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Donut code drop reveals new Android features

Jean-Baptiste Queru, Android engineer, did a code drop to the  Android Open Source Project which updated the Donut tree.  Android hacker Cyanogen had some issues with all the new API changes but still compiled it to run on a G1.  I downloaded the rom and flashed it to bring you screenshots of Donut.

The following is a list of changes I have found.

  • Gesture controls
  • CDMA support
  • Search system wide
  • WPA2 enterprise
  • VPN support
  • Updated camera
  • Updated UI and animations
  • Compatibility Mode
  • Credential storage
  • Accessibility option
  • Speech synthesizer controls
  • New power control and text widgets

Seeing as the build is highly broken, I would not suggest flashing it.  I installed it just to look for changes and see what is coming next.  As we previously reported, the biggest new additions are gesture controls and a system wide search.  The text-to-speech is also getting an update and has controls to change how the voice sounds and its pace.

CDMA settings also appear in the phone’s menu.  We knew this was coming, but it is nice to finally see it in a build.  Sprint confirmed they will have an Android phone this year and we are still waiting on Verizon.

Please keep in mind that Donut is just a branch of the Android development and these features may not appear in an upcoming build.  There are also branches for Eclair and Flan, but those have not been made public.  The current code available in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is normally about two months behind what Android engineers are actually working on.

Given the way previous branches have been merged and then packaged by the carriers, it could be months before some of these updates officially reach your phone.  I predicted a November time frame for Donut, but there is really no way to tell since Donut is just a branch of development and not an actual upgrade package.

Mark Murphy has a pretty good take on the whole “Donut is not Android 2.0″ which has been throw around by more and more Android engineers.

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