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ADC2 preview: ProjectINF

It was a month ago when we first reported on ProjectINF from ChickenBrick Studios and the game has come a long way since then.  What started as a simple shooter has turned into a full fledged multiplayer game with several team modes.

Players can now compete in  either capture the flag or death match modes.  The game features multiple play areas where up to 20 people can compete.  Right now the games are infinite (hence the name), but I would like to see matches with winners and losers in the future.

When creating a new character, players have the choice of three classes.  They can choose a Scout for speed and stealth, a Brute for fire power, or a Marine for more balance.  After picking your class, each character can be customized by assigning points to speed, range, damage, armor, and regeneration.

ChickenBrick Studios has added several social features similar to what was offered in their last game (Cestos).  Players can chat in a central game lobby, add friends, ignore users, and join a clan.  Even though the game is in a beta stage, I see a ton of potential for organized team games.

The game is expected to be entered into the Android Developers Challenge(ADC), which finally opened their submission site this week.  Users can get an early look by downloading the game from the Market now.  The dev team is releasing updates at a rapid pace and values feedback from the community.  The deadline for ADC2 entries is August 31st, so expect a lot more tweaking in this final week.

The only other game I have seen for ADC2 was Totemo from Hexage, which I expect will do well in the puzzle game category.  We will have to wait and see what the competition does, but I think ProjectINF will make a strong showing in the arcade games category.  I would not be surprised to see Bendroid, another one of our favorite game devs, also make an appearance in ADC.

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  • Daniel

    Looks pretty interesting… but really, you should rotate landscape screenshots. (That applies to other articles too)

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Thank you for the input. There are many things about the current site that could be improved, but we are focusing our resources into the complete redesign of the site. An enhanced gallery is definitely on the list of fixes.

      • Zappy

        I like the design of the site, especially the clean look of the front page. Then again, improvements of an already great site is surely welcome! It would be nice if people could drop comments without having to make a wordpress account. A drop-down menu with options for OpenID, google etc.

  • Dmitry Skiba

    Another game that will be on ADC is
    There are even a beta version in downloads.

  • Roy

    This game is the best, thanks for pointing it out!

  • Tom

    Another game is Mole Miner … (or at least downloadable).

    Have fun with that one!

  • Shaun_Pearce

    I’m a huge fan of this game. I’ve been playing for over a month now and I simply can’t get over how addictive this is.

    The forum community have built some great relations in the form of clans and teams.

    If you are a fan of multiplayer co-op games. This is for you.