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Want to learn how to create a 3D FPS engine for Android?

The Tactel Developer Corner quietly launched this week, but it should prove an important resource for Android developers.  Currently planned for the site is a series of tutorials which will introduce java developers to the Android platform and walk them through creating a 3D engine.  The current crop of Android phones is more than capable of running 3D games, but only Bendroid has released first person titles.  Since the OpenGL ES documentation for Android is limited, these tutorials will help new developers push the mobile platform.

Running the Tactel Developer Corner will be Michael Leahy.  Some of you may remember when we featured his Auriga 3D engine for Android.  He has more than proven his skills and we are excited to see what content he generates over the next couple of months.  The source code of the project will be available by the MIT license so that any developer can use it as a starting point for the next awesome Android game.

The first set of tutorials should be released this week so visit the Tactel site and subscribe to their feed.  Twitter users can also follow @tactelus_dc for updates.  There are 45 tutorials planned split into 4 sections including:

  • Android Essentials – The intro tutorials will get you up to speed on the essential knowledge to start developing performance applications for Android. Lessons span from setting up the developer environment to general topics including timing and control to device specific information.
  • Math & Algorithms – Welcome to the world of 2D / 3D graphics and applications. Math & Algorithms will cover essential concepts and also delve into deeper topics that are useful for 2D / 3D software development.
  • Android OpenGL ES – Taking you from your first polygon through many core OpenGL ES topics this tutorial set is your source to start with OpenGL ES an Android.
  • Android Quake / Auriga3D – So you want to create a 3D FPS? Then this tutorial is for you. This is your chance to get some quality code and check out what makes an FPS engine tick; demo content uses Quake 1 assets, but the engine is royalty free.
Subscribe to the Tactel Developer Corner feed for tutorital updates.

Subscribe to the Tactel Developer Corner feed for tutorital updates.

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