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Handango releases list of best selling Android titles

The Handango Yardstick is a quarterly report on the state of the mobile downloads economy.  Their latest report provides a list of their best selling Android titles.  I thought it was interesting because Handango offers several titles that are not available in the Android Market.  For example, EA Mobile has multiple games available on Handango which are not offered in the official Market.  I’m really confused about EA Mobile’s Android strategy because they also published The Sims 3 on a 3rd app store(Handmark).

Here is the complete list of best selling titles on Handango:

  1. Texas Hold’Em
  2. SimCity Metropolis
  3. MONOPOLY Here & Now
  4. SplashID
  5. Bejeweled
  6. MultiReader
  7. aTAKEphONE
  8. SMobile VirusGuard
  10. IM+ All-in-One Messenger

If you are unhappy with the lack of quality games available in the official Android Market, then definitely check out these alternate markets.

Some of the games are more expensive versus the official Market, but I’ve come across some interesting titles that are not offered anywhere else.


Handango offers several titles not availalbe in the Android Market.

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  • foebea

    Some of those games I have tried, they are obvious ports of games from symbian or similar platforms (two buttons on the bottom of screen where hardware buttons would be) and extremely limited touchscreen support. Sim City was especially dissapointing. :( Cant wait for more high quality android specific games to make appearance.

  • Jimi B

    So THAT’S where all the EA games have been.

    This is pretty worrying, now more than ever android needs to be unified, having 2 extra places to buy apps at a higher price (and judging by what foabea said, crappy ports) isn’t going to do the OS any favours. New users, the non tech savvy aren’t going to know to hunt down other places to buy games etc, so all they’ll see are the ones on the default market, which, esspecially games wise, can be less than stellar. Also if big names go to these other marketplaces they become noticably absent from the standard market, again making the platform look weak at a frist glance. And when you’re buying a phone you don’t really get more than that.

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  • ShortySk8n

    I have used Handango in the past for PC. As I remember there were no trials or shareware. & for software I defineitly want to try before I buy. The ports others have mentioned are a perfect example. Bad software not worth buying. But you have to pay for it before you find out it’s junk. As for there being 3 places for software? There are many places for pc & mac software. So I think. People are smart enough to figure it out.

  • Morten

    This list makes me never want to try out Handango…

  • android_lover

    If you like strategy games, check out UniWar on the Android platform. It is online and multiplayer and completely compatible with iPhone version. (