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5 reasons we think the Motorola Sholes will appear at Mobilize 09

Motorola has scheduled an event on September 10th at the GigaOM Mobilize 09 conference.  We know Motorola will make some Android announcements, but no official word has been given on which phones will appear.  Some sites are speculating the Motorola Sholes will be absent because Verizon is not participating on that day.  I have a different take on the event and I’m going to try and convince you otherwise.

The following is a short list of reasons I think the Motorola Sholes (and Android 2.0) will be unveiled on September 10th, 2009.

1.  During Motorola’s earnings call last month, CEO Sanjay Jha responded with the following when asked about potential advertising for new Android phones.

“In terms of when you will see ads, well, let me tell you, around mid September timeframe we hope to be able to let you play with these devices more and get your feedback as to where you think it fits into the marketplace.”

Devices is plural.

2.  When GigaOM sent an email to Motorola PR last week, they responded with the following.

Motorola Mobile Devices CEO Sanjay Jha will be making an announcement regarding the company’s Android portfolio during his keynote that day at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference.

Portfolio implies more than one Android device.

3.  I was recently talking with an inside source at Motorola about the September 10th event.  When I asked about which phones would be present they responded, “Morrison definitely, Sholes maybe.”  If Sholes was not going to make an appearance, I think I would have been told “no” by now.

4.  I’ve seen internal Motorla documents that discuss the Sholes features.  They had a release date of September 10th, 2009.  Obviously this is not the date the phone is going on sale, but I believe it was referring to the date when Sholes would be revealed.

5.  Andy Rubin, the father of Android, is a speaker at the Mobilize 09 event.  Google has been working closely with Motorola and I think Mr. Rubin will finally announce that Android 2.0 will debut on the Motorola Sholes.

If anyone has evidence to the contrary, we would love to hear what you have to say.

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  • Gerry Millena

    Please let this be true. I really hope more ACTUAL Android devices hit the market rather than just on paper!

  • davidjspooner

    Thinking more about the possible roll out of donut and eclair to users. It doesn’t make sense to me to make 2 releases before the end of the year unless they are aimed at different targets. Is it possible that donut might be for the memory limited G1 and eclair for motorola. If that is the case then the next question is will HTC Magic devices get eclair, donut or both. I suspect the answer may be carrier specific.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’m starting to agree with you. There is not enough time to release these like the last few updates. Eclair is coming real soon so it makes sense to think it could roll out along side Donut.

      I wrote in one of my other articles that the 1st gen hardware like the Dream would continue to get 1.x updates while the 2nd gen phones get 2.x updates.

      • Zappy

        But Donut and Eclair are focused on completely different features. It would make no sense to roll them out to separate phones. There are different teams working on them, so nothing is to say that there has to be a long time between the updates.

  • JJ

    Nice article. This is what I have been hoping for when I read this site.

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    Damn! Sept 10th is a work day. I was considering going to this event.

    • Stace

      $375 to go if you really wanted to attend. Admission isnt free I’m afraid.

  • MotoZine

    I believe, 10 September 2009 will introduce more than 2 devices of Motorola Android. I believe, Motorola will introduce Motorola Sholes, Motorola Morrison, Motorola Heron and Motorola Calgary.

  • MotoZine

    Motorola Sholes launch this October 2009. More detail =>

  • cocoa

    I know they have every intention of having it there on sept. 10 but there is a really valid reason it might be absent.

    They really really want this phone to be the serious challenger to the iphone, not just an upgrade to the current android. That means that software is absolutely critical to this launch. And if it isn’t ready… they’d rather delay, I guarantee it.

    Will Eclair be ready for Sept./Oct. ? Is Motorola’s own UI additions ready?

    There is a ton riding on this being an iphone contender. iphone is shopping out their exclusivity deal and if Verizon/Motorola (and maybe other providers) can show a powerful alternative, this is a huge bargaining chip to lowering the Apple asking price. Att is using Android to manipulate Apple I’ll bet. And they will hedge their bets so that, if iphone exclusivity falls through, they have something new.

    There are a ton of pieces moving on the board here. And it all hinges on an awesome product, both hardware and software to fight the iphone

  • Stace

    Personally I’m more interested in seeing the “Blur” interface that was developed for Android. Hopefully it is as promising as it sounds.

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  • jordansair

    Personally I’m more interested in seeing the “Blur” interface that was developed for Android. Hopefully it is as promising as it sounds.

  • camgurls

    I am sure that i will come back to your blog. Well written articles !

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