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Boost Mobile to get Android phones from Motorola in 2010?

Motorola held their quarterly earnings call today and CEO Sanjay Jha revealed lots of new Android information.  Among the news, was the first report that Motorola would produce Android phones for the iDEN network.  Prepaid phones have continued to perform well and carriers are hungry for new phones that would allow them to attach more data plans.

After beating analysts predictions for Q2, Motorola’s stock jumped nearly 10% on Thursday.  One of biggest successes for their mobile division was the new iDEN Clutch i465 which is sold on Sprint’s Boost Mobile unit.  Analysts have concluded that as much as a third of Motorola’s handset sales were due to Boost Mobile, who had 938,000 net customer additions last quarter.

Boost Mobile offers phones with prepaid plans.  They currently offer a flat rate plan for $50 with unlimited minutes, text, and data.  After the last quarter they now have 4.4 million subs.  Nearly every phone they offer is built by Motorola with prices ranging from $49-299.  Boost Mobile originally began as a division of Nextel which is why they operate on the Sprint/Nextel iDEN network.

Sanjay Jha, Motorola CEO, said “In iDEN we will continue to refresh the portfolio, which will also include Android-based devices.  We continue to have pretty good traction with iDEN and with the recent renewed focus from Sprint on prepaid, we have a pretty good market share with Sprint in prepaid and we’re improving our relationships with not just Sprint, but every single North American carrier across the portfolio.”

Motorola will only be launching 2 Android phones this holiday season, but expects to make Android their focus for 2010.  Jha expressed his desire to bring Android to the low end phones.  “Our core strategy really is to take Android and take Android to as low down the feature phone tier, as we possibly can, by bringing in Smartphone features, best of Internet, best of messaging, best of multi-media, best of location services.”

These low end Android phones will still offer a robust internet experience.  When asked about how low end phones would differ from the high end Jha responded, “I suspect that in both of them you need to provide sufficient capabilities that there is a probability, a high probability of attach rate of data plan. I expect that you would see some tiering of data plans and data plan for low end and high end will be different.  We’re actually quite focused on working with carriers to make sure that we could enable for that to occur, so that even in the low end Android Smartphones carriers can get data plan and have an ability to subsidize those devices a little more aggressively.”

It will be really interesting to see what type of experience these low end phones will offer.  Motorola repeatedly emphasized their close relationship with Google and I would not be surprised if they were working together on a lite version of Android for feature phones.  Android engineers expressed at Google I/O that the G1 was the lowest device they considered when coding for performance.  Anything less would be too slow to run Android the way it was intended.

No exact time frame was given for these low end phones, but they should arrive next year.  It is critical to Motorola’s turnaround that they bring Android to the lower level.  Smartphones make more money, but are just a small percentage of the overall handset market.  Jha left no doubt that Android is the primary focus for 2010.  He said they were “making sure that we can bring the price points of those devices as low as possible in a profitable way.  If we don’t break even in 2010 I’d be disappointed.”

Android on Boost Mobile: Where ya at?

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  • Bigsby

    I would definitely purchase an Android phone if it were offered by Boost. I have been using Boost mobile for years now and even if one of theses phones were to cost $300-$400 bucks,I would save that in the first few months of owning it compared to the high cost data plans the major carriers have. Not to mention stuck to a contract for 2 years..

    • http://Website Bman

      It’s definately worth it! I give this I1 phone two thumbs up!

    • http://Website da boss

      Bigsby i love the fact that the phone is comeing to boost but 300-400 man you crazy!!!

    • http://Website Tnya

      The Phone is out And yes it runs about 3-400 Dollars but its worth it ( my husband has one)

    • http://Website asp

      i am from the n.e bronx & i have found a couple of boost dealers who either have in stock or expecting them in the next shipment, one price quote was $ 180.00+taxes

  • http://vivagonzo.blogspot.com Joshua

    These people need to get the hint. We people that use prepaid have been burnt by contracts. We are hungry for phones that match iphones and blackberries, we are consumers hungry for the same tools available to everyone else and we pay for it, often times paying more than those with contracts. So why the delays in comparable phone technologies? Are we seen as second rate consumers, boost users are pigeon holed as “urban”. I am a professional and I resent being branded as urban. The “hip” voice when I “re-boost” is derogatory. The slow introduction of a full featured line of phones, with no technical stumbling blocks deliberately in place, is an outright slap in the face to anyone that is paying attention to what is offered to other consumers. Come on Boost, or Sprint, or Motorola give us what we want, iden phones that measure up to your competition. Update your imagine so that consumers take you more seriously, “urban” people don’t need a “hip” voice menu, just good service and straight forward cost.

    • David

      WOW!! Well said.

      • http://Website Ontaygo


    • surfereddie

      I really don’t care how Boost is marketing their service. They are idiots if they think we care. $50 for all you can eat. Sign me up. Can we use the HTC hero on Boost?

      • http://Website ben


    • http://Website Baby

      Thank you I agree 100%

    • http://Website edgar


      • http://Website acer_liquid

        I use tmobile prepaid & an android phone that uses wifi for data. It’s way smarter than paying an arm and a leg to these cell phone carriers who gauge you every chance they get. It’s stupid to be at the mercy of big corporations.

      • http://Website Chay

        Whether he is a professional or not what does it matter? He wants a good deal for his money, JUST LIKE YOU WOULD, or anyone else would. And he has a right to demand it. He is speaking up so that if one day they change their policies , YOU can enjoy a better service for a better price. Stop being such a puppet.

    • http://Website stanley brandon

      Woot. Agreed. Double woot.

    • http://Website MICHELLE

      Hello I definetly have to agree with the rest of the ppl here. I was a loyal sprint nextel customer for years and when so many people around me left Nextel to go with Boost, I shined upon the idea. However, It does make sense, for the exact same services with Nextel, I was paying well over double want I pay now with Boost. However, you comprimise with the aspect of no insurance and lousy phones. After a fe w months with my current phone, I am not in the position of comprimising features for an attractive phone. I either get it all and features that I really don’t need or I have to sacrafice. If anything, I wish these companies would take or advice and build phones to suit our needs. Too bad it’s not like building a house or buying a car where you can pick and choose options and color. After all we are paying up to 350.00 for these disposible phones with no insurance or warranties.

      • http://Website srb644

        Tell me about it!!! Boost does have lousy-ass phones.

    • http://Website Henny

      Shut yo ass up!

    • http://Website Henny

      Shut yo ass up!

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  • Kahyoh….

    If Boost is Owned by Sprint… Then whats the Big Deal if We as Boost mobile customers had the opportunity to purchase these new cell phones with our mobile carriers, They use Motorola devices Correct? I say let the others contract out your phones as AT&T did with Iphone.. I am a Boost customer with unlimited service give us the good stuff as well Already, As Jay Z would say.. C’mon man What To It?? Really 2 thumbs up for Non -contract cell phone ppl like myself WE ROCK MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea

  • WilliamC

    If Motorola makes a touchscreen phone with the walkie-talkie built in – it is all over with for the other prepaid companies. Sprint should add the walkie-talkie to the Instinct or the Palm pre or Pixie. This will be the game changer in prepaid…..Do you know how hard it is for people to put those three touchscreen phones down. Microsoft live search, say a command, information at the touch of a button, self updating or press the refresh button to get upto date info – winners in my book….the phone even talks to you and says the person who is calling you before you pick the phone up or it speaks that you have new mail(Instinct)and built in GPS.These are simple, clean and easy to use devices. Customizing these phones are easy too…No difficulty in that department….

  • surfereddie

    Can we use the Samsung Moment from Sprint on Boost?

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  • http://www.adesa.com Luis

    What is the ETA on this Android phone for Boost Mobile, I am in the mist of changing over to this service?

    Thank You.

    • http://Website AzELAS90


  • http://Website omesha

    can we use any iden phones with boost?

  • http://Website robert dumonte

    ETA is june They will cost 350 and be avalible mid june i am a boost retailer and they will be very hard to get if u dont get them the day they come out i sell 200+ phones a month and i was only able to pre order 5

  • http://Website fktruong

    I have the curve on boost but I would like to know is boost gonna carry a better blackberry?? like the bold. I used to use the original BOLD with AT&T, but I really like the new BOLD’s that have come out. anyone with any info about this?? thanks

    • http://Website MIKE

      the blackberry 8330 is the best phone compare to the other blackberry”s . If you would it to know just go to http://www.blackberry.com and compare all the blackberry phone.

  • http://Website Nessa

    Does anyone know if boost is going to sell a Blackberry with the chirp function? Not having PTT is the only thing holding me back from buying a Boost Blackberry.

    • http://Website Martin

      Go to http://www.boostberry.com. They have the service you need. You can also look them up on ebay. It is cheaper there.

  • http://Website Galane

    I’ve just ended my two years with Verizon and an LG env2. I’m looking hard at Boost Mobile, but I really want an Android phone.

    I don’t need e-mail on a phone if it has web access and I can use Yahoo Mail and GMail that way.

    I’m paying almost $50 a month for Verizon now, for voice only, which isn’t unlimited minutes except after 9 PM and weekends. People insist on sending me text messages, which I have to pay for, which some months kicks the bill up to nearly $50.

    I figure $50 on Boost for all I can eat everything has to be better than the Verizon-charge-you-extra-for-the-plate-AND-the-napkins plans.

    What I *don’t* want is another phone that runs on the BREW system like the env2 and the two phones I had before it. BREW is just a pipe to your wallet if you want to download any apps, and what few apps there are, are mostly junk, and next to none available for the env2 anyway.

    • http://Website iLoveBoost

      You should definitely switch to boost. It is worth it. I mean honestly, why be stuck in a contract and risk your credit if you decide to bailout. At least with boost if you don’t like it you just dont pay it the next month. Its as simple as that. Besides the Boost Android is almost here! HOORAY! lol

  • http://Website jefferson

    i’m soooo ready to get away from AT&T. i have a razor 3xxx and i pay $93 a month for 900 anytime, 1500 texts and no multi media! why am i paying so much for so little?

    i’m going to boost mobile as soon as that android hits! and for $50 month for everything, its a no brainer!

    if i can find a un-locked android or smart phone of my choice can i use it at boost mobile?

    • http://Website Zach

      I am in the same boat. A few more features so a little higher price, but for the most part the same. My contract with AT&T expires June ’11 but I have done the math and will actually save more switching to Boost Mobile AND paying the AT&T cancellation fee than waiting and paying AT&T for service. I think that says something if you ask me!

  • http://Website rah rah

    hey i be happy if they get android phone …..

  • http://Website chtis

    boost mobile is great i had a couple with the chirp and my text was slow cause its on the nextel network…i just got the incognito when it came out and this phone is great it runs on the sprint network….superfast texts….if the android comes with a chirp i wont get it cause the chirp slows everything down,,,, i can gaurantee that there gonna charge more than 50 a month masybe 60 like the blackberry but def worth it.

  • http://Website SHINGLER

    waiting for droid boost phone hurry up! the price is great 50.00 anybody that is paying more is really an IDIOT!!!! dont you know that WE NEED AN AMERICAN CITIZEN DROID PHONE!!!!!

  • http://Website Crie

    I love my boost i9 phone it couldn’t get any better for me, but why are the new boost phones that are coming out now don’t have chirp?

    • http://Website D.lovely

      No body chirps any more! It is so played out and has been for
      been for a couple of years now. It was fun when u
      r young. I was chirping in my late teens and early
      Twenties I am thirty one now I really don’t need to
      be chirping not a good look for someone my age.
      I wish they had not put the chirp feature on the new
      I1 what were they thinking? They could have
      replaced that with the music feature that the sprint
      Instinct has where u can download full versions of a
      Song and play them back like an mp3 player.

  • http://www.crazymonkeygames.com d.k

    cuss tha iDEN seris fone r faster on chripin causein the texts 2 move slow while the CDMA type fones are faster without the chirp (a.k.a lik the sanyo incognito dosent have tha chrip cuss it has 3g speed..) THA BIGGER ? IS DOES THA NEW MOTOROLA Ai andriod goin have both at once FOR A CHRIP SMARTPHONE IS IT 3G SPEED CAPABLE ALSO??? PLL WE HAVE A BADASS FONE ON THA WAY N BUDDY WHO WORK 4 THEM TAT MADE A POST ON DIS WEBSITE IS RIGHT IT’S GOIN B 350 BIGG ONE THE NAME IS….””MOTOROLA Ai”” “THA 1ST EVER MOTOROLA ANDRIOD SMARTPHONE WIT A BADASS CHRIP”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website fonetek

    damn you ppl are dumb.. the motorola i1 is going to be stupid on boost iden network.. boost mobiles iden network sucks.. i mean if they where to put an android phone one boost cdma network then that would be good.. but boost iden network i mean c’mon iden isnt even 2g its 1g.. on the other hand boost cdma network which runs off sprints towers is 3g if your using it with a 3g enabled device. but in the long run i guess this is a good move by boost iden and motorola.. cause they will attract the dumbasses that dont know you can flash a 3g sprint phone to boost cdma and have 3g data mms sms and voice all for 50 buks I’ve flashed touch pros touch pro 2 rants rumors almost all sprint fones to boost cdma network and they work awesome.. but i wouldnt spen 300 to 400 buks on a smart phone thats not dooing what its supposed to be dooing cause smart phones revolve around their data, data that iden network wouldnt give you..

    • http://Website CJ DOC

      Ok, obviously you understand how the whole network thing works but maybe instead of insulting the people using this forum you should use your knowledge to help educate our “dumbasses”.

  • http://www.t-mobile.com Chris

    So how many of you realize how horrible the iDEN network is and when it was last upgraded and that its evolution is dead? Just because its owned by Sprint doesn’t mean you even get the crappy Sprint service you don’t use the cdma network you don’t get 4g or even 3g you use the old nextel towers that haven’t been touched since the merger with Sprint that why you get a 50 all you can eat.

  • http://Website LADY DEE

    i dont care what nobody say when the droid comes out i got 2 have it n i say 2 if anybody wants that phone go get it cuss i will b n that same line………………..TELL ME HOW IT WORKS 4 ALL OF U GUYS N GIRLS

  • http://Website Kczwifey

    Its coming soon! I, however will be one of the first to try it out, and give them feedback on what I think. LOL Yea.. OK.. Let me get back to reality here.. They are coming out with one, very soon.. Its already on the boost website, and its so new that it don’t have a price on it.. It just says in stores soon! Sooo .. stay updated.. because, ima b trying to find it when it comes out, because I HATE SPRINT…. Time to go backk to boost..

  • http://Website ostracon

    A Is this what the public school is spewing out??
    B Don’t you guys get why this is here?? Its to share ideas and thoughts to progress as a whole. I don’t see the value in slamming other contributers. Pretty soon, with enough coments like those from (for example, not a slam) fonetek and edgar (who really should take a reading comprehension class) nobody will have anything to say.
    Or am I missing the point and actually reading those that skilled users just move past?

  • http://Website jack olatern

    My wife and I have been using BM for 2 years now and haven’t had any issues. The phones aren’t the greatest, but if you’re using your phone as a phone and maybe some text messages you can’t beat it. Unlimited phone, unlimited text, unlimited chirp … $50 bucks a month.

  • http://Website CJ DOC

    I have been using Boost since August of 09 and love the price. I don’t like the fact that my text messages will sometimes take 3 days to get to the person I send them to but you still cannot beat the price. I am seriously considering the new android phone but am wondering whether the blackberry might be better? Any suggestions from the Blackberry users? I was told they use a different network for the Blackberries than the other phones. I need to be able to connect to the internet and check my e-mail on a daily basis. Any suggestions????


    • KingCracker

      Honestly if it were me i would spend the money on the blackberry simply because of it’s functionality . But then it all depends on what you use your phone for ? I for instance use my phone for several things . I tether with my phone (meaning I get internet on my pc through my phone) , I send pictures to my pc via bluetooth , I listen to all my mp3 songs on my phone through my pc when I’m home and through my bluetooth when I’m on the go . The internet is a lot faster on the blackberry then it is on an iden phone . So with that said if it were me I would invest in the Blackberry . Oh and text messages get to me or to the other party within minutes not days .

  • http://Website nick

    when does it come out

  • http://Website Choice

    I have a Radio Shack gift card and the only place I can find the android phone by boost is Best Buy are they the only ones thats gonna carry it. I like to have one

  • http://Website meme

    sooooooooooooo i got the new booot fone it the best fone i got it at best buy it cost alot but its ay fun fone every1 get ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • http://Website Maurice

    I love the boost network. I was a proud AT&T customer until. I had to fight them about dropping calls. I tried to end the contract and they charged me a fee because there signal was no longer available where I live in NYC (go figure right). The AT&T rep was so nasty that I ended the contract and marched down the Target and bought a nice boost. Its two years later and I am still loving boost. i just wish they would bring out more professional phones for the more business oriented customer. No complaints from me. I enjoy the service and look forward to being a loyal customer.

  • KingCracker

    Ok so here’s the deal . Here are some pro’s and cons to Boost phones .
    I used to be with AT&T and I would a high bill with nothing to show for it . Then I went to sprint and everything was extra no matter what it was it cost extra . Then I went with Cricket and I really thought I was going to enjoy their service but guess what ? If you have issues it’s hard to get help and if you get to customer service you are actually calling Thailand and trust me they little about anything there . On top of that Cricket may no longer have the roaming thing going on but you still can’t get internet in the places that used to be roaming .

    So now on to Boost ;
    I have tried almost all the phones with exception of a few . The problems I have with Iden phones is that the battery life is limited . Most phones die within a 4 hour period if you use the ptt (walkie talkie) feature . I don’t know about you but I don’t want to carry around a charger so my phone don’t die . Then there is the fact that the phones are made very cheap , you put them in your pocket and before you know it the screen is scratched . There is the option of a screen protector but how many people can actually get this piece of clear adhesive plastic on the screen without having bubbles and making it hard to see what’s on the screen ?
    The nice thing about Boost Iden phones is that they are easy to tether with although a tad slow they are very reliable without any extra fee (and no Boost will not tell you how to do this , as a matter of fact they will claim it’s impossible with a Boost phone but it’s not and anyone can do it without any extra software) .

    CDMA Boost phones like the Blackberry are actually really good . The lifespan of the battery is quite a bit longer and I don’t have to worry about carrying a charger around with me . Now I won’t say the phone is perfect because it’s not . It’s still made cheap and the screen scratches easily . It tends to lag at times and is easily overwhelmed if you add apps to it such as Pandora . Another plus is that CDMA phones do not have ptt (walkie talkie) feature and they do not have sim cards . Tethering with a CDMA phone is a tad more difficult unless you use a 3rd party software , but it’s a tad faster then and Iden phone .

    As far as the new Android phone goes ? Well I have a few concerns with it being a downgraded version of Androids capabilities . I guess I would classify this phone as a “Starter” Android for people who have never used an Android with touch screen .
    The downside of this phone is going to be the ptt (walkie talkie) feature as this feature tends to drain the battery very rapidly . I like the fact that it offers an sd card slot although I don’t think people will get the full use out of it due to the phone being a downgraded version of the newer Androids . Also the touch screen is a pain in the rear . For those of you who have never owned a touch screen you will learn on your own how much of a pain in the rear this can be . You put the phone in your pocket and the next thing you know you’re calling someone because something in your pocket touched the screen . Or you pull your phone out of your pocket and find all your settings are messed up because something in your pocket again touched your screen , I know you can lock the screen but what person wants to constantly lock and unlock their screen just so they can use their phone ?
    Now here’s the plus side of this phone , it has WIFI capabilities . Meaning that if you’re kind of tech savy like myself you will be able to speed your tethering speed up quite a bit by just building a cantenna (google it and you will understand) and buying a used lynx router . Total cost maybe $30- end result ? High speed internet for free .

    Now as for the cost of the service provided by Boost ? Folks I can’t complain . I pay $60- a month and I have everything plus I tether my phone so I have internet on my pc at home as well . Like I said I have been with other carriers and they usually screw you at every turn . Even Cricket which guaranteed their service would work well in my area screwed me . I got a bill for more then what they advertise and they charge you to come into the store and pay your bill . So let me get this straight I’m paying an extra fee just so I can pay my bill ? Wow no thanks I’ll stick with Boost .

    • http://Website karim

      I was wondering if you could give me instructions on how to teather the phone with the lynx router it would be much apreciated thank you.

    • http://Website Lo:rya

      So u can use the i1as a wifi hotspot a rep. A radio shack is that i1couldnt tether

  • http://Website ced

    bout friggin time good by at&t hello again boost. the only reason left was because you had no phone selection

  • http://Website oscar

    will there be any other android phones on boost except the i1??

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  • http://Website Wyzard Earthwind

    Be patient y’all. Android and the folks at HQ haven’t forgotten about us. There are some interesting surprises in the works. Please sit down. Ubuntu is about to go prime time to the extreme.

    Android is a lovable OS. Friendly too.

    Okay, camera man bear with me here.

    Ubuntu is strong, stable and just plain kick yo ass Windows (any flavor). For those you that are Windows Fan Persons and can’t do without .. please snort some warm salt water and
    clear your damn brain. Thinking and exploration are great. The Ubuntu experience is so
    cool. You can mold it to your personal and / or corporate identities.

    The Android is an outstanding platform for an Android / Ubuntu wedding. Ubuntu Mobile is
    going to be released in November. It will be an Android 2 or 3 downloadable upgrade app.
    Better than Android or Ubuntu as standalone s.

    Android 3 / Ubuntu is a marvelous experience. Is it competitive with iPhone / AT&T?. In
    every way that you can possibly think of.

    And the carrier is .. (roll of drums) .. Boost Mobile

    Sprint / Boost smiled and took a chance and released the Motorola i1 ..

    Great phone .. This a smart phone for the masses. A bit pricey to be sure but it is sexy and
    sweet. Are ya ready .. No data plan required .. Folks that have iPhones are pissed. A better
    phone with an exceptionally competitive plans.

    The Android 3 will be released in early December. The Ubuntu upgrades are pre-installed.
    More fun than Star Trek .. Kudos to Mark Shuttleworth and the folks at Canonical Ltd. Good
    work. The Android 3 will make kids of us all. Fun

    Maybe now folks will want to enjoy Ubuntu (it’s free).

    Blessings Y’all

  • http://Website fustrated1

    ive been payin over $200 for two verizon droid phones and im seriously thinking about changing to boost….but i want to make sure that its a good product and actually get unlimited web text and calls. can someone let me know if the boost phones are really worth it???

    • http://Website Tonya

      Yes the phone cost about 3-400 dollars but its worth it ( my husband has one) and everything is unlimited YES UNLIMITED EVERYTHING for 50 bucks a month!!

  • http://Website T Coop

    i want a new phone … can some body tell me when boost will get something worth buying

  • http://Website george kefalas

    I have a phone I got. At Verizon I am having problems with them I bought my phone outfits my? Is can I hook my phone up threw boost mobile if you could e-mail the answer I would appciate it

  • animail0303

    I have a motorola droid originally threw verizon, well the defication impacted the rotory osilator with verizon (go figure) and I got with Boost. I really enjoyed using my droid and at the time I started my service with boost, they didn’t carry the droid. I would love to use my droid but not sure how to go about activating it. Can it even be done on a boost network? If so, Whats my plan of action to get the ball rolling? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you…

  • http://www.zcb4u.com ZGC


  • http://Website deonta

    witch boost mobile touch screen would be good

  • http://Website mimo

    i absolutely love boost mobil.when everone elses phone has no service i have full bars unlimited everything and i never get over drafts or stupid cell phone companys charging me extra for services i dnt even use.i used to pay 100 now i only pay 35 i too used to be exseptic.

  • Jamie guidry

    I would love to have a prepaid droid phone and catch the good version of the web no matter where I am.

  • http://www.officestudentsale.net/ cheap office 2010 home and student

    It’s perfect time to make some plans for the long run and it is time to be happy. I have read this put up and if I could I desire to recommend you few interesting issues or suggestions. Perhaps you could write next articles relating to this article. I want to read even more issues approximately it!