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China ready to take Android to new heights

China Mobile is partnering with China Telecom to battle the Apple iPhone.  Their weapon of choice is Android.  With more subscribers(415 million) than the total US population, China Mobile will bring a large wave of new users to the Android community.

Google is ready to go head to head with Apple in the China Market.  Apple recently signed a 3yr deal to offer the iPhone to China Unicom, the main competitor of China Mobile.  Unicom is hoping the iPhone will help them reach 100 million subscribers and take market share away from China Mobile.  The Chinese government recently approved several 3G standards and has awarded the licenses out to all three carriers.  Now the race is on to see who takes advantage of these new high speed networks.

The first Android device likely to appear in China is the Lenovo O1 which is set to go on sale next month as early as next week.  The phone will ship with a custom version of Android that is being called the OPhone OS (which means Open Mobile Phone Operating System).  From what I can find, the specs of Lenovo’s first Android device look impressive.

The Lenovo O1 features:

  • Ultra high-definition 3.5 inch touch widescreen HVGA
  • 624 MHz CPU
  • 8 GB / 16 GB Mass Storage
  • 5 MP Camera
  • GPS, WiFi, Digital TV
  • 1500 mAh / 2000 mAh Battery

It is really hard finding all the exact specs using Google Translate.  If someone knows Chinese, please fill us in on the full hardware specs.

The O1 is China's first Android based device.

The O1 is China's first Android based device.

China Mobile is hoping the OPhone OS will be a huge success and has reported that 10 manufacturers joined up to provide phones.  This includes Lenovo, Dell, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Philips, and a few others.

Developers have access to the new operating system from the OPhone Sofware Developers Network.  Here they can download the latest SDK and get code examples for all the APIs.  China Mobile will also launch their own app store called the Mobile Market.

Upcoming phones for China Mobile include at least three HTC devices.  It is reported the Magic, Hero, and low-priced Click will all be available for sale.  Philip’s first Android phone (V808), will make an appearance on China Mobile as well.  A 7 inch tablet was also spotted with the OPhone OS and China Mobile logo.

For more OPhone fun, check out the official site of the O1.  There is a lot of crazy stuff in there.

Tanning with my OPhone by the pool.

Tanning with my OPhone by the pool.

For a closer look at the OPhone OS check out one of the original videos that showed the Lenovo Ophone.

Here is a second video from Vimeo that gives a closer look at the UI.

China Mobile OPhone Emulator from Yonghwan Cho on Vimeo.


[OPhone images via Picasa]

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