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Easily convert video for your Android device with doubleTwist

One of the first things I did when I got my G1 was test out the video player.  It worked ok, but did not support many of the file formats for downloaded media.  There were guides of course to convert video files to the correct mobile format, but the average user will get frustrated with the process.

If you want to put your downloaded movies on your Android phone, doubleTwist is the easiest program I have found.

Available for PC and Mac, doubleTwist is a desktop application designed to sync all your media between your phone and PC.  They have a bunch of cool features for sharing media with friends and uploading it to social sites, but most of that can already be accomplished with existing Android apps.

The thing we care about is converting video files to a format that will play on our phone.  With doubleTwist, it’s as easy as drag and drop.  Since the application detects your phone on startup, it knows the correct dimensions and optimized format to convert the video.  Both the G1 (HTC Dream) and myTouch (HTC Magic) are currently supported and more Android devices will be added in the future.

In addition to converting downloaded media, doubleTwist can also store any YouTube video to your device.  Just paste the video URL and doubleTwist will download and convert it.  A recent update added support for Dailymotion and other video sites will continue to be added.

Are you ready to give it a try yet?  Head over to the official doubleTwist site and download the free beta available for XP, Vista, and Mac.  I suggest using the Meridian Player for watching these videos on your Android device.

For a closer look at other features of doubleTwist, check out this demonstration video.

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  • moulari

    or you could use Handbrake – and use their Ipod or PSP Profiles – no sync but for me the best Video Converter available – works on Windows/Mac/Linux – http://handbrake.fr/

  • jörn

    But it does not support the Galaxy.

    • Jacob

      Handbrake supports any device. Just because it doesn’t list it specifically doesn’t mean it can’t do it. Use VLC if you hate Handbrake.


    I love doubletwist! I moved my entire itunes library to my phone and even a couple movies :)

  • Goyuix

    I have always just used Handbrake – I even encapsulated my encoding parameters in environment variables to make my typing life easier:

    HandbrakeCLI.exe -i input.avi -o output.mp4 %G1%

    Where G1 is defined as: -e x264 -x level=30:bframes=0:cabac=0:ref=6:vbv-maxrate=350:vbv-bufsize=2000:analyse=all:me=umh:no-fast-pskip=1 –vb 300 -E faac –ab 64 –maxWidth 480 –maxHeight 320 -2 -T

    The magic decoder ring for this command line:

    -i: the input file
    -o: the output file
    -e: encoder to use
    -x: x264 encoder options
    –vb: average video output bitrate
    -E: audio encoder
    –ab: average audio output bitrate
    –maxWidth: the maximum video width
    –maxHeight: the maximum video height
    -2: Use two-pass encoding (better quality)
    -T: Turbo mode. When used in two-pass encoding, the first pass is run in reduced quality to gather stats more quickly.

    And the x264 options:

    level: the profile level to be used in packaging the streams
    bframes: turn off the use of bframes (android doesn’t seem to support them)
    cabac: Context-adaptive binary arithmetic coding – used instead of CAVLC for 15% better bitstream efficiency
    ref: Short for frameref. Higher numbers generally mean better quality, but the tradeoff is speed.
    vbv-maxrate: for variable bitrates, this is the maximum rate
    vbv-bufsize: a hint for the decoder to use this value as a buffer. Warning: this breaks some hardware decoders
    analyse: control over how a frame is divided into blocks. All allows the encoder to choose the “best” method
    me: select a “motion estimation” search method.
    no-fast-pskip: helps with blocking on solid colors

  • Michael Anderson

    How do u download movies 2 the G1 phone and throught double twist can I upload my videos 2 myspace?

  • MarcusMaximus

    *sigh* Why do they have to rip off iTunes with their layout? I’ve never though the layout for iTunes was at all good(it’s basically a spreadsheet) and a lot of other media players have much more sophisticated layouts. I suppose it’s a small gripe but it’s irritating when companies openly rip off a subpar product simply because it’s the “hot thing” at the time.

  • http://www.thekonkles.net Brandon Konkle

    Bah, it doesn’t support Linux. It looks like a great tool, but on the forums the developers don’t seem real excited about creating a Linux version. I’m sticking with Handbrake.

  • orbitus

    I think SUPER video converter is easier to use than handbrake.

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  • sundaymicky

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  • anon

    double twist is a pile of shit.
    you have to have the phone connected to convert stuff to play on it.
    it doesn’t let you choose which audiostream to include from a file with multiple languages.
    over half the time it just doesn’t work saying it “skipped” the videos – no reason given.

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    Get it off me!!!

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  • Sonia125

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