone, but after using the newer HTC Magic (aka myTouch 3G), it became apparent that the G1 has several major design flaws.  The underpowered battery and small internal storage space have been addressed by HTC in newer devices, but where does that leave the million customers who already own a G1.

I know I’m not the first to complain, but the G1 has problems that will never go away.  The weak battery performance has improved with software updates, but there is only so far they can push it.  By comparison, my HTC Magic last nearly twice as long with all the features turned on including GPS and 3G.  The internal storage is another major area of concern.  Many users have already experienced low space warnings after installing about 40-50 apps.  We also reported this week that the G1 might not support future upgrades to the Android operating system because of its design limitations.

It looks like the answer to many G1 owners who complain is “Go upgrade”.

T-Mobile is currently promoting a pre-order for their second Android phone, the myTouch 3G.  The phone is advertised for $199, but this is only for existing customers who have not upgraded their phone in the last 23 months.  This would mean that all current G1 owners are not eligible for this special price.  Instead, the early supporters are forced to pay $459 if they want to upgrade.

The true price of the myTouch for current G1 owners.

The true price of the myTouch 3G for current G1 owners.

While the myTouch 3G is an improved device over the G1, it is hard to justify spending nearly $500 for an upgraded battery and more memory.  In order to qualify for a discount, many T-Mobile customers will have to wait till 2011 or 23 months after their original purpose.

I understand how mobile contracts work and other carriers have similar rules.  If G1 owners don’t qualify for an upgrade, they should at the very least be offered a special trade-in program.  T-Mobile customers were the first in the world with Android phones and played an important role in the development of the operating system.  We were essentially the beta testers of Android 1.0, but we knew our support would help shape the new leader in smartphones.

T-Mobile, we thank you for your support of the Android platform, but please provide a way for G1 owners to upgrade.

Will T-Mobile offer a trade in program for the G1?

Will T-Mobile offer a trade in program for the G1?

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  • mike mancuso

    I agree with this. The g1 is great but there are flaws. I pay for 3g but never turn it on because my battery dies. Same thing with the gps. The sliding screen is crooked after 6 months and believe me I baby this phone. I would pay to upgrade, but not 500 bucks. Either I want a new android device at a discounted rate or my service plan to get a discount. The phone has all these features but the battery will not support them.

  • OneSainT

    I love my G1. I waited til January of this year to purchase because I wanted to wait and see if the G1 would survive amoungst the Iphone and the BB Storm. It did. I’m a more than happy with the purchase and plan on keeping it until the HTC Hero comes to T-Mobile. I don’t really care about the MyTouch 3g, but the HTC Hero is awesome. I have put the JacHero Rom on my G1 before I unrooted it. If HTC and T-Mobile decided to show G2 and officially be a G2 with a full keyboard that has the same power or more than Hero I’ll get that but they have to act fast. T-Mobile should offer us early adapters a trade in program.

    • amarkow2

      what makes u think hero is coming to tmo usa? probs going to sprint or at+t…im afraid ur gonna be waitin a loooong time for that one to never happen…

  • amarkow2

    Good luck trying to get tmobile to do anything…they used to have awesome 24hr customer support…not only is it not 24hrs anymore but the support is iffy at best…

    i love my g1 and couldnt be happier with it but at some point after the reported TWENTY devices drop for android (i know not all for tmo) I will want to upgrade or change but tmo does not offer support for this other then ripping a hole in my wallet. it is one thing to ask for discounted upgrades from say a blackberry to an android but to go from android to android or blackberry to blackberry makes a lot of sense…

    tech moves sooo fast that the second you buy a phone a newer and better one comes out the next day…these two year contracts are bogus…and the civil law suit should change that for all carriers soon enough…but a year should be it…instead i have to sit around with last years technology as a loyal customer for over 5 years…to even think about getting my next phone…

    doesnt make sense…you think these business “gurus” could come up with a way to satisfy customers in this position but all these companies are is greedy…they could care less about pleasing its customers.

    thanks tmobile

  • EDO

    The Keyboard is the best part! Long live the G1! Who honestly wants that crappy mytouch anyways?

    Wait the 23 months as their policy demands and there will be another ‘upgrade’ released. I promise ;)

  • zach

    After reading this article I have to agree with the writer, I also have the G1 which I got not to long ago and about a week later learned that a new and better one was going to come out in just two months. I think that T-mobile should offer at least a break or discount for the G1 owners to upgrade. I love my phone but I would like to see the new phone and if it is really that much better then I wouldn’t mind to pay an extra $100 or so.

  • MarcusMaximus

    To be completely fair the hardware specs were shown before the device was released. You bought it knowing full well what you were buying. While I would greatly appreciate an upgrade plan for current G1 owners, I definitely don’t expect T-Mobile to do so. Technology moves on and better devices come out.

  • talbot

    unfortunately i have to agree with marcus. i’d love an upgrade program, and maybe if enough people speak up they’ll think about it, but i’m still expecting a jobs-ish “deal with it”. he wasn’t the first person to say something like that but it definitely was the most ‘wow. really?’ inducing.

    i’m not going to upgrade until a comparable G1 replacement comes out (read: full keyboard). the battery life is annoying, but i’ve gotten used to it. sure the internal memory is low, but i only use a dozen apps and the others get uninstalled and bookmarked if i need them later.

    i’ll rely on JF and Haykuro to provide me with the necessary updates tailored for my model. and if they don’t then i’ll just stick with older OSes. i love my phone just the way it is even with it’s shortcomings.

  • JD

    I disagree with the statements above about T-mobile customer service being “iffy”. I switched from Sprint just to get the G1 (and to get away from sprint, frankly), and I have been ecstatic with the customer service folks. They’re nice, and they work with you in many cases, even when it comes to late payments and the like. With Sprint, I rarely spoke to a person who wasn’t an ignorant d bag, and normally my calls ended with either one of us hanging up on the other. It could be that Sprint was just so bad that now Tmobile looks heavenly by comparison…but that’s ok too.

    As for upgrade options, all carriers do this, and it is BS. A two year contract is ridiculous in the first place, but to not allow a phone upgrade for the entire life of the contract is asinine. I will say this in defense of T-Mobile: they’re allowing you to be billed for the Mytouch 3g, whereas in my experience with Sprint, I had to pay up front. And knowing how I have worked with T-mobile in the past buying phones for my second line (because my girlfriend busted two of them), they will allow you to payment arrange it to death, meaning you can pay $399 over a couple of months.

    It’s certainly not ideal, but it’s a break from paying $399 on the spot.

    My question is, should I upgrade? I was under the impression the my touch and G1 shared the same processing power and ram.

    • amarkow2

      well that may be true coming from sprint regarding customer service but once you get over their “friendliness” you too will realized that they know nothing about their devices are read straight from some lame as manual that I could type up. Being with them for the time I have, I have seen a noticeable drop off in the quality of their customer care. They can be very very tough to deal with.

      • JD

        So it’s most likely that I have come from hell into a slightly cooler one. :)

  • Anika

    Android enthusists need to understand that there are many Android powered devices to come. The myTouch is not the successor to the G1. It’s just T-Mobile’s 2nd Android device. Just as many Motorola handsets have the same operating system, and many Samsung devices have the same operating systems, HTC has simply released another device with the Android operating system. Every time HTC releases a device with a Windows Mobile operating system we don’t hear a slew complaints from people who’ve recently purchased a device with the same OS. G1 users might even be happy when a 3rd Android powered device is released and is preceived to be better than the myTouch.

  • http://briandouglashayes.com beehaze

    I’m a pretty satisfied G1 owner; I’ve had it three months and it does everything it was advertised to do and then some. That said, the smartphone market is so competitive and so quickly changing that I likely will be looking for an upgrade within the next nine—twelve months or so.

    I chose the G1 because it was a cost-effective upgrade at the time ($179) and I could keep my number, plan, and loyalty with T-Mobile.

    But if T-Mobile won’t offer upgrade pricing to me, they’ll definitely lose me as a customer. I’d rather pay the cancellation fee and sign up with AT&T for an iPhone 3GS, which would cost less money than sticking with T-Mobile and upgrading to a myTouch3G. I don’t think I’m the only one that feels this way.

  • Morgan

    Early adopters have enjoyed the G1 for 10 months and the Hero/Touch is only now available. Everyone who bought a G1 who could read knew of the battery and memory limitations. Early adopters pay MORE for the privilege of playing with new toys, early, they are not beta testers worthy of compensation, in disguise. T-mobile/Google owes them nothing more than the enjoyment they have already obtained from their phones.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I did not mean to imply that G1 owners deserve anything. T-Mobile has offered other customer loyalty programs($49 unlimited mins) in the past and it would be cool if they had an Android loyalty program.

      I’m a very satisfied T-Mobile customer and I have no plans to leave. That being said, I dislike the contracts offered by most of the larger wireless carriers.

  • HR

    As a G1 owner i think this is whiny nonsense. New models are always coming that are better and can do more.

    We all knew this and everyone knew another TMo android phone was coming.
    The G1 is not even a year old and you want another free one?


    the new iphone 3gs has updated graphics ability for new games. iPhone 3g users don’t deserve a free 3gs upgrade either.

    Too much entitlement.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I’m not looking for a free upgrade. I think a lot of G1 owners would upgrade if they could get the same $199 price that new customers are getting.

      To pay $399 + $18 upgrade fee and taxes, it is not worth it.

      It will be exciting when some of the mid sized carriers like Cricket get in the game with their no contracts and unlimited minutes. An Android phone with no contract would be ideal.

  • http://simplyblog.net Miguel

    Let’s start a fire storm on twitter demanding a trade in program!

  • xian

    This is going to sound like an echo of some earlier comments, but I have been surviving with the low internal space because of the Cyanogen mod and the ability to install apps to the sd card. I only got a mobile phone because of android and I have only fantastic things to say about t-mobile support and have been a G1 owner since October.

    I went with the G1 because of the hardware keyboard. I expect that eventually there will be something out there that is better, but until there is a new device with a keyboard and trackball, I’m not interested. It also helps that the google developer phone is a G1, which means that it is a common development platform for people like the hackers on xda. I’d be sad if I got a phone that no one else had an did not get access to third party firmware fun.

  • bob

    most of this paranoia about getting updates is just that paranoia and the writer of this article is generating this just for shock value i expect to drive eyeballs to their site. Stop with the bullshit speculation.

    While it may indeed be the case that the g1 won’t support android 2.0 that in no way means any of the updates in the coming months will be android 2.0.

    Also to think that there is no “endpoint” for the g1 is just being stupid. Of course at somepoint you’ll have to “upgrade”. This is just the way of things. You can’t run vista on a pc133 from the early 90′s just like you can’t run OSX on the old mac classics.

    Do you need to upgrade to the latest and greatest? No of course not. Is the 3g Touch that much better than the g1? Absolutely not! There is no keyboard, and it does everything else the same, period.

    I pre-ordered. I use my g1 daily and i get a days worth of heavy use out of the battery. I also run down the battery down to nothing and let a full charge go at night. I have 3g on and gps as well, “wi-fi” only at home.

    My keyboard and screen are still perfect as the day i got it, unless you just whip open the keyboard letting it full force slam upward (and by the way that is NOT baby’n it) will it likely loosen anything internal. Just like with the original flip phones where the hinges went bad because people were wreckless with their phones.

    I’d say quit your whining and upgrade only when we really have a “new” and improved phone. not just a few mb of memory, or a hr or two battery more (you can buy bigger from 3rd party anyways)

  • http://www.spilledmilkdesigns.com nick haskins

    I completely agree with this. If every G1 owner stood up, T Mobile would definitely do something I would think.

  • Nathan

    This is the kind of “why doesn’t this corporation fund my personal gadget collection” whining that made Apple owners look like such babies when the iPhone price dropped. You didn’t get screwed – t-mobile is not the government and your civil liberties are not at stake here. I’m trying to imagine the business model of the cell company that gives $500 phones to customers for $200 every eight months.

    I failed.

  • PhineasJW

    The G1 is a functional brick, however the myTouch3G is in *no way* a suitable upgrade over the G1:

    1. Same processor
    2. Same screen size
    3. Same screen resolution
    4. No keyboard

    Considering we are *on the cusp* of the media processor revolution, in my opinion it would be absolutely FOOLISH to upgrade from the G1 to the MyTouch.

    In 6-12 months, there will be multiple handsets sporting Snapdragon/Tegra/OMAP with ultra high-resolution displays…why would someone who already owns a G1 lock himself into a marginally better phone and then have to wait another 2 years before a *real* upgrade?

    The SE Rachel (4″ 800×400 Snapdragon) is just a taste of the real magic to come.

    When those phones start dropping, my G1 is gone, AND so is T-Mobile unless they’re offering them.

    If you have a G1: WAIT
    If you don’t have a G1: well, I’d still wait

    • Wade-0

      Thank you for injecting some reason and rationality into this ridiculous thread. I agree with you 100%.

  • foebea

    The slideout hardware keyboard is a MUST, though I found it a bit thin to be comfortable for extended use. Luckily there is a 2600mah battery which lasts under heavy use all day long which makes the keyboard much more comfortable. As to limited space, cyanogen took care of that for me ;)

    G1 is win for me.

  • jose

    I agree 100%.
    I have to walk around with a spare battery. I should not have to do that. Not to mention how much times I had to wipe browser cache because i did not have sufficient room for my apps. I was so tired to this that I hacked my phone over at xda just to run the apps off of the sd card. But that was a blessing because now I have the hero rom running flawlessy… I a still not happy with the batt life, or the onboard space…. There shoulb be a better way to upgrade. I want the my touch because the hero keyboard is the best softkeyboard i ever used and im sure it will work perfect on the mytouch

  • http://myspace.com/lolbreebreebree FckingAllen

    wow. i really hope they do SOMETHING along those lines for us. you hold a strong point.

  • Rudy

    I really don’t think there is any reason for people to be really going crazy about upgrading to a my touch 3g. If you have the money and want it go head.People remember it was never said that it is the definite successor the g1. Actually its something different that run basically exactly like the G1 with only a few minor upgrade and now really wouldn’t you really rather wait to get the second G1 or what ever it will actually be called. Just imagine if the G1 one was this advance, the second one will be definitely better than the my touch 3g that only have a few minor different/upgrade from the G1. Also the second version of G1 would way more advance than G1 right. Some of you may say how would I know that their will be a second G1 but I never said I know for sure, but it would be common sense to understand how successful the G1 was/is and along with the fact that it was the first of its breed/kind that Google will give it another try.Do you really think Google going to just forget all about the G1?

  • Rudy

    I really don’t think there is any reason for people to be really going crazy about upgrading to a my touch 3g. If you have the money and want it go head.People remember it was never said that it is the definite successor the g1. Actually its something different that run basically exactly like the G1 with only a few minor upgrade and now really wouldn’t you really rather wait to get the second G1 or what ever it will actually be called. Just imagine if the G1 one was/is this advance, the second one will be definitely better than the my touch 3g that only have a few minor different/upgrade from the G1. Also the second version of G1 would way more advance than G1 right. Some of you may say how would I know that their will be a second G1 but I never said I know for sure, but it would be common sense to understand how successful the G1 was/is and along with the fact that it was the first of its breed/kind that Google will give it another try.Do you really think Google going to just forget all about the G1?

  • robb

    I am really sick of hearing this argument.

    Everyone knows (or should know) what they are getting into when they sign a contract. It is written in plain english that you are not eligible for the subsidized price of a new phone until a specified number of months.

    The problem is that newer phones come out before a contract is up and everyone wants them. I admit that I am guilty of it as well, but the difference is that I realize when I am still under contract and know that there is nothing I can do. I don’t go crying about it, saying that it is unfair and demanding my carrier to do something about it.

    If complaining about it does get a carrier to change it’s policy than great, but I won’t hold my breath.

    What do I do? Buy the phone outright or used. Think about it….. The price of a cell phone with a 2 year contract is being subsidized by the carrier and with TMobile requiring a data plan with the G1 over those 2 years, you are paying a LOT more for that phone over the length of the contract than the full price of the phone.

    It seems like a lot of money up front but if you are smart about it you can be free of a contract and have the newest phone whenever you want and not be locked into a specific voice and/or data plan.

    Do the math….. your G1 will probably fetch (at least) $200 used on eBay and the myTouch is will cost you about $500 outright (not the 399.99 2 year upgrade cost mention in the article). With the difference of what you get back from your G1 the new phone will cost you $300 — only $100 more than you would under contract. Then, when the latest and greatest phone comes out 8-10 months from now you can do the same and buy that if you want to….. instead of crying about it on a website.

    See…. the trick is to look past the carrier’s lock on you and be smart about it.

  • Anika

    Its so funny to me how some people make it sound as if they were forced into signing a contract. Everyone is always free to pay the full retail price for any handset they choose if signing a 2-year contract is unappealing. But you cannot expect technology to stand still while you enjoy the deep discounts associated with 2-year contracts. Just be thankful that you are free to change your mind at any time during those 2 years, and pay full retail for that handset in the form of an early termination fee. In which case, you probably ended up with a bit of a discount. Waiting will not kill you.

  • http://twitter.com/ryanmf Ryanmf

    I’m glad this post/discussion popped up today as I happen to be right in the middle of this decision.

    I’ve been head over heels for Android since day one, but felt quite the opposite about the G1 hardware at the outset. I’ve since grown fonder of the little guy, but still wanted to wait it out to see what the second generation of Android phones would look like (all the while keeping very close tabs on developments on XDA and sites like Android and Me).

    After several months of waiting, I’ve been almost completely unimpressed. Magic/MyTouch does nothing for me, the camera is a novelty, the keyboard can be added to rooted G1s, and bigger aftermarket batteries are readily available; Hero is the sexiest Android device so far but it’s still not an especially meaningful hardware improvement over the G1, and perhaps more importantly I wouldn’t switch to AT&T if you put a gun (or iPhone) to my head; and when the HTC roadmap leaked I was intrigued by Memphis/Lancaster, but that turned out to be another AT&T exclusive with even worse specs than the G1.

    I’d actually felt as if I’d reached the end of my research (and the bottom of any near-term price cuts on the G1) and had planned to buy mine at the end of this week. But since you’re all here discussing it anyway…

    Am I making a mistake?

    Is there anything about the MyTouch that you’re REALLY excited about I might be underestimating? Am I overestimating what I should expect out of a Cyanogenized, overclocked (or at least un-underclocked) processor running, extended battery toting, 16gb Class 6 card packing G1 will be capable of? I think it’s important to note that I’ll actually be using the upgrade status of another line on my T-Mo family plan to buy the phone, and my line will become re-eligible next spring, hopefully right about the time some interesting Tegra/Snapdragon handsets start materializing, but maybe you could also make an argument for why I’m just spending money at the wrong time. Who knows.

    In short, if you were free of any contract obligations and could buy a handset today, would you get a G1 or hold out for something else, and why?

    • cymor

      I’ve had my G1 since Feb, and love it. One of the reasons I bought it was for the full keyboard. I’m surprised that none of the new Android phones have a hardware keyboard. I would buy the G1 again.

  • Shel

    One flaw in your argument.

    Unlike people who upgrade now, and get a myTouch for $199, YOU will have a myTouch AND a G1.

    Go to eBay and check out prices for good/excellent condition G1′s. You can get between $240-260 for them.

    $459-240 = $219

    I just upgraded using my wife’s account to the myTouch, and will pay about $240 with tax, upgrade fees, etc., $20 more then YOU, and you’ve been using the G1 for a while now!

    Realistically, I don’t think it’s fair to expect to keep your G1 and get a new myTouch, and pay the same as other’s who are ONLY getting the myTouch, is it?

    (If your G1 isn’t in good/excellent condition, well…. guess that’s the breaks. I took care of mine, have had it since launch, used a case and screen cover and it looks like brand new…)

  • http://twitter.com/FlyBoySanks BDot

    Agreed @Marcus

    As a G1 owner, it’s hard for me to say, but it’s looking like “too bad” for us. It isn’t like HTC, Google, or T-Mo hid anything from us prior to the G1 launch so we have no reason to cry foul. In fact, Google made it pretty clear that Android won’t be tied to any one device, and that consumers should expect a lot more to be released before the first year is up.

    As for me, I’ll wait to see if there’s any Android devices on deck with hardware keyboards (not named ‘Morrison’), or maybe once the Xperia X3 comes out I’ll take the dive…again.

  • http://www.craiggunderson.com/blog2 Gunderstorm

    This always fascinates me. People sign a two year contract and then it’s “what have you done for me lately?” 18 months later.

    Guess what guys, you took a chance to be the first kid on your block with a G1 just like TMo took a chance on being the first to release a Google phone. You should be commending TMo for being an early adopter itself.

    I bought an unlocked G1 on Craigslist and I’m using it on AT&T (yes that means I don’t even get 3G). It’s still better than my girlfriend’s iPhone.

    40-50 apps?!? Seriously? Are you using half of those regularly?

    Aren’t there supposed to be something like a dozen Android phones on the market by year end? Maybe one of them will have a hardware keyboard and you can jump ship then.

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  • richard

    I would like the HTC Hero interface to come to the G1. That’d be easy enough.

  • http://haydentheandroid.blogspot.com haydenTheAndroid

    While true, I would much rather wait another 1.5 years and get a phone much better than both the G1 and myTouch3G (there should be a wide range of phones to choose from by then) than pay more for a marginal upgrade now.

  • http://http//www.tinyvital.com/blog mesocyclone

    Too much wining. Don’t people realize that these contracts are paying for the phone? If you don’t believe that, check out Verizon – you can buy a phone with no contract, 1 year or 2 year. Look at the no contract price and you will see how much the contract subsidizes you.

    However… You don’t have to upgrade at a high price…

    Drop the old contract (pay the cancellation fee). Get a new one with the phone at the new price.

    The cancellation fee plus the original price of the phone is well under the cost of a new phone.

    BTW… I suspect if you tell T-mobile you are going to do that, they’ll make you a deal anyway.

    I just bought a G1 a month ago knowing a lot of new phones were coming out – I paid $99 + two year contract with the full expectation of payhing the cancellation fee when a good Android came out – maybe not even on T-Mobile (I’d prefer Verizon, which has an OPEN system – open to any manufacturer).

  • Alex

    An upgrade plan would be awesome but the mytouch3g I don’t believe is worth upgrading to. Since HTC are releasing numerous phones in the future and most likely there will be another that will have a physical keyboard. I would happy to pay for unlocked HTC phone instead of getting one with a contract.

  • jacturne

    The myTouch device looks nice, but it will always be a flawed device without Flash on it. I think I’ll wait until they finally add Flash to an Android device out of the box.

  • omgjoz

    It would be nice to not pay $500 for another phone, but I have a hard time seeing T-Mobile do anything for its loyal Android customers. Perhaps Amazon.com will have a promo in 6 months…

  • Derek

    Oh my god there are children starving!!!Just as everyone is whinning about they’re phones I pictured a world with so many more serious problems than this…Seriously just the fact that we can brows real internet is pretty cool to me! I mean its like having a mini laptop in your pocket guys. Stop complaining and whoever up there was the first to say that we all knew what we were getting into before we signed the contract is right on point…There are bigger fish to fry and I would be embarrassed if I was someone complaining about they’re phone when its not even that important.

  • chase200142

    this is a good article and there are a lot of folks here with good opinions about it.I bought my G1 in February and I love it very much, I am sorry to say that I didn’t do enough research to know about the battery life and that storage space so I was a bit surprised at that but after using it and reading post about it I worked it out. Its a amazing little phone and it really is a mini laptop(with limitations).As far as the apps , well lets face it most of them are just play toys for adults and lets face it when u get tired of a toy u get a new one right?OK about the my touch, Well its nice , I saw one at the t mobile store and it is a cool phone, sure it has a couple of changes but its basically the same as the G1. I am a gadget geek and I would love a new phone but I think I will wait it out . Honestly The only thing that would get me it upgrade would be a phone with a bigger screen! I would be willing to put out the 400 bucks for that !Until! then I am happy with my G1

  • http://www.lighthousesolutions.info jason

    No android phone will be as good as the dream (g1) unless it can be rooted. We (the hacker community) are doing things with the dream now that blow the magic, fuck, even the hero out of the water. I get 10 hours battery life with the stock battery, wifi, gps, and 3g on. I have a gorgeous theme, auto rotate, multi touch, the ability to run full fledged linux on my phone….etc etc the list goes on forever.

    Unless these new phones can be rooted, unless they have a hardware keyboard that can be recognized by android rc29, there is no WAY that they’ll be as good as the dream (g1) no matter the specs.\

    Buy a g1, and I will TEACH you how to make I phone 3gs envious. Drop me a line.

  • cheryll

    I think G1 is a great phone we got 5 family members who switched to G1 and the only concern was the battery life. We even tried getting the Lithium battery but still didn’t work. If the new G1 has better battery life and since we are supporters AKA guinea pigs for the first android why not give us a break on the price and just be $199 instead of getting it for $499. As far as storage, I dont have any complains since Im not installing 50 plus apps although I went and got 16G memory card for music and a few apps uses it as well and lets not forget pictures and videos.

  • Mike

    I just got my G1 the other day knowing full well that the Mytouch was just about to be released. I wanted a real keyboard, the onscreen is OK, but it not nearly as good as the real thing. Why would the G1 not take future updates? It’s the same processor as every other Android phone coming out soon, including the new samsung i7500. Battery sucks on the G1, but that’s OK.. I’ll wait for a Android on the Snapdragon hardware before upgrading again. Also, the G1 is hackable so you can install other builds with different/better features, we may not be so luck with the MyTouch.

  • matt

    the most glaring drawback to the G1 is the low onboard memory (and no way of porting your apps to SD, unless you root it) and its definitely going to be slower than its newer counterparts coming out.

    You can def. flash other builds onto the G1, xda-dev is having a field day with the G1, but just recently they have started to run into the problem of archaic hardware (the G1) versus newer builds based on different architecture

  • Greg

    For those complaining about poor battery life, check out WiSyncPlus. Many have reported doubling their battery life. Others report they can actually go two or three days between charges. Standby time can easily be pushed 100+ hours over that of the iPhone. The application can save far, more power than is possible with simple applications like Power Manager.

    There are options available. So rather than complain, check out WiSyncPlus; available in the market.



    Just get two 2600mah batteries and a extra charger, then you never have to charge, I use wifi tether on a daily basis and never have a problem with low batt. The phone is more comfortable too

  • ucla69er

    The problem with the G1 as someone mentioned is the extremely limited app space. If they fixed this, then there really is nothing to whine about. 74mb is not enough. It’s such a trivial thing that I shouldn’t have to uninstall and reinstall my apps to make room for ones I use. Fix this problem please. The Mytouch isn’t even any more powerful than the g1, just a bigger battery and much more space for apps.

    and it’s not even really 74 mb for apps. it’s 74 mb for apps and data! And at <10mb left you get warning usage and <20mb you do notice some slowdowns on the phone. So oit's more like 64mb for apps and data which is much too low. I bought the phone thinking (logically i think) that they would have fixed this by now.

  • Tydiz

    That’s really weird…I was eligible for the $199 price on the myTouch…which I preordered for my G1 back in October of last year. I even resigned in February because I had to move the bills into my name, so when I was checking my eligibility I was only 5 months in on my contract.

    What made me any different than anyone else?

  • Matthew Crome

    I’ve been a loyal customer to t-mobile for many years. I’ve insisted that my family move over to t-mobile. I was an early adopter of the phone and have a love/hate relationship with my G1. It’s quirky and it’s laggy. They tout the Marketplace, well what good is the market place if you can’t install the apps and still keep the phone usable. I don’t mind paying a little for an upgrade but a whooping $500 is just too much. T-mobile should at least offer a trade in program for those that want it. So far I’ve been very happy with the service I’ve received from t-mobile and am impressed by the potential of the android OS, but this gives me reason to rethink my future purchasing decisions when it comes to my phone. I refuse to spend an additional $500 on virtually the same phone with no keyboard and a modest hardware update.

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  • http://gl0rify.com Stefing

    All fair points, but…
    I got my G1 from eBay UK for £205 and love it.
    I’ve moved the caches and applications over to my Class 6 MicroSD card so that’s one limitation dealt with.
    Yes, a faster processor would be nice – when wouldn’t it?
    Yes, more memory too.
    Battery life is vastly improved with 3G and GPS off, it’s seldom they’re actually needed anyway and known battery killers on most devices.
    A colleague has the Magic and wishes he had the G1, a real keyboard is a must for me (although I loved the handwriting recognition on my SE P-series phones)
    Give me a big screened device with a GHz processor, 512MB RAM, a good camera with proper flash and a keyboard and I’ll grab it.
    Bit it will have to be Android, of course ;)

  • http://www.jitterbug.com emergency cell phone

    That’s exactly what iphone did to customers when the 3G came out. People just need to learn to wait 2 months after something new comes out, chances are the company will release something better and cheaper.