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Citrix brings Windows applications to Android (VIDEO)

Citrix held their iForum 2009 this week in Singapore.  Among the announcements came news that Citrix was working on their Receiver application for Android.  Citrix specializes in virtualization and remote access software for business.  This allows a central server to deliver applications over the internet to a number of devices.  Citrix Receiver is currently available for iPhone.

Citrix Receiver is a new lightweight software client that makes accessing virtual applications and desktops on any device as easy as turning on your TV. See how it works. Much like a satellite or cable TV receiver in a broadcast media service, Citrix Receiver allows IT organizations to deliver desktops and applications as an on-demand service to any device in any location with a rich “high definition” experience.

Check out the video of Microsoft Word running on an Android phone.

In a former life I used to configure Citrix servers and I can’t say I miss it.

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