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Android 2.0 predictions – Part 2

Reuters first confirmed that Android 2.0 (Eclair) will be released this year and my sources keep telling me the Motorola Sholes from Verizon will be the flagship phone to launch the new update.  Motorola announced we would get a first look at their new Android phones in September and recently sent out media invitations for a September 10th event.  With two more weeks left to go before we might see Android 2.0, tips are flying in at a rapid pace.

The following information should be considered a rumor and I’ll let you judge how accurate we have been in the past.  I think our readers are pretty smart so I’ll present some public info and you can answer the following questions on your own.  This is a 3 part series I will update over the following days.

Please remember that anything is possible with Android 2.0.  Google, Motorola, and Verizon are working very hard to make this major update compete directly with the iPhone OS 3.0 and the Palm Pre WebOS.  It appears they are pulling out some major new features to ensure Android 2.0 is a huge success.

3. Is Chrome sync coming to Android 2.0?

Last week Google announced that their Chrome browser would allow users to sync their bookmarks across multiple computers.

Chrome allows you to sync your bookmarks with your Google account.

Chrome allows you to sync your bookmarks with your Google account.

Since the Android browser is based off Chrome, what is stopping this feature from coming to Android?  Google wants to promote Chrome and Android so linking the two platforms together makes sense.  The current bookmark system of Android is very lacking and in need of an update.  The only way to backup your bookmarks is with a 3rd party app and I find that annoying.

Bookmarks are the only thing to sync right now, but image what else could be done.  Eventually we could see browser history, most visited pages, and passwords synced.

4. Is Market getting a major update with Android 2.0?

Users have been asking for an update to the Market for a long time and I have been told the wait is almost over.

A new Android Market is right around the corner.

A new Android Market is right around the corner.

What new features can we expect from the updated Market?  For starters, Google said they would be adding more payment options for customers.  One of those payment options allows app purchases to be billed to the carriers.  Could Verizon be the first carrier to offer this billing option when they launch the Motorola Sholes?

Other possible new features include a coupon system, a major UI refresh, and application discovery.  Coupons codes are currently supported by Google Checkout and one feature I’m really looking forward too.  Coupons could allow developers to offer limited time discounts or hand out free review copies.  The new UI could offer enhancements like support for screen shots.  This is offered in the iPhone App Store and a highly requested feature from the community.

Check back on Monday for two more features we think are coming to Android 2.0.  Missed Part 1?

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  • Ricky

    Great read! You got me really excited about the Market update, and I can’t wait for it to come true. The Market, and Messaging UI are probably two things that bother me SO much about Android. Makes it feel like it’s still in beta.

    Do you have any info on if Android will improve the UI, I’m so tired of all the black. (No offense anybody, don’t take that the wrong way please…)

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  • roy

    I don’t think the market will recieve much of an update. At least not when it comes to the categories. For example, a lot of us would really like to see the themes getting a different section. However, the ADC II still uses the same exact categories as the current market.

    Other updates might still occur, but there is no indication of that as far as I know.

  • Chris

    I can tell you this much: A new Market IS in the works and contains a MAJOR UI refresh. I played with it very briefly and couldn’t really test it that much but it’s getting brighter and greener (literally). At least the version I saw :)
    I have no clue when they consider dropping this (Donut? Eclair? Flan?) but I saw it in an Eclair build.
    I also think that the big “All Android Apps can Sync anything they want with the web over a cool Android API” Update will not drop in Donut but in Eclair.

  • prmd142

    +1 for more colors in android interface… Come on Google, of all the companies you don’t need to be told this!
    and a desktop client for browsing Android Market plz.
    But Taylor, how sure are you that Motorola will announce ‘Sholes’ on Sept 10? Coz Verizon has said that it isn’t participating in the event. Meanwhile religiously waiting for part 3!:-)

    • Crypto

      Maybe since the Sholes will be an “Google Experience” device, it does not matter whether Verizon is present on Sept 10, because the phone is not being tailored exclusively for Verizon, it just is engineered to run on their network and any other network with the same specifications.

  • roy

    As far as synching goes. I highly doubt that this will be implemented soon. I looked up the post you referred to and it was still in the dev channel. It usually takes a month or so for things to get from dev to beta channel and then another month to get it to the main stream channel (if everything works out). I don’t thing that will be ready for synching with android by the end of this year.

  • Brenton

    The only thing that I care about is SPEED! It’s the single worst quality with Android. The time it takes to load most applications (even native ones), the speed the browser loads pages, the hiccups in scrolling just about anything, the freezing that occurs while sending/receiving data. Features be damned, I want a faster phone.

  • Julie

    Is that it?

    I came here expecting a good read and all I got was this shallow, poorly written, little bit of crap.

    I’m glad I have AdBlock installed. You’re not getting a penny from me. Splitting stuff up in “parts” is clearly a way of getting more views onto your adverts. This is the internet, you don’t need to have “pages” of stuff.

  • Curious

    Did this get updated somewhere and i missed it?

    “Check back on Monday for two more features we think are coming to Android 2.0.”

  • wngmv

    Chrome is by far the fastest browser. I have no idea why Google allows that slow-as-hell browser to be bundled together with Android….

    I want chrome.

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