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1700 mAh Extended Battery For HTC Dream

There is one thing most HTC Dream owners can agree on.  Battery life is lacking.  An extended battery is an option, but they are so big that they come with a new back plate which makes the G1 as thick as a brick.  This is not a viable solution.

With those facts in my mind I went in search of the highest capacity battery out there that would keep my phone the same size. And boy what an adventure!

After searching I online I found a 1600 mAh battery at Fommy. Manufactured by 4U, it seems like Fommy is the only place that sells them. Online, Fommy has a mixed reputation. I found people on various message boards saying their item had been on back order for weeks, while others were pleased with their transaction. I decided to risk my $35 for the possibility of 45% more battery.

A package arrived less than a week later and I was pleasantly surprised.  Your mileage may vary; I am less than 300 miles away from Fommy.  Instead of the 4U 1600mAh battery I received an unbranded 1700mAh battery! It clearly states on it “Replacement For HTC G1” so I popped it and charged it overnight.

On a typical workday I use my G1 for a couple phone calls, texting, Twitter (like a maniac), a couple emails a day, and a handful of quick fact checks on the internet. In general I like to keep everything on except for Bluetooth. I do use Locale to try to manage my settings, but that’s.  I love Locale but seriously it has become overly complicated for what should be essentially a series of IF THEN ELSE conditionals. To put it politely, an inexact science.

With the stock battery (1150 mAh) I would need a “top-off” after my lunch break and on the drive home in order to make it through the day, even after Cupcake. With this new battery there is an obvious improvement. I still can’t make it the entire day without a “top-off” but I’m definitely not in a desperate search for the charger. I have found my commute from work is long enough to give me enough juice for the rest of the night.

Now, this whole review could be a waste. I have contacted Fommy and they said I received the 1700 mAh battery because the 1600 mAh battery was out of stock.  This is probably in response to the many message board posts complaining of their Fommy orders being on back order for weeks. They were unable to answer my question of who manufactures the 1700 mAh battery and if they have plans to sell the 1700 mAh battery any time soon(although judging from my results they should). That said I can only assume the 1600 mAh battery would provide significant improvements over the stock G1 battery as well. In either case I think it is well worth the forty dollars to have a battery that will last you all or most of the day.

Check out the 1600mAh battery at Fommy.com

1700mAh capacity in the original form factor.

1700mAh capacity in the original form factor.

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  • Mike C

    I’ve been using this battery (1700mah) for perhaps two months. I had to wait about two weeks to receive it– but expected delays from what I had read, so I had no expectation of quick delivery.

    It definitely lasts longer, but for 47% more battery somehow you would expect….more. I think part of the problem is within the G1 itself. It seems to have quirky power usage– sometimes in the same point of the day with very similar usage I may be at 87%….while other days 70%.

    I would recommend getting this battery for the added convenience, however, as stated, heavy users will still find themselves nearing depletion before the end of a full work day.

    • http://twitter.com/txhoudini Eric Weiss

      I agree with everything you said.

      I tried to do tests comparing the stock battery with the 1700 mAh one but I got weird, inconsistent, and unreproducible results. I figured it was either because I wasn’t following the scientific method of testing (two phones at the same time doing the same thing) or because the OS/firmware didn’t know how to handle the information from a 1700 mAh battery.

  • Jimi B

    I use one of the bulky 2400 batterys, luckily I ordered it the same time as my G1, so apart from just over a week this is the size I’ve always known the phone, and I have to say that its a million times more comfortable and easier to type with when the bigger battery. A little more weight let’s the phone fit comfortably in my hands, while the extended back area is just the right size to allow holding the phone ‘game controller’ style, affording a far better grip and moving the key pad that little bit closer to the thumbs which allows for faster typing.
    If you’ve had your G1 for some time the additional bulk may be a bigger hurdle to overcome, but I’d strongly recommend a battery that actually let’s you USE your phone (GPS, wifi etc. always on, full brightness, etc.) for an entire day. Not once have I got to the point where it has died on me.

  • Extorian

    I did a full review of this battery here: http://androidcommunity.com/forums/f13/1600mah-actually-1700-extended-battery-review-18025/

    If you actually perform some controlled tests, you’ll find that you get exactly the same power out of the supposed 1700mAh battery as you do the stock 1150mAh battery. Any additional battery life is down to the battery being new, or in your head – honestly. You should see around a 50% increase in battery life, and in my (and other’s) repeated tests we got 0%.

    According to reviews on Fommy’s site, none of them state they got a 1600mAh one, but several, dating back months, state they got a 1700mAh one. I doubt it’s a stock issue.

    My advice would be to save your money. If you really want a higher capacity battery you will have to get one of the ones that is physically bigger, and requires a larger battery cover.

    • http://androidandme.com Eric Weiss

      Your review is very interesting. I would be interested in what the results of your test would be if you tested one of the physically bigger batteries.

      I would also prefer to see a real world test. Obviously the tests I tried to do failed because I couldn’t stop people from calling, texting, etc. And I can’t live without my phone for the several days it would take to do full scale scientific tests.

      I do stand by my statement that the battery life is longer. I was getting 5, maybe 6 hours on stock. Now I am getting a good 8 hours on average. I don’t recall getting that kind of life out of the stock battery in the beginning.

      I think one of the problems that has come to light in these discussions and is highlighted by the 3rd to last paragraph of your review “As a side note…” is the OS/firmware does seems to have issues with the 1700 mAh battery.

      Obviously this is something that needs further investigation.

    • Gr8Ray

      I’m not so sure about that claim. I ordered this battery a couple days after getting my G1, so both batteries were brand new for my personal comparison. I had to recharge several times a day just to make it through the day with the 1150mah battery. Since getting this larger capacity battery I haven’t had to recharge my phone during the day, period. And I leave the WiFi on all the time now too.

      Anecdotal evidence, sure, but a very real impact on my daily usage of the phone.

  • Gr8Ray

    Bah, Fommy – aka House of Lies! I ordered this battery about 3 months ago, and also received the 1700mah substitute. My experience with that order will stick in my mind for a long time, and I would never recommend Fommy to anyone. I ordered several items along with the battery, which their website said was in stock. I received an email 2 days later telling me the battery was on backorder. Another 2 weeks went by and I decided to look at their site again, and it still showed the battery was in stock. I emailed them about the status of my order, and was told that it had shipped the day before. It finally arrived a full 3 weeks after the original order date, and the package only had the battery, and none of the other items I had ordered. After another MONTH of emails back and forth trying to get them to ship the remaining items, I ended up demanding a refund. Original order date was 4/6, and the ordeal was finally resolved on 5/25.

    Buyer beware!

    • http://androidandme.com Eric Weiss

      I can in no way endorse Fommy due to the number of people who have had bad experiences, such as yourself.

      As stated in the article I knowingly took a chance with my order and I was one of the lucky ones.

      This article is meant as a review of the product only. Of course, the product is only available from Fommy as far as I can tell.

      Caveat emptor!

      • Gr8Ray

        Agreed, that’s why I was careful to keep my negative comments directed at the seller, not the product. I have no complaints about the battery so far.

  • Extorian

    In terms of real world tests, and following on from my attempt at a more scientific test mentioned above, I have swapped the batteries around a number of times, using each for about a week, and making a mental note of the battery %age remaining each night when I go to bed. I excluded days when I was using the phone more than normal (e.g. playing a game for hours). A “normal” day for me is zero calls and zero texts, and maybe an email or two, and a calendar alarm.

    On a “normal day”, I have around 65% power remaining by the end of the day, and always between 55% and 70%.

    If the 1700mAh battery lived up to its claims, I should see my average %age power left at around 82% every night, yet, even on the days I didn’t use the phone at all it was still at… wait for it… under 70%.

    In every single one of my tests, both scientific and “real use”, I have never, once, ever, seen the 1700mAh top the best score that I got from the stock battery. It gets close, but doesn’t exceed it.

    I have also repeated the same test that I performed in the review once, and got the same end result (the 1700mAh performed ever-so-slightly worse than the stock battery).

    Eric – I haven’t performed the same test with the 2400mAh “bulky” battery as someone else has already done something similar on the Android Community forums, along with nice graphs from the Watts app. The big battery does live up to its claims, but then you’d expect that because it’s bigger.

    The downside of the big battery, aside from the bigger battery cover, is that it muffles the sound from the speaker making the already quiet G1 ringer even quieter.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Cool3stNERD Justin Robinson

    I just purchased my battery last night…

  • phi

    I got the Seido 1400 mah, and while it gave me a little boost, after a few months of use, I think its about back to the usage I had with the stock battery. Kind of a waste of money.

  • Anthony

    I purchased the 2600maH battery off of amazon. I can’t recall the manufacturer off the top of my head. It does make the phone a little thicker, but it also worth it big time. I seriously can run my phone for 2 days without a recharge. I drive an hour each way to work and use the mp3 player (in conjunction with last.fm to track my plays, so it is using the network). I use e-mail, twitter, SMS, etc, all day on it. I sometimes leave gps enabled. Bluetooth is the only thing I don’t have enabled. I normally run at about 30% brightness, but recently jumped up to 50% just to see if it made a difference, and it does seem to reduce the charge by about half a day. I suggest buying this, the phone isn’t that much thicker, I would rather have more battery life.

    I also highly recommend the smudge protection screen they have on amazon too. I can seriously eat french fries and use my phone.

  • ekeagle
  • Ridge

    I purchased the Fommy battery (1700mAh) and noticed an immediate improvement in battery reserve at the end of a normal day (WiFi, GPS both on). However, after 3 months the battery began to fail and I have had to replace it with the original battery. Now, if I conserve my usage I can get through a “normal” day without having to recharge the battery at work.

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